I'm being ignored by 2 Xbots :D


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looks like a lot of people disagree with you trading your xbox in. ^^

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Is it not good for the gamer because it will be less chance of psn going down again? then gamers wont sit here crying?

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just because their the icon doesnt mean the game has to be about them, as i said there was already one about the TAU.

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are they suckers because they bought a game that you dont like? pfft.

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i dislike the space marines. why not the eldar or chaos? i'd say Tau but i believe there was already a game about the Tau out.

In any case. Tau > All. "We fight for the greater good"

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Mines too. also Skyrim and Battlefield 3. two for PC and 1 PS3 WOO!

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WOW and people say ps3 fanboys are bad? there might be a lot of ps3 fanboys on this site, but the xbox fanboys are a lot more sad and pathetic.
Charizard, the PC has the best multiplatform experience. the xbox has nothing on that. and why you telling people that if they want redemption they need to get a xbox? i sure as hell wont get one if thats the way most users on XBL act. (which they do) SoNoobs lol, Xbot!! :)

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everything you just said was completely backwards -_-"

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yeh, i just been on my pc and been out with my mates the last few days. didnt really care about psn going down since i have other things to keep me occupied till its back up.

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how is it for kids? i personally hate the DS, but i dont see how its just for kids ;/ i saw a lot of grannies and adults playing it too.

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"The sound was recored from one of our VP's dog, so please dont shoot it" lol

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Wooo! British armed forces! im definitely getting that once my pc is upgraded! (have to use low graphics on ArmA2 on my crappy pc)

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by "magic" they mean magical moments.

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i think hes saying he wants a real sequel. tactical espionage action instead of lightning bolt action too...

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that khajeet (or whatever) looks awesome :D

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ghost is kinda cool but, Cpt. Macmillan is awesome.

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if thats true then i can see a lot of injuries happening. :D

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wow stop calling people kids because they have different opinions than you. even i thought R2 was dissapointing, much preferred the 1st one. but again MY opinion.

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ouch you seem like your just making fun of gamers altogether than trying to make fun of PS3 gamers, hell imagine what 360 gamers would be like if this happened to them? :)

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black ops is number 1... eh what?!

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