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I would have hoped for a RE 5 and 6 remaster collection. I know a lot of RE fans didn't like these games, but they were enjoyable co-op experiences if you didn't take them very seriously. I'd probably buy them on PS4 or Xbox One if they came as a reasonably priced package. #15
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What I don't get is why plenty of MS-published games aren't backwards compatible. Crackdown 1 and 2, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon and Ninety-Nine Nights are all games I'd enjoy on my Xbox One, all published by MS, yet MS have yet to make them compatible. #2
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Maybe the reviewer thought the game was a 9.5, but deducted .5 because of the weak story, thus the 9.0 score. #14.2
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To each their own I guess. #8.5
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Nintendo aren't the only ones who released an updated model, the PSP-1000 only had half the RAM of the following models.

And, just like they did with the PSP, Sony could release an updated SKU for the PS4 that would improve loading times/overall performance without dividing the install base. It doesn't have to have its own exclusive titles.

It could have slightly higher clock speeds, smaller die and come with an SSD or an hybrid drive like the Xbox On... #1.3
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The title is right, the NX doesn't have to be as powerful as the PS4. That statement is true, as long as Nintendo also doesn't need the NX to sell.

Look at the facts, the NX will launch at the earliest next year, a full 3 years after the Xbox One and the PS4. By then both of these consoles will have a very solid install base and rely mostly on very traditional games, by which I mean playable on a single screen with a standard controller. The NX will come out with no... #15
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I think that for me to finish a game requires the game to reach some balance, and for me to get my hands onto it at an appropriate time.

As you grow older, you usually have more obligations and simply can't spend as much time gaming as you would as a child. You also, once again usually, have access to a lot more disposable income and can therefor buy plenty of games. The moment a campaign gets boring or overly repetitive, I prefer moving on to the next game; no point wast... #8
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Can't speak about/for Polygon as I don't really frequent their site nor do I usually read their reviews, but Jim has usually been honest and genuine in his reviews and opinion pieces. I don't always agree with him, but I don't think he gave Mad Max a low score to get hits (his website is ad-free and doesn't benefit from the added traffic) or make a name for himself.

We just have to accept that not everyone will have the same opinion of each games, that ev... #3
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Well John Wick is already a playable character in Payday 2, I guess they've been interested in making a video game adaptation of it for quite a while. And they were the ones who worked on the Riddick games, which were some fine movie tie-ins. And John Wick is getting a sequel, and the first one was actually pretty good. If done right, this could have a lot of potential. #1.1
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Forget the Pro 4, the Surface Book is where it's at, mostly thanks to the discrete nVidia GPU. #3
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I don't mind multiplayer games, League of Legends, DOTA2, CS:GO, WoT or TF2 are all MP only games and I played them for hundreds of hours. But here's the thing, none of them asked me a steep $60+ entry price, and none of them gave me the impression that the servers would be a wasteland 6 months in, making my $60 investment worthless. I have absolutely no faith in Ubisoft keeping the game up to date with content updates for more than a few months, and the base game only has a handful o... #12
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I think the difference lies in the initial content compared to what comes after as DLC.

When you purchase Call of Duty, or most titles with season passes, you get most of the content day one, and the DLC adds some content over the lifetime of the game. With Hitman on the other hand, it seems like we're getting some content at first, and we'll have to wait to get the full experience. And sure, they can boast a huge number of user-created contracts, but at the end of th... #4.2
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The core gameplay is good, but sadly the game is currently plagued by matchmaking and host migration issues, which to be fair, is to be expected in a beta.

I'm also somewhat unsure about whether or not it will have any kind of longevity. This game relies almost exclusively on its online component, and once the servers begin to empty a few months after launch, I can see it being like Evolve. Unless it is packed with maps day one, I simply don't see the value of a fully... #8
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Rather than look at the percentage of indie games, I would presume big publishers are looking at how sales are divided. You can flood the market all you want, if big publishers are still getting most of the revenues, they have no reason to fight back. #12
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The first one was a really poor game in my opinion. I went through it for the story and the characters (despite what the reviews said at the time, I thought Kane and Lynch were good protagonists), but the controls were loose, the game barely looked better than the cross generation Hitman Blood Money, it had quite a few moments that felt cheap gameplay-wise and the multiplayer was dead on arrival.

The second one on the other hand, felt like a much more polished game. The story... #9
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Seems unlikely, CD Projekt RED is a division of CD Projekt, the people behind They've been advocates of DRM-free games and software for as long as I can remember, while EA have been the polar opposite. EA has always tried and to this day continues to try to fight piracy using whatever is seen as the most effective and usually invasive form of DRM available to them. While one company has been on the forefront of DRM-free software, the other one was the main instigator behind said... #15
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The lack of innovation is a good thing in my opinion. Not every game needs to innovate. We've sadly lost quite a few good rts franchises because of a pointless quest by developers to innovate for the sake of innovating. Command and Conquer lost sight of the basics for example. #4
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I wonder why there's such a major discrepancy between the western reviews like this one and the Famitsu ones. I'm not saying one was biased or wrong, and having not played the game myself I can't say which ones I agree with; but they are very different opinions of the same game.

I can't see this game selling very well, and it might be hard for Itagaki and Valhalla game studio to find financing for another game after this one. #22
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I don't think everyone is ready, but many are. Take PC for example, many probably can't remember the last time they actually used a disc to install a game. And on the current consoles, digital sales are going up as well. It probably is too soon to go digital only, as many still prefer having a physical copy or simply don't have the internet connection required (speed and bandwidth), but with each passing year, I think a digital only future is becoming closer to being a reality. Pr... #15
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Most freemium games also offer optional microtransactions. They usually give you the option to pay for some tokens or whatever the in-game currency is, or to wait a long time/grind it forever, depending on the type of game it is. Technically, no freemium game forces you to shell out some cash, but they make it so frustrating to play without paying that at the end of the day, some people will pay, others will move on to another game. It sucks when it happens, but at least you didn't have t... #2.3
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