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Well just a warning if you have the bundle. You will be screwed if something happens to it. I have the bundle and my screen inside headset went red. Amazon told me i have to return the entire bundle and there is no more stock so i have to purchase everything separate for $700. Sony told me they will check it out and send me a refurbished headset. WTF i did not buy refurbished. Bundle as it's only for launch screws gamers. Hopefully there will be a Black Friday Bundle since it was an awes...

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Actually Allumette is pretty cool. Could def get used to watching shorts like that. Being able to look inside the Boat-Ship was cool. Only bad thing is when she sparks up the sparkler it's way too damn bright. Blinds the hell out of you.

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Great game. I still have mine. Was awesome landing in the ladies yard and seeing her scream from the window. Skitchin' was awesome for bladers.

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Hm ya it's true. I just played a lot of demos no issue. Tried Driveclub for 30 sec had to rip headset off before i almost threw up. And nausea stayed with me for almost 30 min. I think it's because everything is moving around you but your body isn't. Maybe one of those motion chairs would do the trick.

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Well PC may have more games but they are $2 crap games. As far as exclusives PC can't compete. Especially if we consider actual AAA Games with High end Graphics and not that top down crap. I have an $1800+ PC and have no idea what to play on it. Can you name any games that are not on Consoles and Look like the Witcher? Games like Tomb Raider, Witcher, Uncharted and so on. All i find on PC is Black Desert Crap or LofL and P.O.E. People say console can't compete but i have yet to see a ...

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Welcome to last week. A little late with this post eh?

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And you still have frame rate issues or did you not see your stutter? I am running it all settings maxed out but at 3440p x 1440p and my game has frame rate issues. So no you're not getting 60fps constant.

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Ya it gets annoying dropping to 50fps but the worst of it comes when choosing car parts. Shit dips to 14 then back to 40 then back down. So much Lag.

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I am getting 60FPS locked for most of my play time But every now and then i notice it drop to 52fps.. And it's annoying. Cut Scenes i notice 30fps.Not sure on resolution will have to see when i get home. But playing on 3,440 x 1,440 monitor 21:9.
My set up:
i7 6700K
Samsung 850 Pro SSD

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And you let me know when you have a game worth playing on that $2500 PC. MMO Crap with pretty particle effects? Ya love having a graphically advanced power house of a pc to play a top down shit game. Like i said still hard to justify the $1500+ for a PC to play Witcher with MODS. Developers prefer Console all day. And the things they are doing with that so called limited tech is amazing. Graphically Uncharted 4 is superior to any PC game running on a $400 PC. Hel...

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And yet you can't name 10 games on PC that are not on Console that are not MMO and look like the Witcher and are no older than 2015. PC gets no games. I am still waiting for a game to wow me on my $1700 PC. Sure PC would give me more fluid gaming and slightly better visuals in some cases. But whats the trade up...1 game worth buying at full price each year?

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And yet Austin is known as the Wannabe California. All Liberal Texans. And those so called Californians leaving are those we don't want here or can't afford to live near the beach so get pissed and leave. Ya you could get a mcmansion in Austin for the price of a 3bd in LA but you still live in Austin.

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@JU Not having the ability to play UHD Bluray was a bad thing. Hopefully it's just a firmware update. I was looking forward to having an all in one and not needing to buy a separate player. Until Digital lets you resell or let your friends borrow titles it's crap. You are basically spending $30 per UHD Digital title and do not actually own it. If i could buy 1 and let my friend have access to my account and watch when i am not watching that title that would get me to go 100% digital. ...

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Ya except your current system build can barely do Native 4k. And even if it did it would struggle to get 30fps. So unless you have the NEW Titan X card for over $1000 you will also not be doing Native 4k at a good frame rate. I would know. I just finished my build with a i7 6700k, GTX 1080 FTW, 32GB Ram and so on. I max out every game i play until i do 4k and watch the frames go to shit. I'll stick to 1440p at great fps. Tomb Raider still looks great at 1080p over 60fps,

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Ya no way you could build a capable PC for under $500 to run this smoothly and make it look as good. Hell the GTX1060 is capable and is still $300 even older cards like the 970 are still almost $300. If you had hand me down parts then sure. Otherwise expect at least $800 for a pretty good computer. Not crazy amazing but good. I just finished mine with high end stuff to guarantee at least 4 years of life out of it and that was $1600 or so without monitor.

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You can't use pricing from Amazon Marketplace. That is not Amazon pricing. The HTC Vive is not $1000+ it is only $800.

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Yes he is but he is stupid funny not asshole funny. Drake is sarcastic with his jokes. Wahlberg plays the sarcastic funny asshole role perfect in his movies.

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What the hell happened! This looks nothing like what we were shown just last week at E3. The NPC look bad and when killed look like shit over exaggerated acting. Not sure i will be getting this unless it drops to $40 before my GCU discount. Or i see it running on a PS4 and it looks as good as the staged E3 play through.

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That's a load of shit. This is misleading. At E3 there were 3 theater rooms. Days Gone, God of War and COD. There were barely any lines for all once we all realized we had wasted 45 min in line to watch them play the exact same walkthrough as the Sony Conference. People were lining up for GoW because they thought they were getting shirts or any kind of swag. Days Gone had the coolest shirts. Once people heard there was no swag for any of those theaters they didn't care to go. Listen t...

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So basically play the game. I guess a game finally figured out how to stop friends from helping you level up quick. Played yesterday with level 16 friends and all my missions were impossible. No rank on NPC just a skull. 1 shot killed by enemy.

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