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You're absolutely right. There is an uphill battle playing out here both for the franchise and the developer #1.1
If you look at the tweets right before the one in question its clear that he was specifically talking about a Dragon Age: Inquisition dev diary and this had nothing to do with ME4 #8
In other news, people have hair #13
I'd like one thanks #56
I actually decided to not purchase ME3 based off the demo. And I am a huge fan for ME1 & 2. The demo really just told me to not even bother with 3. #6
This is a classic example of a writer not understanding how to comprehend data that he is presented. This is in response to the news that the game has grown to Over 120k PC registrations in 2 days for DCUO PC. 4x concurrent increase.

120k users and 4x concurrent user increase are two entirely separate statements. This article acts as if 120k users would make the 400% increase of total users only 30k before. However, concurrent users merely means the number of users who are... #14
Come one. Not only is this almost the exact same title as a story earlier this morning, but it uses the exact same image: #7
That seems like ridiculously steep pricing on all three options....and an in-game store? Like Cerberus Network and the Black Emporium? Because those were totally worth their own existence. #1
The sight of LEGO resident evil zombies fills my heart with joy. #1
And the race to keep your superhero MMO subscription begins. #1
Soooo... the link to the full story doesn't work in the least #18
yes, the video is quite odd. The people are so...happy. #3
I am really looking forward to this game. It actually looks fun. Most mmos seem boring. #1
I read both part 1 and part 2 and you make a lot of good points. If you go to school and learn to develop that game then I will play it. #1
I'd have to agree with you on most points. That would make for one fine game. #1
I do love fishing in MMOs. Its a nice simple distraction for the constant grind. Its nice to just set up next to a body of water and cast your line. Good article. #1
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