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lol no idea, the music starts out ok until the bird sings

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"and then this new one which i think is pretty damn good looking but still it doesn't hold a candle to the phat desgin."

A george forman grill, the wii won the console design of current gen for me

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You obviously haven't played it

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My all time RPG has to be Rings of Power on the Sega Megadrive, that was the game that made me fall in love with the RPG genre

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I was debating if I should get this or not..... you may of swayed me towards getting it

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Like stated in the update, can't change the embeded video but the video can be viewed by clicking the youtube link in the update bit :)

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Embeded video set to private now BUT view working videos by following the story to the website :)

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Yes mate, iHCJames is well known amongst modding/hacking circles his channel, you can see his previous game mods and he got info about Terminal on MW3 before it was confirmed

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"P.S. = I've ALWAYS actually liked how Sony has pushed NON gaming features with their consoles as well, they lead that pack with this almost every generation! "

Yea like the ability to add Linux to OUR consoles...... oh wait a minute

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"just because the 360 controller is prefered for shooters doesn't mean its that versatile. "

I play FIFA, Madden, Fight Night and the 360 pad is better for these games also in my opinion.

No I'm not a 360 or PS3 fanboy I own both consoles and both have the upsides and downsides but overall the 360 pad is better for the games I play (sports and shooters)PS3 pad is better for StreetFighter though

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Not really a fan of racing games but I have to admire the amount of detail they put into this game, really nice video

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Embed the video

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Duplicate story

Video already posted

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Here is the video embeded

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Nice work dude, everyone should report the guy that stole this from him, he is a partner and should know better

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