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Well as someone who's been gaming since the 80s and still owns the retro consoles i also think retro releases are stupid. Gamers are retarded today. They pay $60 for a game 10 years ago. Then a company says they are releasing it again so you can play it on a new console, and again they pay $40 for the same damn game they already beat. This cycle lets developers make money off old accomplishments and we as gamers are the ones getting screwed. We need new games for our new consoles.

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Goosebumps...until you remember the lack of actual Xbox X games. I'll buy it when it does more than upscale Xbox 1 games.

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Damn what's with people taking this as a personal attack. This is actually pretty cool. You are not forced to use it. But i for one would like to explore the Pyramids or some tombs without trespassing or having to fight and hide. Obviously this doesn't work for all games. Quite a few racing games have similar modes called free roam or free drive or whatever. Sometimes you just want to explore.

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Looks amazing on my 1080p monitor.

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You're so full of it. If you bought a 1080 that right there is $600-700. CPU is $300. What you are not telling people is you were given free parts or dirt cheap USED parts. My build with 6700k, 1080FTW, 32GB DDR4, and all the other stuff required (case, power supply, keyboard, mouse and splurged on liquid cooling) set me back almost $2000 without a monitor.

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Tried to buy it twice. Limited Run can go to hell. Within seconds of countdown it was in my cart and apparently sold out as i hit pay. If it's in your cart should be yours for at least 5 min. Looks like resellers win again.

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They don't belong at Sony's press conference we watch those for Triple-A titles Indie Games should have their own conference.

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Let's hope it is not open to the public again. Worst E3 I have been to. So many ghetto people showed up and a lot more of their friends running through the door past security arguments pushing shoving nothing to lose when you're not part of the industry.

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Bullshit. This was the worst E3 i have been to. Allowing the public was a mistake. It was overcrowded and the class of people that showed up was not great. Two days straight I was not able to play one damn game Sony was a joke six spots all day for one demo EA was not there and Ubisoft 2 -5 hour waits.

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Ya except you have to cheat and do multiple bank heist glitches to even afford the DLC. If you wanted to get an office, garage, warehouse and vehicles you would need $7 Million or more. And if you play the game right and don't do the last bank heist glitch it would take you moths only making $250k every 6 hours or so. If you could even find a proper team who aren't griefers.

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Last year sucked. With EA, Activision and Disney not being there, it left a lot of open space. Sony was a let down as well if you planned on playing a game. They required appointments and 4 hour wait times. Hopefully with added space this year we'll get to play something.

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It's still a great game but ya unless it's about an update we need to stop random stories. The sooner we stop writing about this game over any little thing and keeping it in the spotlight, the sooner we might get info on GTA 6. At this point why the hell would Rockstar mention GTA 6 when GTA 5 is still making them tons of money.

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This was already an article last week.

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Seriously? What a jack ass. Try and suggest things on the same price level as the Switch. Hey you know what you can buy instead of a GTX 1080? A Sony 4k tv for $2k! How about a Vive with the PC for $2400? If you're thinking of buying a Switch then it's pretty damn hard to be convinced to buy anything else that isn't even on the same level. The Pro is a good start.

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How about any other article on this site? This fool compares the switch to a $700 Graphics card! Assuming everyone has a rig that can handle it. And if you're looking for a Switch you're not in the market for a $2k PC.

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Well a 4k tv for $400 is probably gonna be crap.

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I've been going since 2006 and it's getting worse every year. Not sure what the hell you are talking about. The First E3 was in 95 and was held in Los Angeles. There is even video of it. E3 was never part of CES. They are two different events. E3 was a competing trade show back in 95. CES has always had small games section as it's part of Electronics. E3 sucked last year because of the companies that left. I'm sure the $250 is for 3 days. If you do not live in LA then i would ...

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@Hoffmann Lol Casual Gamers? I've been gaming since we got our first console back in 87' and own just about every console with the exception of a few from the 90s.. So just because you play indie crap that's made into 80s 90s style games with updated physics and pretty effects doesn't make you a hardcore gamer. I'm not the sucker shelling out my money to indie companies who are capitalizing on the hipster retro half ass development games being pushed. I buy new consoles f...

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Well to be fair PSVR isn;t $400. It's more like $600. You can't use PSVR without Camera and you definitely need the move controllers. That's assuming you have a PS4. So in that instance Rift is better option if you have capable PC. PSVR is a good option and i did have it. Sony needs to make the bundle standard option.

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That's not good. Hopefully they patch it. I'm running 1440p 60fps on Ultra no issues. But that's with 1080 FTW i7 6700k 32gb RAM.

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