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If that's the main reason behind the Neo, one would assume Microsoft is in a similar situation as both are being supplied bu AMD.

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I don't think it will beat Call of Duty in sales this year. I know that both are military shooters, but one is built around arcade style, arena-sized maps with no vehicles, while the other one is about larger maps (although dwarfed by other games like ArmA3) and some vehicles. Two different styles of game play, two similar but somewhat different audiences as well.

Bigger isn't necessarily better, it's just a matter of preferences. I must say that choosing an alt...

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Will get Uncharted on PS4 and Overwatch on PC. Homefront looks decent enough, but I'll probably wait for a sale or a price drop for it, same for Total War, which I totally forgot was coming out this month.

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Microsoft already has a platform ready for VR, it's called Windows.

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The one thing I think can be considered an annoyance by some gamers, is the fact that Hitman will be a 60$ game for much longer than most games.

By releasing the disc version next year, they just made sure their game would be a 60$ title for about a year, since I highly doubt they'll release it below that price point. It's also effectively killing the used games market for about 9 months.

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My guess would be that new Nintendo IPs will sell well if they are marketed well and are actually good games.

Splatoon received a considerable amount of marketing and was a pretty great game, two things I would argue do not apply to Codename S.T.E.A.M.. It wasn't an horrible game, but certainly didn't live up to the expectations.

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I really don't why the need for this particular series to come back this generation. I'm not saying I'm against the idea of a new Turok game, but I certainly do believe there are many games more worthy of being rebooted than Turok. And here's why, Turok games have appeared on the last 3 console generations, and have been decent to average since the second game.

Granted, Turok Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2 Seeds of Evil were pretty good. But Shadow of Oblivion w...

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I think that as time goes on, and if Nintendo plays their cards well, Amiibos could become a mainstay for them. If the NX has strong amiibo support AND still supports the current Wii-U/N3DS ones, it could work.

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While I highly doubt consoles will die anytime soon, I don't think that the PS4 sales alone are proof that the console business is healthy. While the PS4 could very beat the PS3 in terms of sales, or maybe, if the generation lasts long enough, even reach PS2-like sales, this generation of consoles as a whole is most likely going to move less units than the preceding one.

The Wii moved around 100 million units, with both the X360 and the PS3 selling around 85 millions eac...

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Why do we need a female Link? Link is a character, he's a white male. And that's about it, that's who and what he is.

Would it be okay if people were to ask for a male Samus Aran? For some reason, I'm pretty sure a lot of the people asking for a female Link would fiercely oppose a male Samus.

I really don't care about whether or not Nintendo decides to include a female Link in future games, but I don't understand why a lot of people a...

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Can't wait for Apple to tell us that there's no benefit to go beyond the resolution of their "retina" display for VR, and how they invented VR and are pioneering it despite being years late to the market.

But hey, if it gets more people on board the VR hype train, something VR needs to not end up half forgotten like 3D TVs, then having people tell me how "magical" the iVR is, is a small price to pay.

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When it comes to gaming, I feel many will have fond memories of Motorhead thanks to THPS3. A great legend who let's be honest, probably lived longer than most ever expected.

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To each their own, but I believe Lara Croft GO, Hitman: Sniper, This War of Mine and Tales from the Borderlands (although not mobile exclusives) were overall better offerings.

I liked Fallout Shelter, but I also feel like it relied a bit too much on microtransactions and made it clear that paying user would get more out of the game. While there's nothing wrong with a game developer trying to make some cash, I still prefer to buy a game with no MT, or at least one that doe...

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The only limited edition console I wish I had is the white Panzer Dragoon Orta Xbox. It's nothing special, it's just a white Xbox with some graphics and the Panzer Dragoon Orta logo in the corner, it doesn't do anything unique or cool, it isn't the prettiest console (having the original Xbox as a base certainly didn't help either). But, it is the first limited edition console I was on the internet and that I actually wanted, and that's what makes it special to me.

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According to VGChartz (yeah, I know they aren't super reliable, but they're usually a decent estimate and the only data available until NPD numbers are out), Black Ops 3 beat Battlefront at retail by a large margin on all three platforms Battlefront launched on.

On the PS4, the total for Black Ops 3 is at around 7.6 million units sold, with around 750K units sold in their last week of available data. On the other hand, Battlefront had a total of about 4.3 million unit...

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To claim that the Wii was a "huge mistake" for Nintendo is pretty ridiculous. Not every one liked it, but it sold extremely well and, most of all, allowed Nintendo to make a lot of cash. I wouldn't be surprised if the Wii were one of the most profitable consoles from any manufacturer. It didn't get the install base of the PS2, and didn't have the high attach rate of other consoles, but the manufacturing costs were low enough for Nintendo to make money on every units sold...

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It really depends on what your expectations were and what types of games you usually are interested in. I see Ni No Kuni 2 as a big game, but it's not a big seller and many people have little to no interest in JRPGs in general.

Overall, I think they did well.

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I wish they focused on a single player component as opposed to making it a multiplayer game as I don't see it getting a big player base. Reminds me of Army Men Sarge's Heroes, hopefully it plays better though.

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I would have hoped for a RE 5 and 6 remaster collection. I know a lot of RE fans didn't like these games, but they were enjoyable co-op experiences if you didn't take them very seriously. I'd probably buy them on PS4 or Xbox One if they came as a reasonably priced package.

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What I don't get is why plenty of MS-published games aren't backwards compatible. Crackdown 1 and 2, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Ninety-Nine Nights are all games I'd enjoy on my Xbox One, all published by MS, yet MS have yet to make them compatible.

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