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To be fair, you make a pretty good point. It would have at least been nice for God of War: Ascension to be included with the GOW3 remaster, but never mind.

Personally, I'd be happy with just Uncharted 1 and 2. For some reason, I didn't enjoy the third game anywhere near as much.

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I can't work out if that's a serious suggestion, but personally I would love that! I still don't understand why the original was received so badly.

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Yes, Connor was a bad character. Seriously. At least, that's my opinion; I never said other people weren't entitled to theirs.

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That's actually a good point. But to be fair I'm not suggesting they should drop it. I'm just saying that, in it's current form, it has very limited appeal.

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You make some very valid points, but the cynic in me says that aiming a product squarely at the casual market is a risky strategy. After all, the reason why the PS4 is such a big success right now is because Sony appealed to gamers.

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Agreed. But it's fairly obvious that future Minecraft titles won't appear on PlayStation platforms, so it could tempt console gamers into buying an Xbox One - which I assume is Microsoft's intention.

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I think you'll find that FFXIV is mentioned. :)

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I've only played ACIV for around 5-6 hours now, but so far it's definitely been a smoother experience than ACIII. That video is epic though! :)

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To be fair, I did mention that some of the games are coming to Vita and/or PS3 too. That said, the main focus of the article is definitely on PS4, which is why I settled on that title. :)

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The fact that 'games' is plural has nothing to do with it. Look at the example below:

Which games is John playing?

Using your logic, it comes out as 'Which games are John playing?', which is clearly incorrect.

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How so? I assume you think it should be 'are' instead of 'is', but it's actually the latter that is correct because Sony is singular.

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An excellent point, although the cynic in me wants to say that was Flower.

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I made the decision to look at all of Sony's first party studios, but only a selection of their most notable second parties - otherwise the article would be much, much longer!

A new HSG is a good shout though. :)

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We can only hope, but don't forget that a small team is still working on DLC for the first TLOU.

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Just after I posted the article, I kicked myself for forgetting Heavy Rain. As for MGS, to be honest I didn't really know where to start! :)

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I heard that too about Jak and Daxter, and expected it to be a terrible port, but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually played it; hence why it made it onto this list. You'll also notice I do mention it's technical shortcomings in the article.

As for Limbo, that's definitely a cross-buy game. The PS3 and Vita versions weren't launched at the same time, but they work in the same way as any other cross-buy game.

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The Blu-ray version isn't, but the PSN version is.

Edit: At least, it is in Europe.

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Good one! Although I was kind of coming from a non-violent standpoint. :)

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For anyone who cares, here are a few more games that were on my original short list, before I cut it down to just ten games:

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Demon's Souls
Grand Theft Auto IV
Gran Turismo 5
Heavenly Sword
Killzone 2
L.A. Noire
Red Dead Redemption
Rock Band 3

And that's still not even all of them! :)

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I understand what you're saying, but I still believe that TLOU is, for all intents and purposes, a zombie game.

A quick google search of 'The Last of Us zombies' delivers 318 million results in 0.2 seconds, so it would seem my opinion isn't completely unfounded.

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