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Tokyo would be cool but if it means only cars that would really be found in Tokyo that could be a problem. As the author said more options for a wider range of cars. American cars were almost never sold there. The Mustang was just allowed to be sold there 3 years ago. I really hope it's Tokyo. Would be the closest to getting another Tokyo Extreme Racer. But i think U.K would be best. Streets of London, Hills, Coast line and could incorporate surrounding countries.

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It's not about loot boxes. It's more about the fact that you can't hook up your ride without spinning for parts. It takes way to long to get speed cards unless you farm. And then you waste your cards spinning for parts. You can spend about 40 speed cards going from level 6 to 10 and now have to go back and farm for over 3 hours to get the car to max. I beat the game, have over 3 million and would like to buy more cars and max them out like before. But everytime you buy a new car y...

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This is only for MS studio games. Which is like 4 game all of 2018 published by MS. This is not for 3rd party so the industry will be just fine. If you constantly play games all day and beat them, this is a good deal. I have a huge backlog and can only play 4 hours a week so paying $10 a month will cost me more in the long run.

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Nice builds but this does not prove PC is #1. They spent thousands while a console owner spent $300-500. I built a $2000 PC and still waiting for a game worth the build that's not POE or LoL style graphics and gameplay and that is not on Console. Modding makes PC great and higher frame rates but Sony 1st party games still look better than most PC games. Doesn't matter your build if the developer doesn't make a game to take advantage of your GPU.

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It has more players on Xbox because it's cheaper to play on console not because it's FUN. An Xbox cost $180 or so, a PC worth playing games on cost about $700 for a very cheap one. Of course it is going to be popular on Xbox. Release it on PS4 and watch how fast the numbers surpass Xbox and PC players.

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It's not because it's popular that people are playing on X1. It's a lot cheaper to play on console considering an X1 cost a hell of a lot less than a damn good gaming PC.

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If you go digital only i will probably stick to PC gaming. Say goodbye to the days of sales, trading, selling or letting friends borrow a game.

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"Games were never meant to be resold to begin with" How old are you? This whole digital acceptance of yours leads me to believe you are maybe 20. Those of us who have been gaming for 20 or more years like the idea of collecting physical discs and letting friends borrow. You can't do that with digital on PSN. I've been selling games since the SNES days. You sold or traded among friends. That's how it's always been.

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This is not cheating. I did the same for Gran Turismo with the hundreds of laps. You have to find ways to win. NFS Payback is another example. The whole gambling to get parts is annoying. I had to buy a new car to race next story mission. But my car was under powered and had no coins for cards. So i put the first 3 racers into the wall, tree, rock etc. And i won. Wouldn't have to resort to this if i was able to buy parts like a normal game.

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Well as someone who's been gaming since the 80s and still owns the retro consoles i also think retro releases are stupid. Gamers are retarded today. They pay $60 for a game 10 years ago. Then a company says they are releasing it again so you can play it on a new console, and again they pay $40 for the same damn game they already beat. This cycle lets developers make money off old accomplishments and we as gamers are the ones getting screwed. We need new games for our new consoles.

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Goosebumps...until you remember the lack of actual Xbox X games. I'll buy it when it does more than upscale Xbox 1 games.

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Damn what's with people taking this as a personal attack. This is actually pretty cool. You are not forced to use it. But i for one would like to explore the Pyramids or some tombs without trespassing or having to fight and hide. Obviously this doesn't work for all games. Quite a few racing games have similar modes called free roam or free drive or whatever. Sometimes you just want to explore.

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Looks amazing on my 1080p monitor.

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You're so full of it. If you bought a 1080 that right there is $600-700. CPU is $300. What you are not telling people is you were given free parts or dirt cheap USED parts. My build with 6700k, 1080FTW, 32GB DDR4, and all the other stuff required (case, power supply, keyboard, mouse and splurged on liquid cooling) set me back almost $2000 without a monitor.

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Tried to buy it twice. Limited Run can go to hell. Within seconds of countdown it was in my cart and apparently sold out as i hit pay. If it's in your cart should be yours for at least 5 min. Looks like resellers win again.

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They don't belong at Sony's press conference we watch those for Triple-A titles Indie Games should have their own conference.

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Let's hope it is not open to the public again. Worst E3 I have been to. So many ghetto people showed up and a lot more of their friends running through the door past security arguments pushing shoving nothing to lose when you're not part of the industry.

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Bullshit. This was the worst E3 i have been to. Allowing the public was a mistake. It was overcrowded and the class of people that showed up was not great. Two days straight I was not able to play one damn game Sony was a joke six spots all day for one demo EA was not there and Ubisoft 2 -5 hour waits.

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Ya except you have to cheat and do multiple bank heist glitches to even afford the DLC. If you wanted to get an office, garage, warehouse and vehicles you would need $7 Million or more. And if you play the game right and don't do the last bank heist glitch it would take you moths only making $250k every 6 hours or so. If you could even find a proper team who aren't griefers.

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Last year sucked. With EA, Activision and Disney not being there, it left a lot of open space. Sony was a let down as well if you planned on playing a game. They required appointments and 4 hour wait times. Hopefully with added space this year we'll get to play something.

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