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When I posted this myself, nary a response. Ryan Rigney posts it, and I got almost 750 people looking at it in no time flat. Tis the curse of being a blog without an established name behind it though. I thank thee, Rigney. I will definitely have to find some time to do this again.


It's true that most of them lack any real quality or polish, but there are most definitely some gems to be found. Don't be so closed minded, though I'm guessing that you are... #13
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Fading Memories is very hard. I just couldn't get past the difficulty. I recommended that people try it though, because it could just be that I'm not coordinated enough to enjoy it. It's an interesting concept to say the least. #1.1
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I appreciate the compliment. I didn't even think of either of those games. If I do another one, I'll be sure to include a character from both of those games. I haven't played them, but I have seen videos and screen shots of both.

I have to say, you are both correct. #3.2
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Well then...

I haven't played Age of Empires in (no pun intended) ages. I just thought I remembered them being powerful. Could just be my mind embellishing him (or thinking about the bear). I was considering putting the Canadian Bear on the list instead of the hippo, but felt two bears would be redundant. Thanks for the catch. #2.1
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I agree

Yes, slavery was horrible. But if you don't expect the enemies in Africa to be black, or that some people would go to extremes (i.e. the bag scenario) in a situation like what's happening in RE 5, then you don't have much common sense. #1.1
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Thanks for trying. I'm sure somebody'll come around eventually. #1.3
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You're probably right
But I think that when the gameplay makes up for the lack of good graphics (it has great art though), and lack of good sound, I'll let those things go. But you're right, I think I may downgrade it to a 9. #1.1
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Erm... really?
Are you serious whoever posted this?

A list about the consoles by a PS3 site? That's like when Microsoft says that they're the leader. It just can't be trusted.

Though to be fair, I only read the last paragraph summary of each one, and they did supply some concessions to the Xbox 360, but still. They can't seem to find fault with the PS3? Really?

Anyway, I just can't believe a site that specializes in one console wrote a list like this. #11
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I have to agree
That the Xbox controller is better. And if that leads to them enjoying certain games more then that's not being biased, it's just having a preference.

Get over yourselves. Besides, it was just his opinion. #178
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"I see people use this excuse so much, and it's pathetic. Instead of addressing people's legitimate complaints like the bad graphics or the short campaign, you say "LOL! U MUST NOT HAVE PLAYED TEH GAEM!" What a weak argument."

Hmm... that actually sounds like a pretty legit argument to me. If you haven't played the game, what right do you have saying it sucks? #34.4
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I don't think you understand...
First off, he was talking about playing on normal, which is pretty much as easy as the easy difficulty setting. On Expert, the scenarios can probably take an hour or two, judging by the demo which can take up to an hour to beat on expert by itself.

Secondly, this isn't a game with a "campaign" mode. It has 4 scenarios that the A.I. director will switch up on you every play. I suggest you play the demo, and then play it on expert if you dare. If possible, play it with fr... #37.1
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IGN isn't a person. Whoever reviewed Mirrors Edge was different from whoever reviewed L4D. If one person thought the graphics deserved an 8 for Mirrors Edge, then that's what they thought. The L4D reviewer thought it deserved a 9 for graphics.


This obviously isn't the game for you if you can't play online. #30.4
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Because playing games on my large TV is better than playing on a (relatively) small monitor. Plus, more of my friends have Xbox 360's than can run it on their computers. #5.4
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Is one of these gonna pop up for every multiplatform game?

This overly abundant flame fuel just needs to stop. I mean, this ones just a demo for goodness sakes.

>_> #47
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Oh No!
One reviewer didn't like the game.

Seriously, not everyone was going to like it. Some of you just need to accept that. #106
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Oh my god!
Thank you!

Bubbles good sir. #62.1
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Title. It's completely misleading, and I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be. :/ #16
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I sure hope
The people who are going into depression over a 9/ 10 are just kidding, seriously.


If you are kidding, then thank goodness, but if you're not, then you only have yourself to blame for putting the game on an impossible pedestal. Everybody's said it once, so I'm gonna say it again. In reality, no game deserves a 10, because no game is without its flaws. Some review sites honor this more than others, and some reviewers get ticked off at things that you wouldn... #63
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I'm not gonna
Read any other comments, I'm just gonna say that this ironic on so many levels.

Not in a Pro Xbox or Pro Sony way, it's just sooooooooo ironic. #110
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Do you have to start console wars for no good reason. Both versions got the same score. Even though I prefer Xbox 360, I don't find it prudent to make those kinds of useless comments. #9.2
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