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Sarcasm? If so try and use /s at end of your comment as we cannot hear you. And let's not start another damn graphics matter/don't matter war. #1.1.1
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I think the way it works when it's that young is she consents at 13 but the male cannot be older than 16-18 for it to be legal. There's like some buffer before they deem it an older adult is taking advantage. #7.2.3
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Ya see that sucks. Something you have no control over and today girls are way too developed. When i was in junior high in mid-late 90's girls had no ass and flat chest. Today i walk through the mall and 13yr olds have more body than the 28 yr old i'm dating. And these girls are having more sex than girls 22-35 and most men. Crazy. #7.2.2
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The problem i have with this countries take on age of consent is if a 15 yr old girl gets a fake ID and walks into a 21 older club and it scans at door and fools bartender, door man and even cops you will still go to JAIL for 15yrs for having sex with a minor! And nothing will be done to the girl who took advantage of the system and you. Gotta watch out these days. Especially in 18+ clubs. #7
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Well same could be said about the US. Here in Cali its 18 legal age of consent. While in Texas it's 16. Many in Cali think that is disgusting. But i believe if you are old enough to drive a 4000lb death machine on the road with me then you are old enough to handle some D. Not sure how many 16yr old girls have been killed by a penis but i know the statistic is high for that age group getting killed and killing others on the road. The country says they are not mentally developed for sex unt... #6.3
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Well it may seem fucked up to many but it's not real and that's what's really important. No actual person is being hurt by a fake drawing. A real child is abused when it's a real photograph since their is a real face to it. You can put elf ears on a drawing of a child performing a lewd act but since it's fantasy the back story could be 200 year old elf that resembles a child. To each their own until it translates into the real world. #1.1.6
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Graphics are very importsnt. We all want a hot girl. You are lying to yourself if u say looks don't matter. Same goes for cars we all want that awesome looking car with tons of power. We all want that bad ass 4k 80" TV as opposed to that old school tube tv. Please enough of these damn articles. If u don't care for graphics don't buy a new console or high end gaming pc. #1.4
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It was creepy i will say that. Felt like i was really underwater and fucking Jaws was after me. Especially with the headset on. You should play it up against a wall or chair. It made me feel as if i was gonna fall over and the movement of the water gave me a nauseous feeling and i don't get sea or car sick. #6
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I would say mid 2015. I asked the guy who was setting it up at E3 for me and he said just a beta now going through testing. Not sure when it will be close to finished. Played well though. Too many people comparing it to Oculus at E3 since they were showing their VR there as well. But i told them not a fair comparison as Oculus has years of development over Morpheus. #5.1
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I wouldn't really say that dress is cosplay. Just a hot girl wearing R2D2 tight dress that she can wear anywhere. I see quite a few girls in hollywood wearing tv, movie, game outfits like hers these days. #1.1.1
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Ya she's hot. There every year. Good DJ too. #1.2
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If graphics don't matter to you then don't spend the hundreds on a new console. Go out and buy NES, SNES, Genesis, Jaguar and the other consoles as there are 100's of games you have not played on those and fall into the graphics category you are looking for. Or buy a PS4 and only play indie low budget games. #4.2.4
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You can't compare a book to video games. You are the artist, GPU for the books. Do you turn off your tv while playing games and imagine what you are doing? Do you watch TV and close your eyes and imagine cartoon 8bit actors? Graphics matter and as for NES and SNES if they could of achieved graphics of today they would of. They had no choice. They were great games but graphics have a huge impact on story. The more real the characters look, the more we connect with them. If the entire indu... #2.1.3
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They should matter. Would you enjoy and really get into playing an 8bit racing game or a game that looks like project cars? Depends on the game. But better graphics help immerse the player in the story and feel for the characters.


In The Last of Us where his daughter dies in the beginning, that scene moved a lot of people. Had they been graphically challenged, it would almost definitely have had no impact emotionally. #1.9
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I had a chance to try the Deep Sea Shark demo. Was pretty cool. Wish they had some back stand to stand against. Felt like i was gonna fall over while playing since i was in water with the motion and looking around for the shark. People really enjoyed the Luge demo the most. #4
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Looks so good in person. Sleek, futuristic, modern and that blue light just ties it all together. #9
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Or you could also get a 6ft cable from Frys for $1.99 #5.3
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Game looks good from what I saw in game playable at E3. Only concern is I hope they fix the 2 move attack. Just same attack slash slash same direction evertime. #1.9
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I don't understand why everyone is saying MS was amazing because they showed game after game. Almost all their games shown were shown at EA and Ubisoft conferences which made those boring to watch. #41
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Ya damn misleading picture. I clicked for the Dinosaurs! #1.1
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