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There are only two raids... It's not hard for one of the two to be the best in the game

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In the end sony still won

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If you look at this article from 2012 it looks exactly like the one they have pictured... I don't think you can confirm it's fake unless you have some sort of inside knowledge or worked for the company at the time.

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Well one of those games were set in the desert so that might explain some of it /s

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Thats never been the case with ANY Sony device. Why would it change now?

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Hardly a big deal. Probably a licensing issue that Sony didn't want to have hold up release. It's a good box that does what its supposed to do. Almost everything people have hooked up to their TVs has Netflix capabilities. This really isn't a big deal as it wasn't released to be a Netflix box. It's doing the things its supposed to be doing, Netflix can come later.

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Ive honestly considered running an hdmi splitter to my room so I can play in there. I am dying for this thing to come out here. I was able to get my hands on a japanese one but they said it wouldn't work because of the accounts :/

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oh no the story is too complex and I can't follow it... Gee thats a shame that they made the story too complex for you. What would you rather have; the story be complex and well written, or rushed and very drab without any depth??? HMMM????

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if they're differently shaped then they feel different because it's a different design. Don't be a knob, they fell completely different. Your fingers don't slip like they used to. It's a huge difference

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@webeblazing EXACTLY I don't own a gaming pc but I'd love to play civ 5. This is the perfect thing for myself. I definitely plan on getting one. This will be for all the PC games I've shown interest in but cannot have because my macbook sucks at playing games on. I for one am very excited for this and cannot wait to get my hands on one

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I got mine day one and yeah I could have waited but I really wanted to play ZombiU and super mario (2d launch version). I've bought 2 games for it in the last year which were pikmin and super mario 3d world. Had I not bought it at launch I probably would not have purchased it later. I'm glad I did because so far I've enjoyed every game I've played on it.

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No one said it was they just said it looked close and fantastic which I'd agree with

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They have been out a week... the PS4 isn't even available outside of NA. This is ridiculous. Unless one of them starts failing horribly we definitely will not be seeing price cuts for some time

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If they had to mention that accuracy was an issue then I think that it's not very reliable. If you have to say every single word as if you don't have an accent or different dialect with perfect pronunciation I hardly find that to be comprehensive. Great it can understand multiple phrases but it might not be able to properly understand certain accents. All I'm saying is why would I care if something can understand 10 million words but it's not reliable? I'm sure it works gr...

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Pro-"Voice controls are comprehensive" and Con-"Voice sometimes ignores you" Maybe I'm being picky...

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I find this VERY hard to believe. There are only 200 cars and a handful of tracks! There are current racers that offer more. Don't say they'll release them with DLC because that's just ridiculous and it should be in the final game. Oh, no day and night cycle either. This game is a shell of hat current gen racers are. I am very disappointed in forza. I'm sure its fun to play but it overall seems to be very limiting for a $60 game.

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Personally I think it looks better but the players move way too fast. It's very frustrating

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I have it ordered and paid off I was expecting it today so I assumed I had it but thanks for the heads up! Sucks I have to wait till then to get it.

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