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I'm happy we're seeing some negative previews nowadays (not necessarily about Dying Light, can be about any game). I remember a time when all we got were overly positive previews, and yet the games would be panned by critics the minute it launched. It sent contradicting messages, and you could see some of the bigger gaming sites were just hyping up games they knew were going to be bad, just to make a buck.

I'm not saying previews should be gloomy and overly negati... #5.2
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Well, for those interested in playing this game on the go, the PSP version has received an unofficial English patch last summer, and it's well done.

As for the HD edition, I might pick it up on PS4, but a lack of Vita version is quite disappointing. #7
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You act like Japan is the only place where the 3DS is beating the Vita in sales, when in fact Japan is pretty much the only major territory where the Vita is actually putting up a fight, and where the Vita has sold the most units.

Perhaps, rather than blaming the Japanese people, you should take take a look at Sony's strategy with the Vita. You would think that with the powerful hardware, combined with the Playstation branding, they would have a very successful successor... #1.3
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Just like I think it's dumb when articles pop up about how much a game sucks months before we can actually play it, the same applies when they pop up about hyping up a game we know so little about.

From what I've seen of this game, it looks interesting, but until we see more of what we can actually do in the game, I wouldn't say it will rewrite history or anything of this magnitude. #10
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Titanfall had a lot of hype behind it, and while it became repetitive rather quickly, I still got a good 25-30 hours of enjoyment out of it. Evolve on the other hand, doesn't have much hype, and I am unlikely to even consider buying it until it reaches 15$ on Steam. And even then, considering all the DLC people have been complaining about, I might wait for the inevitable Game of the year edition (or whatever they end up calling it) before diving in. #7
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I know a lot of people hate RE5 and 6 as they are not survival nor horror, but I had a lot of fun playing in co-op. Well, mostly with RE5 anyway.

They might have been awful RE games, but they were some of the most enjoyable co-op experiences last-gen. #20
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Of course not. Does it have a serious chance at winning, yes it does, but by no means is it a shoe in. We have yet to play it, and we still don't know about all the games coming out in 2015 and how they will perform. #14
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The problem with this is that unless they can do software emulation (which would inevitably work with the current model), they would need to add more hardware, thus increasing production costs, which could mean that the slim model would gain in functionality, but probably wouldn't be sold for less than the current model.

I think that following the success of the Xbox One in NA with the price advantage it had during the holiday season, MS will try to sell its slim model fo... #3.2
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I suspect the 99$ edition will include the season pass. The author speculates that this 99$ edition is taking advantage of buyers because it will only include a small amount of useless digital goods, a theory based on absolutely nothing by the way, as the content has yet to be announced.

I wish game journalists would at least had some kind of ground to base their speculation on rather than create their stories out of thin air. #9
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Hey, thanks for offering your help. I received a reply from EA, and they removed the penalty on my account. I'm just happy it got resolved before the sale on DA:Inquisition ended I guess. #3.1.1
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Which website holds the second place? I presume the biggest one is IGN (right?). Is it Gamespot or the ever awful Kotaku? A few years ago I would've gone with Gamespot, but since most of their senior staff has left and the infamous Kane and Lynch incident, I thought they had lost most of their appeal. #11.1
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My account got hacked last week, all fraudulent purchases (FIFA15 among other games) were refunded. Only problem is that according to EA, whoever used my account to purchase FIFA15 did not respect FIFA15's ToS, so they closed my Origin account.

I'm still trying to dispute the closure of my account, hopefully they can sort this out... #3
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It's happening, sooner rather than later. They've already remade or at least remastered the previous ones (FF1 all the way to 6, although the latter was met with some justified criticism). They also remastered FFX and FFX-2. All they have left are the PSOne's or FFXII. I would also guess they consider Tactics to have already been remastered with the War of the lions edition.

And God knows that SE wants the Final Fantasy money, so I'd say the Final Fantasy 7 r... #8
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I sure hope it is. They can go back to Black Ops or a new CoD timeline for their following project; but I'd like to at least have one great FPS set during WWII to play this gen. #9
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Banning someone over this is dumb, but not nearly as dumb as the Nancy Grace of this world. There's little doubt in my mind that if she were to see someone play as Chris Benoit (even if a CAW), she'd go and blame the WWE, as well as the entire game industry, for promoting domestic violence and steroids abuse. #9
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Of course not, they launched the game in a somewhat broken state, and took a few weeks to patch it up. A responsible game publisher should have taken these few weeks to make sure the game would be as bug-free as it can be at launch.

I could see why review scores could be changed when it comes to server issues, as these are expected when millions of people try to log in the servers at the same time and will go away on their own after a while. But launching a buggy or a conten... #11
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Got mine at launch, hopefully I can get the 50$ voucher; wouldn't mind using it for either Freedom Wars or Danganronpa 2. #14
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Specs-wise, mobile gaming has left the 3DS in the dust and, given the right developer, can achieve greater graphics than the Vita.

Obviously, the low price most people are willing to pay for a mobile game (15$ is considered very expensive, while a Vita game can cost up to about 40$), and the limited control options are still holding mobile games back.

But, while some games need the use of a controller to play well (most action games), some games work very we... #4
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Well, I for one am very happy about it coming to mobile platforms. While the prices are pretty high, most of SE's games play very well on a touchscreen (turn-based JRPGs are probably among the easiest types of games to adapt to a touchscreen, as opposed to FPS and more action oriented games).

And while having new cards is a great thing, I am less than happy about it being a F2P game. I know some developers/publishers can develop good F2P games that don't feel like Pay... #5
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Yeah, I think my parents had to pay about as much for Perfect Dark. No wonder I only had 5-6 games for my N64 and spent so much time at my local rental store... #1.2
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