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EA's track record with their acquisitions tells a lot. I my memory serves me well, when Respawn was created they wanted to be independent and own their own IP. They already had their differences with EA back in the MoH:AA days, which prompted them to create Infinity Ward with Activision, and following the fallout with Activision, they created Respawn. To go back to being just another internal developer at EA simply seems like a bad move on the long term.

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No Panzer Dragoon Orta nor Deathrow, hopefully they are added soon though. And, quite honestly, considering they own the IPs, Microsoft could atleast put their own games on there, like Brute Force and Blinx.

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I think a no combat mode can be interesting. But obviously it only works with certain games. So to say that it should be a standard feature is pushing it. I can only think of a few games in the last decade where exploring the world with no combat would have been interesting.

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Nintendo, like the other big players in the industry, gets some things right, and some things wrong. By purely listening to its fans, the Wii would have never happened and Nintendo would have missed a hugely profitable console. The DS would also have never happened, therefor costing Nintendo most successful platform. Let's never forget that the reaction to these two devices when they were revealed were lukewarm at best, fans were asking for a more traditional follow-up to the Gamecube and...

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Performance gains might have dropped but power efficiency has increased. And until AMD manages to beat them in performance, Nvidia has few reasons to change their strategy. Focusing on efficiency allows them to dominate the laptop dedicated gpu market while amd still doesn't have anything to show on that side. And by looking at vega's power requirements, they're not ready to compete on that front.

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Was there really a choice though? Being a portable device, the options were limited. A disc based system would impact the already limited battery life and take more space in the compact chassis of the system. It would also need to be a proprietary format, but the same applies to the carts. Internal storage only would have forced to either drastically increase the internal storage and therefor the cost of the console. They went with the only logical option.

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Hopefully they can hire some people experienced with shooters this time around. The first one had its moments, the RPG elements were fine although shallow when compared to most RPGs. But the shooting was pretty bad; loose controls, at times unresponsive and an overall unrewarding experience.

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I still don't understand why there's no cross-save in Destiny 2. They most likely already have the data they need on the servers to enable it. Having cross-saving in Destiny would only help them sell the game twice or even three times to the same consumer. I for one would be willing to buy the PS4 version as well as the PC version if cross-save were to be enabled; I have the money necessary to justify buying it twice to play it early and with my friends on the PS4, but I do...

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I really don't understand why there's so much fuss around this news. The slim model has been out for quite a while, and I believe production of the original model stopped a while ago. Just like when the Xbox 360 S model came out, the S is there to replace the original model. The same applies to the PS3 Slim or the PS4 Slim for that matter. When they come out, they usually have the same MSRP as the original one, sometimes even lower if the maker feels like it's a good time for a pr...

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Hopefully they do a better job with this one than what they did with Dawn of War III.

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I think owners of the Uncharted 4 package that was available at launch are getting it free.

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Can't they simply do what streamers have been doing in other competitive games for years, and put a delay on their stream?

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Awful list, many of these games weren't Xbox exclusive and can still easily be found for a few bucks on PC. Why play Morrowind on Xbox BC when pretty much any PC sold these days can run it better, same with Max Payne and Battlefront II. Xbox BC should focus on games that haven't been released elsewhere, games like Panzer Dragoon Orta, Deathrow or even Brute Force.

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Microsoft has allowed Rare to work on a Nintendo platform in the past (Diddy Kong Racing DS and I believe a few other handheld games). So while Goldeneye is unlikely to happen due to the rights to the Bond franchise, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, DK64, JFG and Conker could possibly happen. I think Microsoft is open to doing business with Nintendo if it doesn't threaten their console and if there's money to be made.

With that being said, I feel like out of the few...

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I do hope we get some of the big but less successful games on the Switch, as opposed to only getting the usual games. I do get that Pokken and MK8 made sense and that Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors will likely get ported in the future, but I feel games like Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X deserve to get a chance to be showed to a wider audience.

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Well, he isn't completely wrong. The original Xbox was the most powerful of the three consoles. The Xbox 360, while proving to be less powerful in the long run than the PS3, was the most powerful console when it was launched (a year before its competition). Obviously this was not the case when the Xbox One launched, but with Xbox One X, they can once again claim to have the most powerful console hardware, until the next generation.

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I do believe that porting Wii U games, as well as some remasters of Gamecube and Wii games, to the Switch would help the console. My guess is that many 3rd party publishers are still thinking about publishing on the Switch, but won't until it gets a solid install base. Ports and remasters are a relatively quick and inexpensive way to add games to the console's library. Best of all, it can be done by smaller or less experienced studios, which means Nintendo's first and second party...

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But the original is still widely available, which basically means that if pirates don't mind a few bugs here and there, as well as some weird animations, they still get to play the game. This will do nothing to benefit legitimate buyers of the game or Bioware's sales.

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Ah nVidia's naming scheme is still in effet.

After releasing two Titan X in a row, and likely noticing that some people were calling the newer ones Titan XP, P for Pascal, they release a new one, this time they called it Titan Xp.

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From my personal experience, wishing for a paid MMO to go F2P is basically wishing for said MMO to become significantly worse.

Developers need to make money, and if they can't make it by selling you the game and/or a subscription fee, they will simply nickle and dime, sometimes with some cosmetic goods, but at some point, most offer some Pay2Win mechanics to encourage players to pay more. I'd much rather pay to play a good game than waste my time in a bad one.

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