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2.5 on our scale means decent. It's fun,for the most part, just lacking a lot.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll pass on it. Don't really think old overpriced digital games on the Nintendo's eShop has anything to do with commoditisation. We're talking about digital video games here, many of which are on other platforms at considerably cheaper prices, and the statements of the Nintendo president who tried to explain digital pricing in a completely bogus way by claiming it makes consumers value the product more highly.

But by all means, ...

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The guy said digital games aren't cheaper than packaged products because the contents are the same and so they offer them at the same price. Doing so apparently raises the "value" of the title to consumers.

For new release titles, that makes sense. But if that is going to be the company stance, why not lower the digital prices when the packaged version drops in price (and I don't mean simply going on sale for a limited time)? They&#...

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Ah, the old "can't write about it because you don't run a company" line.

Can you explain how charging $60 for year old titles is creating "value" when a consumer can get that title far cheaper elsewhere?

And actually, my degree is for business management/accounting , and I do have a pretty firm grasp of Austrian economics.

I suspect you didn't even read the opinion piece, and instead glanced at the description ...

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That's 100% not going to happen. Not even close.

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That'd be cool, although probably not something I'd play unless it didn't have a subscription. I refuse to pay $60 for a game only to have to turn and subscribe to be able to keep playing it.

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That's why I said as an option; I don't think it should be forced on people. I'd like it, as I think its stupid to have cops when you can fly right past them driving on the wrong side, or through a red light, or even run into them with a motorcycle. Obviously it'd only work if they had the speed limiting feature of Mafia II, but I'd love to have that option.

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I'm going to be so disappointed if Agent isn't at least talked about. I can't handle another E3 going by without a peep about this title.

This is the year it's going to be shown.

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