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This will be my first collector's edition. I really want that backpack.

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In total agreement on that one - Infamous 2 and E3 announcements should make for good times.

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You do realize that by posting here you have contributed to this article's popularity/heat right?

As for me, I enjoy seeing things like this.

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Big time agree on that one.

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I feel like you really have to have the right mind set to dig this game. I got it really cheap and didn't take the dialogue or characters too seriously and as a result, I enjoyed it immensely. I especially liked the stealth and pistol skill combination - I felt pretty unbeatable once I got far enough.

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I agree completely. I'm looking forward to concrete announcements rather than this teaser crap.

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It's probably the date of Altair's birth, which was in 1165. I remember the number on one of the previous teasers was Ezio's birthday. Other than that, I'm not sure what significance either has.

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I seem to remember the release date being the 18th for a while now.

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He didn't become an assassin for the hell of it. His family was murdered, so when he searched for answers, he not only discovered that his father was an assassin before him, but that there was a much larger conspiracy.

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