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Could someone list them here? I can't access the website, only get a database error... #6
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Seeing how Hitman Go managed to be a great game in its own rights on tablets/smartphones, I'm willing to give them a fair chance. Many developers aren't able to take an established franchise and port it down to tablets, but it's not an impossible task. #3
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Are you implying a PC cannot be connected to a larger display? #10.1.2
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I think they are talking about what happens under the hood. As in, creating apps that will work with Windows, Windows RT and Windows Phone. But the UI itself would still be adapted to whichever device you install windows on. #2.2
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Microsoft has grown too big for its own good, and it has to cut off some fat to be more agile as a corporation. Microsoft is competing in multiple quickly evolving markets, and it needs to be able to respond and adapt at a fast rate. Just because you have billions, doesn't mean you can afford to keep unneeded assets.

It obviously sucks for all those affected, but for Microsoft itself, it's a very healthy thing to do. Most major corporations go through these purges at... #4
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Don't forget you can get a free sparrow when you collect the 5 golden chests. It's the same model as they sell in the store, but you don't get to choose the color. #6
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And it's now Nintendo's turn to include a character in a game in a totally non satisfying way. In the last month or so we've had Conker included in Project Spark, Patapon being playable in Destiny of Spirits and now Rayman is in Smash Bros, as a trophy.

But who knows, maybe these crossovers will lead to better things; Rayman could be included in Smash Bros at some point, Conker could get a true revival and Patapon might finally make its way to the Vita. #4
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First Conker came back as part of Project Spark, and now Patapon comes back as part of Destiny of spirits...

Hopefully both of these franchises will soon have their own games, as previous games were a blast to play. #3
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Why not? As long as developers don't dumb down the other difficulties, I really don't see why they wouldn't also include an easy setting. If you want to experience the game it was meant to be enjoyed, select the normal or harder game modes; having an easy difficulty setting doesn't remove anything from the game, nor does it affect you. #7
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I think we should wait for the official numbers to be released. Until then it's nothing but speculation. #13
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I still don't understand why Crytek would chose bankruptcy over handing control over the Ryse IP to Microsoft. It seems to me that this could have bought them time and provide them with much needed funds.

As for Crytek UK itself, it must be very hard for the staff, most of which originated from the now defunct Free Radical Design, makes of the Timesplitters franchise. Seeing you studio close twice in such a short time much take a toll on morale (presuming Crytek UK will s... #8
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Yes they can be played without. You can play the entire game with the entire roster without buying a single Amiibo.

As for those wondering how they will affect online, and if the game becomes pay to win, amiibos will not be available for online play. #6.2
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I believe both League of Legends and Microsoft's Xbox Live allow name-changing for about 10$, if Sony decides to allow it, I'd say 10$ would seem like a good price.

As for those fearing an abuse of the system, at 10$ it hasn't been abused on either Live or LoL; I don't see why it needs to be 20$ on the PSN. And it's a system likely to be used by clans, asking for 20$+ for a new clan member to add a tag to his name seems excessive.

Also, s... #3
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The game is set to release around august 20th (in Europe, the NA release date should be about the same); somewhat of a missed opportunity when you consider that the anime's season 2 is airing in less than a week (in Japan of course). Since most SAO fans in Europe and NA will likely watch the subs rather than wait for the dub, I think it would have been great to have the game launch the same week as season 2.

But I'm just nitpicking I guess. #6
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EA's real reasons : They have a rocky relationship with Nintendo and have decided not to support Nintendo's platforms, may it be the slow-selling Wii-U or the successful 3DS. They, just like many western publishers, have also decided to abandon the Vita, despite its high attach rate and its high potential as a platform. Finally, they see the mobile market for what it is, a low development cost platform with a very high install base that is willing to spend money on almost anything. #3
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I have one question to ask though, if Capcom is in a dire financial situation, what they need is a huge seller. Why do people believe they will choose to go the survival horror way, when the modern more action oriented games have sold more copies, with Resident Evil 5 and 6 being two of the three best selling games in Capcom history.

I'm not saying they were better games, just that they sold more copies. I can understand from a fan point of view why many are asking for a... #7
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By your definition of gamer, and I presume they are cumulative conditions, a League of Legends "pro", who makes a living playing games, wouldn't be a gamer. An old school player who still prefers to play the games of his era rather than the more modern AAA games, wouldn't be considered a gamer either.

It seems to me that your definition of gamer is a bit too exclusive. But of course, to each their own and if for a real gamer needs to meet these conditions,... #1.1.5
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What about single player only experiences, shouldn't they be cheaper too? Or are we excluding them on the basis that back in the good old days people would pay the full price for a single player only game and therefor we should never change that?

At the end of the day, if the consumer believes he's getting his money's worth, may it be single player or multiplayer, he'll spend it. Otherwise he won't. Let the consumers decide what they want on a game to game... #20
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I sure hope it will be a very long play through then. A single ending, no co-op and no multiplayer could leave us with a game with very little value with a 60$ asking price.

I know games have been criticized in the past for having a weak multiplayer component, games like Spec Ops the Line and Tomb Raider come to mind, but I think the Uncharted series, and most of all The Last of Us, showed us that it's completely possible to have a superb single player campaign and an awe... #17
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I enjoy my Vita, but have a hard time recommending it to my friends or people in general. It has a lot of games coming out for it over the next few months, and has received a good amount of support as well so far, but the "big" western games have come out (Uncharted, Killzone and Borderlands 2), and so far there are very few other big western games announced for it in the future.

The future line up is mostly composed of indie games and Japanese RPGs, may it be SRPGs... #16
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