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Exactly. There will be pleny of time to critique Nintendo's online service when it launches this Fall. For now, people can game online for free. Is the connection perfect? Not always. Mario Kart will disconnect on occasion when looking for a match, but it doesn't happen all the time.

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It's a kick-ass game to have on the Switch.

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The source link for the battery life comment is being added to the article. Our apologies for it not being added at publication.

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The games mentioned in the article were pointing out that Nintendo will have more titles for the Switch at launch, unlike the Wii U. Those games were not used to argue, one way or another, about the Switch's capabilities.

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The current issues are the Switch's reported battery life when used as a portable, and its performance when playing certain games on the go (i.e. Skyrim Remaster, etc.). These points are clearly mentioned in the article.

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Splatoon Counterattack? Super Mario Frost Land? Hmm... I seriously doubt those are the official names for those games.

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It's my pleasure. Stranger of Sword City is a very unique game, and we wanted to capture as much of it as possible in the review.

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The developer hasn't mentioned anything about censorship yet, so it's still undetermined.

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I remember playing Manhole on Mac many, many years ago. The memories.

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The downgrade in graphic quality is forgivable as long as Mighty No.9's gameplay lives up to expectations.

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Super Punch-Out! is one of my all-time favorites!

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I agree. Prison Architect was a fantastic game, TK. We reviewed the PC version last April and it scored a 5/5.

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Hi Elwenil,

The reviewer mentions California and Nevada in his review.

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You're getting an extra controller and two games for $300. You figure: Xbox One controller $59.99 (minimum), Fallout 4 $59.99, and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition $39.99.

Plus, most Xbox One bundles usually come with one game for $349.99.

So when you add it up: You're saving $209.96 on this Black Friday bundle.

So yes, you are getting some 'free' stuff' with this bundle; $209.96 worth.

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That's an incredible deal!

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And it was a great era, too.

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I'm not saying it makes any difference, but didn't he make those comments eight or so years ago? I'm just wondering why it took so long for this to catch up to him, especially if it really happened that long ago.

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I can't wait for the release of Shenmue 3.

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The Atlus sale will 'hurt' my wallet in a good way come July 6th. :)

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