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i'll be hoesnt i dont care about the actually overall story. i think it is completely crap and stupid.

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"where do the templars fit in in a japan setting? "
Where do the Templars fit in the american revolution? (serious question). i dont get why people are also saying Japan has been done to death. i cant remember a good game set in Japan where your free roaming and assassinating. especially from a western dev.

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ahh MGO that was one of the best mutliplayer games i have ever played. loved it so much.

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Yeh but Call of Duty is a casual game :p

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I love This Era. I always found it so sad ever since the west forced japan to open up their borders. I will be Starting on the side of the shogunate. screw the western loving imperials!

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Even if it didnt have cities i wouldnt mind.

off topic: You have Elfen Lied as your avatar thing! Thats my favourite anime and i got that poster :D

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Where the hell is the metal gear solid 2 theme or the big bosss theme? >.>

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ahh i love guitars.

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1 of the reasons why i want a psv too. I also love that kinda art-style.

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Killzone is one of my favourite games but its not better than battlefield 3 in my opinion.

Although i will say this; Killzone 3 > MW3 :)

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Was hoping this would be good. i have been looking to play a japanese anime style RPG for awhile now.

Off topic: does anyone know any good Japanese anime style gamnes? doesnt have to necessarily be an RPG. :)

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L4D is just a Fun Coop zombie shooter. its nothing like The last of Us.

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Yeh i know what you mean. Flankers have an advantage over it. although i found a nice way of turning it quicker in dog fights.

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I thought every character gives you gold? Aela the huntress gives me it too.

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Just like how any american idiot laughs at fart jokes? gotta love the endless amounts of those. HILARIOUS!

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"Ethan Moses is a clueless, nonsensical, straw-clutching loser who is desperate for hits on his no-name blog."

i think you went a bit for there.

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same, if it is something to do with survival but.... against ants then no thanks. I'm still obviously gonna look into the game more to be sure.

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its because of the amount of zombie games that are out just now are basically FPS. i hope its survival too, im getting fed up of having tons of ammo and killing 1000 zombies every mission. i want it to be a challenge to just kill even 1 lol.

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ffs put up **SPOILER** or something jeez. thank you for ruining that.

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Red Dead Redemption is not an RPG lmao. it's an open world action-adventure game

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