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Similar, but not quite. More along the lines of what EASHL provides in the NHL series.

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Yeah, I'm really anxious to hear what everyone has to think about the game. Can't wait for the demo!

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Crossbows, grappling hooks & heists?! You have my attention, EA Visceral...

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In the right system, I think he'll be a great pro.

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EA stops after the Super Bowl, but we've hand-crafted a roster to allow people to have the updated version. :)

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Pretty impressed by what I'm seeing. Still room for improvement, obviously, but the little touches like the helmet moving are sick.

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They'll likely fund it through tons of sales & a season pass for online content, like most games with multiplayer. ;)

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It seems they're banning people for posting the footage online, instead of just banning for buying a legitimate copy.

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Well, we have rumble in controllers... why not?!

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Great point. What if the DLC is 6-8 hours and you're able to experience a similarly great adventure.. would that still not be enough?

Not disagreeing here, just trying to see what it would ultimately take.

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I'm 90% on board with you. There's a chance they could do something incredibly memorable in a side-story, but Elizabeth was fantastic.

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Completely agree. This will keep Adrian Peterson from having an injury from the curse too, haha.

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Completely agree. It's the mentality that the US market is the only one (though it's fairly dominant). Too many countries and even certain areas in the US wouldn't be able to use a console that required it to play games. Would KILL a considerable portion of the industry's buyer pool.

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Has to be all the pre-orders that didn't check reviews.

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Yeah, there's a REALLY good chance that'll be the game they go with. I'd love to see them do something different.. like a prequel with Ghost.

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I think we'll see things move in this direction more and more each year.

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Forgot to include the link when we cited them. Thanks for picking that up! All fixed.

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Absolutely agree. Happy they were rewarded with so much success.

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I definitely would have tried the game out had it come out on the Vita in a reasonable time. Just another reason for me to not play my Playstation Vita... again...

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I'm sad to see that they're "porting" it. It should have been designed for those systems from day one!

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