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I would like to mention that despite the pretty colorful graphics, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is not a game I'd recommend for kids. Unless you want to end up with a gamepad broken in half and a wii-mote stuck in the TV screen. From my personal experience, the game is deceivingly hard.

On topic, Smash is for all ages, Bayonetta is aimed at a more mature audience, so is Devil's Third. The Zelda series is also appealing to a very wide audience. Many Nintendo games are... #7
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If they really wanted people around the world to buy their phones, they'd make them available on most major carriers. Until then, Sony's Xperia line, no matter how good it is, will never achieve the market penetration of Samsung or Apple.

And while the Z3 line looks amazing, it's a bit behind in terms of specs; flagship from other manufacturers are coming out with the Snapdragon 805, while the yet to ship Z3 will be coming with a 801 (minor difference, but still)... #11
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Was this article Google-translated? Some of the sentences simply don't make much sense, headline included. #7
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That's pretty sweet. Started FF13 on PS3 when it launched, but never got to finish it, and wasn't willing to play the two sequels without finishing the first one. I know this trilogy wasn't as well received as previous installments, but with a decent price point, I can see myself buying these games. #7
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My main issue with Destiny is most likely it's loot system. It reminds me of the Diablo 3 loot system at launch. Thankfully, Blizzard has patched it, and Diablo 3 is a much more enjoyable experience at the moment. One would think Destiny, developed by Bungie and paid by Activision-Blizzard, would have learned a lesson or two about loot following the backlash Diablo 3 received initially. #10
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Why not offer both? #7.1
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Well, it's a good game, and hopefully it will become better with time.

But, I guess this news will put an end to the debate as to which game, between Call of Duty and Destiny, will have the biggest launch. Advanced Warfare has yet to launch, but I'm pretty sure it will have a significant lead over Destiny, for this year anyway.

Must be good to be Activision-Blizzard, with Diablo 3 selling great on next-gen platforms, Destiny having a successful launch... #17
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How did you come to that conclusion? #15.1
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Red Alert 3 over Red Alert 2? As a matter of fact, Red Alert 3? The game was decent, but definitely not the best Command and Conquer game. #5
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I expected them to recharge over time, but I'm happy to know it won't be the case. EXO abilities should be an add-on to the gameplay, not the centerpiece. #4
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I've put around 35 hours in Godus, and quite honestly, while there is something very enjoyable about the game, Godus is a great example of great game design with poor execution, it truly is an exercise in frustration.

Two things are really keeping Godus from being a good game. First, the developers have shown over time that they wanted the game to be the same on PC and mobile, which means that mobile restrictions (in terms of horsepower) hamper the PC experience. This ca... #5
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While a remastered Zelda or Mario would be the obvious choice, maybe they will surprise us. A remastered Eternal Darkness or even a remaster of Custom Robo with an online multiplayer could be great too. #2
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I think microtransactions are fine, but not when it comes to full retail priced games. It seems publishers have been trying to nickel and dime us more and more lately. For example, I think that the idea of a season pass is fine, but I also believe it's bullshit when said season pass doesn't actually include all the content released during the duration of the season. A season pass should include all the DLC. As for microtransactions, they're usually cosmetic or give the player a bo... #5
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Doubtful this will do anything. If SE made a deal with Microsoft, it will include, like most contract, a penalty if SE were to go against the terms they agreed on. Not only would SE not receive the money they have likely agreed to receive from MS for this exclusive, but they would actually have to pay MS. If there's one thing SE could do that would be more idiotic than making it exclusive, it would be this. #9
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A few things to keep in mind :

Rise of the Tomb Raider will likely be less expensive to produce than the Tomb Raider reboot - they already have the engine running on current-gen hardware (as proven by TR definitive edition).

It's highly unlikely they simply gave away the exclusivity to Microsoft; Microsoft could be handling the advertising or could also be bankrolling the project altogether.

Finally, it's not impossible that Square E... #30
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It'S the end of life for the last expansion, people have run out of content and are leaving the game. Numbers will be up when the new expansion comes out. There is, year over year, a decline in players, but there is little doubt that WoW will remain the dominant subscription-based MMO in terms of subscribers for the next few years. #8
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And I have one reason as to why Unity will be the better game; lead studio on Unity is Ubi Montreal, lead studio on Rogue is Ubi Sofia. While they have collaborated on Black Flag, Ubisoft Sofia's previous efforts simply aren't nearly as good as what usually comes out of Ubisoft Montreal. #8
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No they aren't. I'll take a good dub over any subs anytime. Notice I did say a good dub though. But I'm not mad or anything at the lack of dub for Tales of hearts R, I'm just happy it will make its way to NA. But I still feel a good dub is better than subs, and can also help the game reach a wider audience. #4
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I'll be honest with you, I haven't played much of either the "original" or the Sigma games, as these are not games I usually enjoy much. But, from my understanding, the Sigma versions were updated versions of the original games, with a slightly better camera and added content. But the core experience was pretty much the same. If I'm right in my assessment of the situation, I'd say they were ports, not remasters nor remakes. It's not unusual for late ports to rece... #4.2.1
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If EA's access plan is successful enough, you can be sure Ubisoft will be quick to join them. #5
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