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The issue is that in the Android world, only a few players are actually sharing most of the profit; and Sony isn't up there at the moment. As a matter of fact, in the last few years, Samsung was pretty much the only manufacturer to make significant profit. And to make matters worse, Android (mostly Samsung) are facing stiff competition from Apple in the West, mostly due to the release of bigger iPhones, while China is basically un-winnable for Samsung, as Chinese manufacturer are selling... #8.2
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Perhaps Valve doesn't feel like they can currently develop a game that would satisfy their fans and themselves. If so, I believe we have to respect their choice and their artistic integrity.

I also doubt that throwing some money at them will change their plans; Valve is not lacking financially, money isn't the reason they are not developing the game.

Let them do what they want, putting pressure on Valve is not going to make the game happen any faster. #4
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I don't understand all the attention this game is getting. Sure, it looks like mindless violence, but it doesn't look like it's pushing the boundaries further than say, the Postal series.

If it's anything like the previous "controversial" games of the past, the biggest offense this game will commit will be awful gameplay.

@Klonoa I'd say it's very similar in nature to the 2009 movie Rampage (by the infamous Uwe Boll). I thin... #4
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I would presume Nintendo expected low sales when they decided to pick up the publishing rights for it; the first one was very well received yet had pretty disappointing sales. I think Nintendo knew what they were getting into. Perhaps they did it as part of a bigger partnership with Platinum games, with more exclusives from them down the line. And, in the end, having a critically acclaimed game exclusive to your system is always a good thing.

As for those who, for the last se... #17
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Seems to me like most of these games received some pretty good reviews and are generally considered as being good to great by a majority of the gaming community. I do not see how these are supposed to be underrated in any given way. #7
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But, correct me if I'm wrong, in vanilla WoW (haven't played it much afterwards), PvP gear was about in-between T1 and T2 PvE sets, and gave PvP oriented stats. On the other hand, in Destiny, they are more or less a mean to an end, the end being VoG gear, which then leads to hard mode VoG gear. I wouldn't mind as much if the PvP-acquired gear had an edge in PvP situations, but as it stands right now, it doesn't. #8.1.1
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As a counterpoint I'd say that there's no particular point to playing the Iron banner playlist considering the legendary gear it gives is similar to what you can get from most vendors in the Tower (Dead Orbit, FWC, New Monarchy, the Crucible vendors as well as the Vanguard ones). I'm currently full Legendary with one Exotic armor piece, the only way to get to a higher level for me is to play the Vault of Glass, as raid gear gives a little bit more Light than regular legendary gear... #8
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It depends really. If a game can entertain me for many hours, I don't have an issue paying 60-70$ (CAD) for it. I know it gets a lot of flack, but I still like the Call of Duty games and usually spend between 50 to 100+ hours per game, therefor I'm fine paying the full price for these games. The same applies to multiple other games, like the "Tales of" series the Civilization series for example.

And sometimes shorter games are so unique and must-play experi... #5
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After watching the video, I must say he doesn't come off nearly as bad as I initially thought he would. While I might not agree with his opinion, he wasn't nearly as as ignorant as many other journalists have in the past. His tone, by the end, is somewhat condescending, but at least he, unlike many others, doesn't attack video games nor does he claim that they are bad and should be banned.

He simply is an older person who doesn't fully understand why anyone w... #9
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There were times when I had some doubts about the impact 60fps had on gameplay, then I played StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Dota 2 on my two computers, one being a decently powerful desktop, while the other was my laptop, with a dedicated GPU, but still quite inferior to my desktop.

One would play all the aforementioned games at 60+, while my laptop would give me a constant and very stable 30 fps. I will say that above 100 fps, even fluctuations between 100 to 130, I was... #10
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With the way things are going, in a few years there won't be a need to add "Online interactions not rated by the ESRB" as there won't be any online interactions to speak of, even in multiplayer-only games. #4.3
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They are worth it if you plan on playing online a lot. May it be on PC or consoles, I hate it when some people (friends) are willing to pay hundreds if not thousands in gaming gear and games, but refuse to buy a decent headset. If I have to ear voice feedback or the sound of your game coming from your sound system, it makes my experience much worse, and I usually end up muting them, friends or not. All I want to hear is the person's voice, not his parents or his roommate, not his music; n... #3
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I think they can continue working on WoW for the time being, perhaps rebuilding game assets at a faster pace to make the game look more on par with the competition, similar to how Riot games have been re-working their champions and maps.

World of WarCraft is still a strong brand that resonate with many gamers, and if they work hard on it, and can get some positive feedback from the community, it could go on for several years. #4
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I would like to mention that despite the pretty colorful graphics, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is not a game I'd recommend for kids. Unless you want to end up with a gamepad broken in half and a wii-mote stuck in the TV screen. From my personal experience, the game is deceivingly hard.

On topic, Smash is for all ages, Bayonetta is aimed at a more mature audience, so is Devil's Third. The Zelda series is also appealing to a very wide audience. Many Nintendo games are... #7
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If they really wanted people around the world to buy their phones, they'd make them available on most major carriers. Until then, Sony's Xperia line, no matter how good it is, will never achieve the market penetration of Samsung or Apple.

And while the Z3 line looks amazing, it's a bit behind in terms of specs; flagship from other manufacturers are coming out with the Snapdragon 805, while the yet to ship Z3 will be coming with a 801 (minor difference, but still)... #11
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Was this article Google-translated? Some of the sentences simply don't make much sense, headline included. #7
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That's pretty sweet. Started FF13 on PS3 when it launched, but never got to finish it, and wasn't willing to play the two sequels without finishing the first one. I know this trilogy wasn't as well received as previous installments, but with a decent price point, I can see myself buying these games. #7
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My main issue with Destiny is most likely it's loot system. It reminds me of the Diablo 3 loot system at launch. Thankfully, Blizzard has patched it, and Diablo 3 is a much more enjoyable experience at the moment. One would think Destiny, developed by Bungie and paid by Activision-Blizzard, would have learned a lesson or two about loot following the backlash Diablo 3 received initially. #10
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Why not offer both? #7.1
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Well, it's a good game, and hopefully it will become better with time.

But, I guess this news will put an end to the debate as to which game, between Call of Duty and Destiny, will have the biggest launch. Advanced Warfare has yet to launch, but I'm pretty sure it will have a significant lead over Destiny, for this year anyway.

Must be good to be Activision-Blizzard, with Diablo 3 selling great on next-gen platforms, Destiny having a successful launch... #17
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