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Maybe if they didn't use that terrible Frostbite 2 engine they'd get a better review? #10
Shooter devs are all together sitting in a corner staring at the wall wondering where to go. #17
I'd like to see the numbers of incoming revenue from games during these eras. It's obvious the price of game development will rise as the industry goes and from inflation, but the number u need to examine is the money coming in now comparitive to older eras. That will better tell you if gaming is in trouble or not. #2
EA ruined this franchise they tried to make it their version of black ops to modern warfare (battlefield) with a release every next year, but no one is buying into the bullshit #7
Well marketing kind of ties into all of these things. If something is done the right way and is good, by word of mouth that becomes your marketing.

Commercials and things of that nature only go so far. The most popular things always grow large by way of word of mouth. And in this day with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, marketing is free, large and fast. #1.1
Bad idea to carry over to standard. If u have 3 or 4 people leave a game then the game remains more empty which slows down gameplay.

Most people won't just up and leave league play so games should stay full for the most part. #1.1.1
Hurt sales? Medal of Honor sold like over 5 mill copies, it sold very well. For Warfighter? It may not even reach 1.5 mill that's how low preorders are. EA is extremely insecure with their shooters now because they know they're just not that good. #1.1.3
Dice made the 2010 multiplayer for moh #4
I've seen this game in action, it looks noticeably better on Wii u than other system. And I'm pretty sure if I remember right, the game is full 60 fps, including cut scenes like when players walk out the tunnel or when you do skill stuff before matches, whereas on other consoles those parts are 30 fps #3
I hate Sony for different not having the drive and hunger anymore to be the best. They've gotten lazy and complacent. They don't know what their fans want and They don't know how to market anymore. I can go on all day. #23
Looks like a female alien with a ducks head coming out her crotch area. #1.2
It doesn't innovate at all from the multiplayer side. It has some refinements like your load out options, multi team modes, round based modes, scorestreaking..but that doesn't Innovate, it's a refinement people. The cod casting thing is a gimmick. Sorry to upset and disappoint u, but this is all PR talk. They're saying the right things to create buzz for their game like every deb does. Just take it with a grain of salt.

There is full games of black ops 2 on Yo... #13
It def wont sell as much as Wii, and it probably won't sell as much as ps3 and xbox360, but it will still sell well (my guess in the 35-40 mill range over the next 5 yrs) and become a profitable console for Nintendo with many great games. #12
Who cares Elite is garbage. Sony fans will take this opportunity to bash the system even though black ops 2 on ps3 will run at 40 frames a second on average with frames dropping below 30 at times all in sub hd just like black ops did. Awesome times! #7
Frostbite 2 is one of the worst for console.

Cod Id tech is by far the best. 60 frames per second trumps any 30 fps game. But the most impressive visually mixed with performance and sound I've played this gen is socom 4. U can play 32 players on some pretty big maps and small maps and it looks and runs flawlessly. Bf3 has so much lag and framerate issues. #6
Mw2 was the peak of that engine. Too bad the old IW owned all rights to it and they took it with them when they left. #31
It takes money to make money, and I think Sony is so bat shit scared to spend money anywhere they're not certain it won't turn profit. This is dangerous because it takes chance to make an impact, so if u never take a chance you're gonna become irrelevant #18
Easily Halo 4 it's looks too much fun. We know what black ops 2 will be like, fun but gets boring after a few weeks. Medal of Honor is average. #57
My only gripe is they should've named the console something else, Nintendo Revolution. Remember that? #11
It's a beefed up Xbox 360. Not that it's a bad thing, it's actually a good thing considering devs are used to it, this is why devs are easily porting games and on board to do much more.

If I had to guess I'd say its 1.5x as powerful as xbox360. Not including the fact it has more than twice the disc space. #12
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