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Thanks, your feedback is appreciated. I thought suppression of thoughts and beliefs went out way back when but I see you still revel in those ideologies. I take my hat off to you, sir.

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The word 'off' really did not need starring out; it's not a swear word ;)

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See below and I think you missed my point...

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Let it be known that I stand corrected, sir.

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Each to their own but i think the game is a little better than described here. Admittedly not perfect but it is still a fine example of an open-world game. It would be ignorant to think that it would be perfect given its rough development.

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Im glad you enjoyed my article! Part 2 will be sent to you personally. Direct me your address and we can sort something out ;-)

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If they arent in the second title then there will be hell to pay!

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Feedback taken and noted for the next article :)

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Words cannot describe how amazing this game will be.

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Sent one of my mates to sleep so it must be good!

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Pierce Brosnan XD

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Couple of games on there that should'nt be e.g. Shadows of the Damned and Alice: Madness Returns.

There are much worse games out there than most on this list, guess it got the hits they were after though :/

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Halo was the big hitter for me...

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Kingdom Hearts needs to be on there :)

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I'm not fussed what characters are in, as long as its a good title as per the Wii version. Let's hope it's not a flop...

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Better than expected though I think

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Kingdom Hearts information release; guaranteed. That would make my year :)

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Nothing new here, no confirmed date just a provisional date to get some pre-orders off people.

If it's this Dec ill eat my hat.

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Just shows you what reviewers/pundits know what they're talking about all the time.... Not!

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Isn't it Tidus not Tidas?

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