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Because we don't have 4 million subscribers and 750,000 Twitter followers. We also don't make rape jokes and sexually harass women, but that last part doesn't seem to matter.

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I depends on who you ask. I definitely wouldn't defend those sorts of games from the East, or anything like that, regardless of where it comes from.

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The article doesn't claim that "old Dante fans" moan too much but it does explore how far is too far.

Is petitioning the president of the United States to remove a game because you don't like it too far? Is spamming the social networks of a developer too far? Is organising a boycott too far?

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I'm pretty sure that it would be GAME that would be paying Microsoft for this deal as it's mostly to benefit them, but in essence, yes.

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We're already starting to see retailer exclusive box art. I'm pretty sure Gamestop secured some for The Walking Dead retail edition.

GAME advertising on the dash seems like the logical next step for them.

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The price of the deluxe/premium bundle packs alone are very good and almost perfect, but it's very misleading - hence the point of the article.

Regardless of how much you pay for any of the bundles, you're still going to need to buy extras (especially if you don't own a Wii).

It's got nothing to do with nitpicking at the Wii U. It's a fantastic console and it's got some amazing features with real potential. It's just interesting to...

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There was speculation when the trophies list was leaked prior to the announcement as well as the teaser image posted on the official Facebook.

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I would read the list and if you still feel threatened by what's suggested, seek assistance.

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Seeing as Vigil will be judging the top three from each category to go through to the public vote, I doubt that they will choose ones that don't fit in with the title.

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The whole article is based around publishers use of the word 'limited', how finite these limited editions are and how publishers use wording like 'limited' to make consumers think that these are very small in number.

Yes, limited does not mean rare but it's how publishers are presenting it.

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And as I said right at the bottom: "Putting a rather prominent character as DLC made available to those who purchase the collectors edition or have 10 bucks is a bit of a harsh move for those who can’t afford it. Instead, making this content available to all those who purchase the game new, as they did with the Cerberus access for ME2, would be much better but obviously less profitable."

Regarding people buying the CE not getting it for free, the bonus character has...

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I'm sure if you read the article, you'd find that out :P

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There is actually an option at the beginning of the game around this. You can opt for a more action, more RPG or the 'default Mass Effect experience'.

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My impression from playing the first 90mins of the game and from talking to the team at Bioware is that fans will definitely not be disappointed.

Our hands on preview with the full details on what people can expect is going live tomorrow at 5pm GMT.

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To be fair, Bioware are definitely more open with these sorts of options for female and gay gamers than other developers.

I just think that female gamers are less vocal than male ones with comments like "WOW, LOOK AT THE PACKAGE ON SHEPARD!" :P

Get vocal, girls!

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There is a rumour going about that she is a romance option.

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It would appear than an N4G mod has changed the URL, description and title to the OXM story.

Have added our original submission as an alt source.

Our submission only lists the characters and not how they are involved in Mass Effect 3's narrative for those who don't want to know everything.

Many thanks.

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The fact that the current number one story on N4G is rumours about BLOPS 2 whilst this remains relatively unknown makes me weep for gamers everywhere.

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I'd be interested to hear what you think is unfair about the review.

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Segway's with mounted guns. 'Nuff said.

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