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They are if all they use the Xbox for is watching Netflix. I have two PS3s, one in the sitting room for gaming and one in the bedroom for my wife and kids to watch Netflix using their own PSN account when they go to bed.
If we had Xbox instead of PS3, we'd have to pay for Gold just so they can watch Netflix in bed. #1.1.36
Password protect PSN purchases. That's what I did after my two nephews went into the store on my account and bought a bunch of DLC for games I don't even own just because they liked the picture on the DLC icon.

Also, trophy hunters would love this. Getting platinums on both platforms at the same time with a single playthrough would be awesome. #21
You're probably right but that may not be a bad thing. I'd rather play the prologue a month before the full game releases rather than a year beforehand. At least then the story is still fresh in my mind. #17.2
I look forward to it being free for Plus in 6-12 months. #17
The 6.2 million views on Pewdiepie's video probably helped a lot. #5
It's to promote the upcoming Infamous: Second Son. #34
Your move Sony. Your move. #93
Excellent news. Not every game needs mp. #12
Statistically, a lot of 'Sony fanboys' around here used to be Xbox fanboys. There was a time when Xbox fanboys outnumbered Sony fanboys by quite a lot. #56
PornHub works on PS3 too. Albeit, it keeps opening up a new tab. #73
Holy crap, that was quick to be submitted. #15
Another Pro for waiting...
More free PS+ games. I'll be waiting a few months to buy the PS4. Meanwhile however, I'll be adding any PS+ games for PS4 to my download list.
By the time I get the PS4, I'll have a bunch of free games. #8
I can just imagine all the frustrated husbands when their wife shouts at them 'Turn that fucking Xbox off!!!' #33
Just put half a million into PIS with each of the three characters. This better work. I'm broke right now. #1
Xbox One is outselling Farming Simulator. Xbone is 24th on the list and Farming Sim is 26th. #3
I just wish all those kids on COD had to use their mouths to play the game. #4
Michael still reminds me of Jack Tretton. He's the spitting image. #21
Did anyone expect it to be able to?? #5
Awesome. A day one buy from me. Love Lemmings. #1
Yeah I agree with matgrowcott. How many of us have bought a gym membership only for it to go to waste due to lack of dedication and inspiration? It was Wii Fit that not only got this man to exercise, but also kept him exercising for extended periods. It provided him with that drive he needed to stick with it. #2.1.1
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