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Its a must play for any fan of fps games. Very story driven and different from many other shooters in a good way.

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All the Xbox fans are playing titanfall beta, son.

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Interesting list but completely new gameplay.. What do you mean by that? Im sure Call of Duty isnt the best seeling series of all time simply because of its story. The gameplay is the reason so many people buy the series year after year.

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Whats an okami? It sounds terrible.

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I taught myself never to buy a seasons pass for a game and am so thankful I didnt buy premium.

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Half Life 3 is coming when the Steam Box is released.

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DayZ is so boring compared to zombies

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Get out of here brony go and watch your little show with other 5 year old girls

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I always thought the half life games were extremely long but were also very fun to play through. And there was even a proper story can you believe that?

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I think EA is worse then activison actually. No online passes, on disk DLC, and subscribion service that doesnt just give 5 camos to the same 5 guns, ect ect.

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You do realise that the majority of those maps are the most popular on battlefield 3 right? You and I may hate it and wish that Battlefield 3 would stay with big maps but if you look at the stats all those smaller maps are the most popular ones for battlefield

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Same here, I was on the fence for premium but once they announced Battlefield 4 I was happy that I waited

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dis guy

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"I own a halo xbox that makes me a halo fan"

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What about Ziba Tower? Thats the biggest battlefield map i've played yet!!

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I'm so happy I didnt get Premium for this game now

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Look at the Preorder chart, it has less preorders then mw3 this time of your and halo,borderlands, assains creed all have more preorders on xbox

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Activision is so much better then EA. No preorder bonuses, paying to level up to highest rank, ONLINE PASSES. The only thing activision does is milk their popular series but its only one new COD game a year

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This is what everybody at work is talking about and all my friends cant wait to get. Theres not much huge games coming out this year it seems.

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I just came back back from playing a 3D co-op session with my friend on Halo anniversary and I can tell you for sure that 3D is definitively not dead. We just dont hear about as much as we used to

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