I'm being ignored by 2 Xbots :D


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ahh ghost <3

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All of them but brink are on my radar.

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So many disagrees because your a trolling retard :)

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And they make it out as if this website is full of sony fanboys that bubble rape you and they are innocent XD
And yes i do care, not atm as i been hooked to my PC but when all those awesome exclusives come out i will be back on my PS3.

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i dont see him rimming sony, there is a lot of people out there thinking they are entitled to more than they deserve.

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hmmm sometimes i forget to eat while im playing :P then i get too hungry and start doing bad.

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ahh well true, the game needs a pretty powerful rig... mines just barely makes it.

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If you want platoon sizes and actual full squads that cant take on 200 more enemies than them, get arma2 :D

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"microsoft stands for the gamer" DO they really? what type of gamer? :D

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Keep dreaming mate.

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how are they sony ponys because they disagree with you? you seem a little butthurt that drunkonjudgement gave it a bad review, maybe thats why your getting disagrees?

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but thats because you have M$'s big green **** up your ass, right? :)

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killzone has crap aiming? you too used to COD arent you? i love the aiming in killzone, at least it involves a bit of skill. no wonder you hate it xbot :)

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B1663r trolling again, stop trying to recruit people to the xbotworld if something did ever happen and psn went bye bye forever (which it wont) then i'd simply game on pc full time, instead of having to put up with all those moronic idiots and american pre teens. (XBL)

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and makes me want to throw it back up... and im going to keep it that way :)

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tali has unfinished buisness with me? im gonna kill everyone at bioware if she aint in the squad -_-" (yes im a talimancer like so many on BSN)

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and whats your point? theres plenty of kiddies that bum microsoft and xbox all day.

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that was a very dumb joke artynerd. D:

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Its actually still full of bad bugs and glitches on pc too. i had to look into a lot of fixes, finally got it a little more stable now.

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lol yup, the xbot is trying to P off sony fanboys. but using that as a avatar is just low...

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