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To all those saying Xbox is dead because of this, Microsoft doesn't care about the Xbox if it means bringing even more people to Windows 10.

A few things to remember, for every Xbox One sold, MS is losing cash, they then make some back thanks to the royalties from games sold on their system. The same applies for Sony.

On the other hand, Windows 10 makes money, and brings in additional revenues thanks to its app marketplace and Bing, which is the default... #1.1.15
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Nintendo was put in a bad spot this year; the Wii-U is on its last legs, while the NX is not ready to be officially announced. As a result, Nintendo had very little new games to show for the Wii-U, while I presume some of their biggest studios are already working on NX launch games.

The 3DS on the other hand, had more new games, simply because Nintendo expects it to sell for a couple more years. But if Nintendo has learned anything from the Wii and the Wii-U, they have moved... #11
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My main concern with the game isn't its business model, which seems fine to me, mostly now that they have confirmed the post launch content to be free. My concern is the developer, IO interactive. I've bought most if not all of their games, and every time, it's somewhat of a gamble.

The first Hitman had a great concept but poor execution, Silent Assassin was a very well crafted game and is still to this day one of the very best game they have developed. Contracts... #4
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Well, that's pretty expensive. But then again, the standard controller is fine and the elite one is purely optional. #42
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There are plenty of F2P games that aren't Pay2Win; hopefully this game will be among those. F2P got a bad reputation from the early F2P MMOs which were giving away huge advantages to those willing to use their credit cards, as well as quite a few mobile games in the so-called freemium model.

But, some of today's biggest and more popular games are F2P and can still be enjoyed, some at a competitive level, without spending a penny. League of Legends, Dota2, HotS, TF2, H... #4
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Actually, from what I understand The Witcher 3's budget was 67 million dollars, including advertising. Star Citizen passed 83 million dollars as of May 2015. #4.3.1
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Android is nothing more than an OS and isn't indicative of what the NX will be for-factor wise nor in terms of performance and content. Presuming they choose Android as the foundation of their OS (remember, Android itself is based on Linux, and can be modified and optimized for certain uses and devices), this could finally lead to a (portable?) gaming device with an half-decent OS; the Vita's bubbles and the sluggish 3DS interface being years behind what is available on the mobile fro... #13
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To me both seem to have the edge over the other on some aspects, but overall I think the graphics are fine on the 3DS and won't interfere with the game. Hopefully SE will be smart enough to bring it to NA (and everywhere in the world) as opposed to keeping it exclusive to Japan. Unless they hate money that is, considering the translation already exists, I would presume localization costs of the 3DS version of the game would be minimal. #3
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No big surprises here, although this being Steam stats, I would have expected Linux to have some somewhat bigger numbers since Steam offers a decent variety of linux compatible games. #3
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While this article is pretty terrible, the point that AMD may disappear in a not so distant future is sadly a reality. On the CPU side, Intel has been dominating AMD for several years now, both in terms of performance and sales. And obviously, AMD's decision to give up the enthusiast/high performance market for a little while hasn't exactly helped them gain significant market shares either. On the GPU side, their offerings have been much more competitive in terms of raw performance, b... #8
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Well, some people would have. Remember the horse armor in Oblivion? #3.2
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As much as people can hate on this decision, it makes sense for a lot of Japanese publishers to move towards mobile gaming. They are simply following the trend seen by the consumers in Japan. Consoles were once selling very well over there, but over time, many consumers simply moved towards handhelds. The DS and the PSP sold a crazy amount of units in Japan, way more than in any other region. But with the consumers showing less interest in the 3DS and the Vita, and more interest for smartphon... #29
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But he does also mention how we probably will see a similar leap.

With that being said, I think one of the reason why we say such a leap during the last gen was mainly because of how most developers had issues with the PS3's architecture at first, and as they developed better tools and as Sony freed some RAM that was reserved for the OS, they were able over time to get much more out of the hardware.

For the PS4 (and the Xbox One), they are using a much mo... #11
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I don't mind remasters when they are good value or incredibly good games that benefit from being played on a superior system. TLOU was a great game that truly became better when remastered. The Masterchief Collection, online issues aside, represents an incredible amount of content for a 60$ asking price.

My main issue with remasters is when they're basically re-releasing the same game, usually with its DLC, with some minor improvements and are using this as a reason t... #13
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I don't think it would necessarily be a bad thing or lead to disappointment. If it's powerful enough and has the ability to stream its content on a tv like most smartphones can, it could be the best of both worlds.

The main advantage of having only one platform out is that Nintendo could give it much more support than when trying to share their time and money supporting two platforms. It would result in more games and an overall better release schedule.
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I don't know about this particular issue, but I've been using GMG for about 4 years now and so far, haven't had a single issue with the keys they provided. On the other hand, I also trust CDPR's words. My guess is that they'll talk it through and everything will be fine in the end. #6
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If ESPN plans on broadcasting competitive gaming (or eSport), they really should tell their employees not to undermine it the next day. And they should push for more of this content to be showcased on ESPN by the way, as competitive gaming, whether you like it or not, is growing very fast and is really starting to get a lot of viewers.

And, as for his comments, I'd say this isn't about the players being athletes or not, or gaming being a sport or not, it seems he sim... #4
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You can already play FFIV and The After Years on Vita though PSP emulation though. #1.1.1
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It hasn't changed more than any other best selling game in the past. This entire article could be, with minor changes, about how World of WarCraft changed the way gamers talk, with raids, bosses' names, items and various locations. It could be about League of Legends, with the people involved discussing build orders, champions and overall strategies. #4
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Out of the 5 major current platforms in Japan, the 3DS has the biggest install base. Japan, incidentally, is where Monster Hunter has historically been more popular, by a landslide. Add to that the fact that 3DS development costs are lower than either the Vita or any of the home consoles, and you can easily see why Capcom decided to make a deal with Nintendo. Lower costs and bigger install base in their primary market.

To those saying Capcom doesn't like money, it's q... #11
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