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Well at least they got games that appeal more to what most Japanese gamers play. Yakuza Ishin, a Dynasty Warriors game, Idolmaster,etc. #7.1
It seems very plausible. The Wii U managed 3.45 million without that much advertising, and confusion with the original Wii.

So for the PlayStation 4 to get 5 million isn't too much to ask for IMO. #1.4
I know this is inaccurate, but I don't want to create a new blog or article for just a simple question.

Should I get a 2DS, a 3DS, or a 3DS XL? #25
From what I know, it will not take long for the PlayStation 4 to bring in a profit for SCE, since they are using more off the shelf parts, compared to the Playstation 3 which took up until I think 2010-2011 to make bring in money. #7
I didn't want to create a new blog for this, so sorry if this doesn't belong here.

I'm just asking, which one is the more reasonable purchase: Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, or Nintendo 2DS? Cause I thought of getting the 3DS XL for the bigger size, but the original 3DS can look better for some games sometimes. #4
So trade in 2 games that are still worth $60 then get any game in return for $10? Cause the website didn't really make that clear. #21
X-Com Enemy Unknown 2: Enemy is Known.

In all serious, who knows. They might show NBA 2K I assume. #28
I have a feeling they want to make it appeal to the Tablet/phablet crowd (6 inch) while still being compatible with regular Vita games. Like, say, make it look like a Tablet and call it the Xperia Play Pad or Xperia Vita. And then have a bluetooth attachable controller to play games like the Vita. Something like that I guess. #2.6
That's part of why I want to get a Nintendo 3DS (Zelda OoT 3D, Mario 3D Land, backwards compatible with Mario 64 DS, and other fun games, etc.) #4.1
As I read your post, I smiled, thinking "this dude is smart, it's like he's met me before".

I am creative. I plan to work in television and create shows; I wanna create a all-in-one box similar to the XBOX One (minus the anti-consumer policies), etc.

Thanks a lot for the advice. I'm gonna start branching out. Playing indies, niche titles, playing games with accessories, trying online co-op games more, etc. #2.1.3
Thanks for the advice.

I might get into online co-op games more to see if that makes a difference. #2.1

It's not like I intentionally try to not be passionate about games. #1.1.2
Thanks. It's just that, again, I like talking about the industry. I like seeing the hardware, the accessories, the gamess. But when I play them, I don't get the same enjoyment. I mean, I can spend hours upon hours playing Triple Triad on Final Fantasy VIII, but other than that, nothing else.

I will play open world games like Skyrim at some point. #1.1
was Sonic Adventure mentioned too? Cause that came out for the Dreamcast.

also crash bandicoot 3 #14.1
Final Fantasy XIII deserves a sequel #5
No Angry Birds? Really? #16
I'm happy about this. I like everyone in the world being able to experience the same things that US people have.

To bad an always online XBOX by Micro$oft won't do the same -_- #13
Not only the forehead, read the manga, she looks like a guy sometimes, at least in my opinion. #4.1.1
But Sakura is ugly anyway so pff..... #4
Final Fantasy X, VIII, even VII? #38
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