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I love it how the only thing saving this game is the marketing.

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dead space and little big planet are great games, but are extremely overrated in my opinion.

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And no PS3 exclusive review is real unless it gets a 10/10, right? You fan boys make me laugh.

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The mannequins hallucinations and 'Mr Tibbits scene' really scared the sh!t out of me, but they really did seem like cheap scares. It was kind of like watching a screamer for the first time, you are guaranteed to be scared.

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This game isn't a xbox 360 exclusive, it's a Microsoft exclusive so splinter cell is also coming out for PC.

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someone's a fan of the new Hanna Montana PSP :D

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calm down kiddies

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I've been playing for days and I only got the cloak and dagger, I've only got 5 Natashas and 6 bonks another 3 more bonks and i can make my own bonk! granade XD

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It will be ready when Duke Nukem Forever is released, built on the gorgeous looking unreal engine 10.

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The spy is now more over powering then ever, the Cloak and Dagger watch makes finding spies impossible.

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I'm going to disagree about 'teh pwnerer' being on that list. I think Jeremy did a great of how a stereotypical 'hardcore gamer' is portrayed, do you seriously expect a hardcore gamer to be intelligent and have a high IQ?

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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing has some competition.

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I hope you're enjoying your new religion because you and your 'followers' obviously don't know what sarcasm is, and FYI i own both consoles you stupid fanboy.


Weed? where exactly in my comment did say weed, i simply asked what drug you were on. Oh i see, so you were smoking weed, my presumptions were correct. I guess it's a common ritual for your new religion.

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i want whatever you're smoking

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"Within the first 15 seconds of that search, you are bound to come across hordes of fanboyish articles stating that one console is better than the other."

ROFL, sad to see some irony

Yeah, i like to trust biased sites full of fanboys who enjoy writing articles about their nemesis console.

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SP: Bioshock and HL2
MP: Team Fortress 2, COD 4, CS 1.6 and Halo 3 (I'm gonna get bashed by ps3 fanboys who have never played halo 3).

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The new vehicle looks like a mongoose :S
I really hope they bring back the defilbulator.

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All my friends who own a DS have an R4 card, and all of them so far have downloaded Chinatown wars. For the people who don't own a DS play it on an emulator.

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I thought gamers hated Square Enix now (well i do).

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Left 4 Dead

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