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I'm not saying it's not as much of a new IP because it's so similar to Smash Bros. I'm referring to the fact that it contains nothing but characters from existing IP's.

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*looks at Dishonored.

Also, can you really consider Battle Royale a new IP the same way games like Doshonored or Sleeping Dogs are?

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Yeah I have definitely had mine on for many many hours at a time as well - I just thought it was worth pointing out.

Also, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure just opening it up will void the warranty.

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The author clearly isn't familiar with the concept of sample size. Two people's PS3's dying during an update/download is hardly incriminating evidence. Even if a bunch of other people experienced similar situations, we're talking about an install base of millions of consoles. Also, the friend clearly says in the second text that he left his PS3 on for over 12 hours before he found it dead. It's GOTTA be Sony's fault! What a dumb article.

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I think the Chimera and Helghast collaborated on this one.

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An open world MGS game! Sweet baby jesus this could/should be incredible.

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Dang. I don't really like the sound of that. I thought the firearm scarcity was appropriate.

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The article does talk about the ending. What it does not focus on, however, is the controversy surrounding it. He merely makes the point that in order to make future single player DLC more meaningful, Bioware should make an alternate ending. This pretty well sums it up:

"Sure, it’ll be fun, and it’ll flesh out the galaxy or the history, and it’ll give us an excuse to dive back into a universe we’ll likely never get to explore again for several y...

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Did you even read the article? It doesn't really have anything to do with the ending controversy.

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Anyone who wants me to trek across a resort just to retrieve her damn teddy bear during the zombie apocalypse doesn't deserve to live. Ugh.

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Aww, Die Another Day sucked.

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Meh. I'm only interested in Sound Shapes.

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Wow. This is an excellent read. It really reinforces how ridiculous Milne's article is.

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Yup, I figure I'll add a good chunk of just dicking around time to that number. Sounds good to me.

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Who cares what some other people's favorite games are? While I definitely don't agree with everything on the list (all three Uncharted games, really?), it in no way affects my video game enjoyment.

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I don't mind the violence, but yeah, that song blows.

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I agree totally. A game featuring the Justice League could be pretty cool, but I don't think it should have anything to do with the Arkham series/continuity. Both games are dark, gritty, and just totally Batman. The other members would just feel way too out of place. Oh well, I suppose we'll see.

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It certainly didn't help that it was released right before the big PSN outage.

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I've been soaking up ever bit of Borderlands 2 coverage I can, but this seems like a serious case of over analysis. Neat picture though.

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um what?

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