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considering i don't think many people actually know where the site is that the information is being posted on i really don't see this being much of a slight annoyance if it happens to you.

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lol you think this is the first time it has happened? the damage has already been done with overpriced peripherals and map packs. i'm sorry but this is a much better purchase (considering the user will use it more) then paying anything over £0.99 for one map for any fps game.

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"Now all valve needs to do is advertise steam. If it got 1/5th the adds PSN or xbox live gets, it would do wonders. Considering its already growing so fast just based on word of mouth."

Steam most likely is growing on word of mouth. This rapid increase i bet you could put most down to the fact that more and more games require you to have steam in order to play them Moder Warfare 2 is a perfect example of this.
Not to sound like the grumpy old man or anything bu...

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You can still have a really good life and play an mmo. I always find it funny people who think it's cool not to play WoW like there rebels or something. If you played WoW and didn't like it fair enough but like someone else said the trial probably gives you .5% of what the game actually feel likes like.
The actual stat isn't all that surprising though since the starting areas really aren't an accurate representation of how the game is anymore and the whole thing needs to be redone. <...

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Exactly what i thought. The image should have been erased but it's not like the child could of looked down and gone oh yeah i can see another one.

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Seriously stop trying to be some becon of goodness because your not fooling anyone. People have a right to disagree with a statement or comment someone made if it's for a laugh or if they actually diagree with the statement made. I pressed disagree to your comment

"No, animals are more 'humane' than this, they would never kill each other over something trivial, only out of need for survival, animal is the wrong word."

because they actually do kill each...

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Oh because you Americans are so clever lol.
I don't know where the guy got his information from but i've been in Both Asda and Tesco before Christmas day and a PS3 exclusive has been on the top 20 charts in both stores.

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Are you a Halo PR man? You can't compare Halo to Mario there miles apart and not even close. Even in the USA or UK today i can walk into the street and ask who Master Chief is and most people will have no idea (especially if they aren't into gaming seriously), i can walk into the same street ask the same set of people do you know who Mario is? Most if not all will know who Mario is weather it's an old lady a young child.
Halo managed to keep the Xbox alive and has changed gaming that w...

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When the guy who writes it does no research. It's Starcraft 2 not Starcraft 3.

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Your surprised that a popular multi plat game sold more then an exclusive?

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"Darkride we know you're a fanboy so stop trying 2 disguise it and just accept."

I think we know who the real fanboy is here don't we die_fiend. Just so you know calling someone else a fanboy doesn't make people think you aren't one.

"And no Valve will probably make more money selling it on 360 than having to develop it on PS3 which would clearly sell less copies..."

Are you mental? I know lots of PS3 gamers who would buy this g...

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Well MMO accounts or items from them can go for some seriously good cash on websites like ebay. not to mention he could be stealing them for their in game money to sell to other gamers for realy money. Aain a large businesss in this.
Unlike stealing from bank accounts this stuff rarely gets a notice from the police. The worst you normally suffer is an ip ban so most smart cyber criminals do hack MMO accounts and make thousands of pounds/dollers from it.

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You and this guy couldn't be more wrong. I agree that DD could maybe happen in the next 20-30 years at the earliest but not sooner then that.
Simply put the infrastructure isn't there, and the need for an infrastructure isn't their. Why would nay goverment spend billions updating their infrastructure when their isn't much of a problem with their current one. sure nobody is getting 100meg speeds but 2-10 isn't bad, and surves out current society.
Not only is the infrastructure no...

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console user:
got the game for 60usd
low res 30fps
charged dlcs 10usd probably
no mod support
stuck with an analog controller which isnt optimal for a fps
has to pay to get online (sucks)

Some of the comments you made tohugh aren't Valves fault. It's Microsofts fault that you can't get mod support, pay to play online and charged dlc

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You know not all of the people banned weren't pirating games. I bet A LOT of them simple decided to fix their own XBOX after the 5th+ time. Doing so isn't illegal. It might break one of the hidden T&C but then again Microsoft brought it on themselves for selling a faulty product and it's shocking they have yet to be prosecuting for it yet.
What if you didn't want to pay over 5-10 times as much on a HDD from Microsoft. What if you wanted to actually hear your games insted of a fan? ...

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I didn't even need to read the article to know it's a joke.

Industry analyst Nick Parker emailed all the big players in the games industry to ask them when they saw the games industry having its "iTunes moment" and a whopping 11 of the 18 that answered 2012/13...."

This type of stuff has been spouted of again and again and the same killing blows keeps coming back on it. the bandwidth simply isn't their. Downloading a couple of kbs is one thing, bu...

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Dude you need to get it out of your head that Infinity Ward are good developers because they're not. They mock Treyarch for not coming up with fresh idea but then fail to come up with any themselves.
They fail to listen to their community. A point shown with their recent decision to not have dedicated servers on Modern Warfare 2.
I feel sorry for you really if you think this is good game support.

"and really like COD4 got a lot of support from IW, COD2 had ar...

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You aren't a chubby chaser are you?

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"David Jaffe is talking software here. Not cars or consoles. Software. This is not the same." It pritty much is the same since that software comes on a physical disk. To draw from a better anagogy would be movies and (until recently) music. Both of these used sales have worked in a similar way to the used car industry.
"If they don't play ball with the publishers DD will take over" No it won't. The music industry went into DD "kicking and screaming" to quo...

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You clearly don't know what your on about. As far as i am aware this price increase is only in the UK. that means it's POUNDS not 'bucks' so your $10 goes to $16.55400 at the current exchange rate.
Second it is not only PC gamers that have to fork out another £10 but console gamers aswell. Brining the RRP of games from £45 to £55.

If your going to talk about the price of the game at least use the correct currency and know what your talking about.

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