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If this is the future and nobody wants it, people will flock to whoever is not forcing this on you. People are joining Sony now and i bet if they did this next next gen, people would go to Nintendo.

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I'm sick of M$ creating these articles to try and control our brains

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M$ and EA are working hand in hand to create the ultimate DRM surveillance device that steals all of your money and takes away your human rights.

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How can this not be a part of the season pass!!!!

The season pass is now a lie

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They better have some decent rock and metal.

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Play as gaz from his first mission in the sas then kill russians and chinese throughout the game and end with saving the world from a terrorist with a nuke and end the game with the cutscene intro in the helicopter of soaps first mission in cod4.

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Not in the gaming industry

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It will probably end up being like the assassins creed mp or quantum of solace where 1 guy is batman and the rest are bad guys. The bad guys have to hunt batman and batman has to take them out 1 by 1 stealthily

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I agree, 3rd time fails just like dead space

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To be honest ive been dissapointed at the DLC for skyrim.

I just enjoyed oblivion so much more and spent a lot more time on it.

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Well thats a shame. We cant make it change if it becomes more successful every year.

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I draw the line at brutal rape, other than that everything is ok.

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Lol how can we have a family friendly fallout or gta.

Fallout 4 - rise from the vault many years after the great war to begin an adventure like no other. Visit nearby towns and sing songs with the wastelanders. Establish trade routes with mutants and bring everybody left in the world together to agree to rebuild civilization.
Ending- all the clans, groups, mutants, bandits and everybody else made friends and there ws no more violence on the planet.


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Nice, cant wait for release. Playing nehrim through again fo the third time at the moment lol.

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Well hopefully it can be used to record properly, but i still have a feeling its guna be underwhelming like the call of duty clip thing that lets you upload 15 second clips

Also the prototype dev kits may have features like this but the commercial console wont. It happened with the vitas video output which was not available on the commercial device but was with the dev kits.

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Download only.....

I am alive 2 has arrived....

Avoid at all costs

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I bought battlefield 2 and told everybody i know to buy it because of mods.

How do EA not realise that modding is great for everybody.

Even if they do want to stop it for DLC sales, at least say tools will be available by the time the next game comes out....

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I wouldnt say modders are more creative its just that they have a lot more time and ready made items at their disposal.

The devs have to create a game from nearly nothing within a budget and time limit.

However modding tools should be available from day 1 for all games that would work with mods and the modding community do a great job and add thousands of hours of content to great games.

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They dont want to release modding tools because EA realise that now DLC is sadly common, why should people get new maps and experiences for free?

EA want to stop you having free content to line their pockets full of cash.

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I dont think this will let you upload to youtube or even record anything over a few minutes.

It would be nice but i just dont see it happening.

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