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You really need to cover something like the skill trees in your review. If you didn't like how they work, that's fine, just point it out and state why. Leaving out a particular game mechanic from a review completely just because you aren't particularly impressed just seems lazy to me. I don't have a problem with your score. That's fine if you disliked or even hated the game. I just don't think this review is particularly well thought out or comprehensive.

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He say that the "zombie gameplay is at its finest" towards the beginning, but then complains about it being "pretty mediocre" later on. Huh.

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A site with a different opinion than dare they!

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I played Red Faction Guerrilla on easy. I just wanted to run around and blow shit up and have fun. Unfortunately I thought the firefights tended to get quite tedious.

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Cool. I was kind of intrigued by this.

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Yeah they often talk about the leveling system and radiant AI like they're completely new as well.

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"It's a game - I don't want to say a sleeper hit, but nobody really knew anything about it until here at PAX."

Anybody else find that statement rather amusing?

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Do what now?

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This is Amazon. What does it have to do with the developers?

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Well they do have the AI part in common.

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Yeah I really don't see how BG&E overcame anything. Yes it turned out to be a good game, but simply achieving some sore of cult status does not mean it overcame adversity.

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As a person who works retail, I hate when people bitch and moan about how expensive something is and then proceed to buy it anyway. It makes them seem ignorant and overly-entitled. As a consumer you have the power to pick and choose what products you support by either buying or not buying them. Nobody is twisting your arm and forcing you to buy this DLC. It's not a ballsy move you idiot. If you're really so outraged by the situation then don't buy it. Either way, just stop w...

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I totally agree, Unicron. I think that's why my backlog is so damn big...ugh. I've definitely become aware of that exact issue, though, and try to negate it by limiting the amount of game trailers and previews I watch and read respectively.

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While I'm really enjoying it so far, the autosave function bothers me as well. I don't see why there isn't also an option to save manually. Every time I quit I get just a little nervous about what I might find when I load it up again.

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I've had mine for a few months and absolutely love them. Totally worth the money in my opinion.

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Haha check out Urbanmerc's profile page - pretty amusing.

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They're supposed to be from this gen. The article even says it.

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Way to read the article. The second paragraph clearly states that they are the best intros of this generation.

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Yeah that seems to bother me a bit as well. I especially hate seeing a red greatest hit case in my collection. ...shudders...

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I was pretty satisfied with my build overall. I think that holding onto praxis points initially after leveling up is a good idea. I would almost always have like 2-4 points to spend at any given time so I could upgrade based on the current situation or as I needed to instead of trying to anticipate what I would need in the future. I think that cut down on a lot of wasted praxis points.

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