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My favorite part is when they mention, "This agreed upon amount includes approximately Forty-Five Thousands Dollars ($45,000) for costs and disbursements and approximately Nine Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Dollars ($955,000) for attorneys’ fees, a highly reasonable request and well within the range previously approved by this and other courts."

Yeah, because two million dollars would have been TOTALLY outrageous. But one million, that's TOTALLY fair.

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Why isn't this getting approved, this list is freaking hysterical!

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Supreme Commander -- so ... slow ... and ... boring!

Assassin's Creed -- you got to do the same thing over and over and over and over again. And it is PATHETIC that this stupid game is going to sell over 5 million units.

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That is the point of this list, these are games which might not appeal to everyone but they are still good games.

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I think they pre-charge your credit card, so that you can't do that trick.

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