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You can already play FFIV and The After Years on Vita though PSP emulation though. #1.1.1
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It hasn't changed more than any other best selling game in the past. This entire article could be, with minor changes, about how World of WarCraft changed the way gamers talk, with raids, bosses' names, items and various locations. It could be about League of Legends, with the people involved discussing build orders, champions and overall strategies. #4
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Out of the 5 major current platforms in Japan, the 3DS has the biggest install base. Japan, incidentally, is where Monster Hunter has historically been more popular, by a landslide. Add to that the fact that 3DS development costs are lower than either the Vita or any of the home consoles, and you can easily see why Capcom decided to make a deal with Nintendo. Lower costs and bigger install base in their primary market.

To those saying Capcom doesn't like money, it's q... #11
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I loved Kane and Lynch 2, the game looked somewhat dated, and it didn't offer anything new in the gameplay department, but it was a very good couch co-op game. And I personally like the protagonists and the way they keep sinking throughout the game. #1.2
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On one hand I'm not a big fan of DLCs, but if done correctly, and priced accordingly, I guess I'm happy with the idea of having more Xenoblade Chronicles X.

I think that many publishers have shown over the years that DLC can be used in a good way, while others have been abusing it to milk their fanbase. Hopefully this isn't the latter. #3
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How is this any different than any other post-launch promotions? If they were to sell the game for 25$ less for one week, would people be pissed as well?

The game is already a few months old, having some kind of promotion doesn't seem unusual to me. #5
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Yeah, I'll try the demo. It's a shame that to this day Koei/Omega Force still can't optimize their games properly and lack consistency when it comes to overall quality. #1.1.1
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I remember enjoying this game on the X360/PS3 back in the days. Sadly, I've read that the game suffers from massive frame drops on the current-gen consoles despite the sub par graphics. Might still pick it up if not true or eventually patched out. #1
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A single Titan X will still get you more VRam than 2 GTX 980. If you're looking for 4K gaming, I think you get a better deal with the Titan series. #1.3
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The developer announced a while ago that all maps would be free. #1.1
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From the video posted on Youtube, it is suspected he was actually playing LoL and not WoW, as we can see what appears to be the LoL client on his screen. It doesn't change the fact that this is a sad event that probably could have been avoided, but there's no need to blame the gold for play time program for his death. #10
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I'm pretty sure RCT3 actually looked better than this, which is completely unacceptable.

Honestly, if that's the best they can do with a 3D engine, I'd rather have them go back to the isometric view of the first 2 games, and focus on the content. #4.1
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Most criminal kingpins know basic maths, have a driver's license as well as access to electronic devices such as tablets, computers and smartphones. All of these perks can and are likely used by said criminal kingpins to manage their illegal operations. I guess we have no choice but to ban all of these, as they clearly represent a threat to society. #8
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No, it's not removing it. Being lucky and reliant on the in-game clues will only get you so far; probably Silver at best. For anyone willing to get to Diamond and above, skills will still be needed.

The way I see it, Riot has been refining the game so that new players get some visual clues to help them learn the basics, which also helps make the game less intimidating at first. But for anyone interested in competitive levels, you'll still have to play the game a lot,... #5
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I don't see where the issue is. If Dads of destiny require clan leaders to be dads, as the name suggests, well so be it. Not everything needs to be welcoming to both genders. I can't sign up at my local Curves gym, since it's meant to be for women only, and you don't see me or pretty much anyone complaining about it. #14
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Well, it makes sense, seeing how some of today's most popular games are using a F2P model. League of legends, Dota2 and Hearthstone are doing F2P right and are some of the hottest games on the market at the moment. Sadly, F2P games have been given an awful reputation thanks to a bunch of Pay2Win MMOs and the often abusive freemium model used in popular mobile games. #17
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This won't stop gold sellers, but if the prices are somewhat competitive, I think quite a few gold buyers would prefer buying their gold in a "legit" way rather than using the usually shady third party gold sellers.

I believe this is a good move, gold selling in WoW (or most MMOs for that matter) isn't going anywhere, so the developer might as well offer it. They'll make some money off of it, while the buyers also get the advantage with dealing with Bliz... #7
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No Haggar? Well that's disappointing. #2
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I would guess they have a contractual obligation towards the publisher. Or, the publisher might force them to pay up if they want to sell said publisher's future titles. #4.1.1
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Might as well just rent the game for a weekend then, it's still cheaper and should be enough time to beat the game. #4.2.3
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