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Ya doesn't look to good but what do you expect from 9 year old tech. Besides games always look worse on multiplayer over campaign. Time to move forward. Now with the price drop hopefully the last gen hold outs can get into this gen. #4
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Ya i don't believe this at all. It's misleading if it's accounting for moms who buy their children consoles. But no way more woman play and own consoles than men. #1.3
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Oculus will not be as big as PSVR until it can run on basic PCs. I see people saying the graphics aren't as good as a high end PC with Oculus. Well most of the country can't run Super High Settings for games on their current computers. So PSVR let's say $300. Already has a huge install base with PS4 ownership. Now Oculus on a high end PC. Recommended by Oculus is a $300+ Graphics Card, I5 or greater and 8GB+ RAM. Plus $300-500 for final price of Oculus. Not gonna be popular as the... #4.3.5
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And the one thing they still can't fix is their crap servers. It's so awesome having 300 Mbps Internet and racing towards the ball only to disappear and be shot across the screen. And with a low ping. No other game has lag. And there isn't much happening on the screen for this game to have this much lag. Still fun when you're not screaming at the game. #2
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It would make a better comparison to do total tickets sold vs copies of MG sold. Rather than $ made. MG is a better buy even at $60 just because the amount of content and play time. If MGS:V was a 2 hour game i am pretty sure it would not sell too well. $10 i can see it selling. #4.1
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Ya shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Except on phones they still haven't figured out how to end a group chat without everyone deleting the chat. #1.2.2
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Well in the long run batteries will always cost you more. I paid $29.99 for an extra PS4 co trolley and yes a legit Sony one. It stays plugged in while I play and when I need to i switch for the other. Simple. #1.1.22
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No one should back a big publisher or developer for a game. That's not what Kickstarter is for. This was great for YU and fans of Shenmue. YU is well known and isn't gonna run off with the money. And isn't a greedy big publisher/developer. And now with the success of KS maybe we can get HD remasters of 1 and 2. #2.1.4
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From what I just saw at E3 it's damn amazing. Continues where the trailer ended with him crashing through wood. Gets dragged through water and as he is in air the water drips off him. Then dragged through mud and it's all over him and stays with him as you play. Then more car shoot outs and explosions. GOTY for sure! #1.2
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We were promised quality games with our PS+ subscription. So far it has been a place for indie developers to off load their games in hopes we like it and will purchase the next game they make. Which is fine but Xbox Live is always giving away AA/AAA games for their subscribers. Still waiting on DriveClub. #1.1.9
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@Spoonard Pausing the game is great if you're gonna be out for 15 min or so. But not if you're gonna be stopping the game for days or hours. #3.1.5
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That's what i was just thinking.
@Vegamyster Of course Steam makes a lot of money almost all their games are $1 - $30 for a new game. If console games were $30 new all stores and sites would make a killing. #12.1.4
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That's always going to be the case. There is no PC out there for $349 that can run GTA 5 4K Ultra Settings. If so please link i will buy it today. Thing with consoles is they take time for devs to get it to look amazing. While devs working on PC never optimize the old system it's always new game released and you need a pricey upgrade to handle it. #9.1.1
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Uncharted would be great to experience all over again for the first time. The one thing i didn't enjoy about Uncharted series was the crazy monsters. The Yeti were cool but the Ghost Rider Teleporters were annoying. But i would have to say Shenmue is at the top of my list. #1.1.5
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Don't even bother with Meta scores from "fans" you don't even have to prove you own the game to rate it. It could be a massive influx of haters rating it. That would bring down any score. #1.1.22
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Ya pretty much. What i am seeing is most of the bashing is coming from Xbox fans and those who have yet to play it. All this complaining about it being a Gears rip off and the walking so much walking. Well most want Shenmue and don't even realize the amount of QTE and walking involved in that game. Which is one of the best games ever. Still play it to this day. #1.1.4
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They all do it. It's nice to see a dev defend their work though. And we all do this one form or another. You make something or do something and someone says "meh" and you defend what you had done as awesome. #1.15
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Not sure who told you pictures were not allowed or had to be discrete but we were taking pics of everything at Sony. Didn't quite care to take them of the gameplay as it wouldn't do it justice filming video of a video. #5.1.2
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Having played the game at CES i can say it was not boring. It was annoying shooting at times with the aim going all over the place but was hell of a lot of fun running from cover quickly scoping a guy then switching to pistol to take out other dude then sliding to cover. As for waiting for final product that was as final is its prob gonna get. Game releases in 1 month. I'm sure its sent to the manufacturers already. Any bugs will be updated later. #4.2.3
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Played it at CES and in the short time i played i wanted more. The cover system was good especially going from cover to cover while shooting. Visuals were awesome. Def a must buy. #2.4
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