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He forgot that part where he's excited about his nice big paycheck after the system launches.

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It's articles like this one that have made me less active on N4G.

All the writers for these websites are just making articles that aren't based on their actual opinion. They just think of an article title that will make people click on it for the views and possible ad revenue they'll make off of it.

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"The PS4 isn't dramatically different"'s a 20% difference for a console that is seemingly better hardware, but it doesn't come with a camera toy. What the hell do you want a 60% difference then we can say it's dramatically different? No.

This is a significant difference in price.

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1: The trade-ins with the Xbox One are VERY limited. We want it to be as free as it is with current gen games. That's the point. We as the gamers do not want some clustered, complicated system.

2: Actually several Sony Representatives said that the way the PS4 and it's connectivity will work is just about identical to how it is today with the PS3.

3: Your examples given are 2 completely different concepts. One is a physical problem with the hardware g...

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One thing to consider though...and I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just wanting to say to take this into consideration.

How many Xbox 360 owners have had to buy a 2nd Xbox 360 from retail?

If I had to estimate, I'd say of the 68 million, at least 5-10 million were 2nd time buyers.

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Call me a fanboy, call me a hater, whatever you want to say. But in my opinion, Call of Duty: Ghosts showed 1 of 2 things (or both), that the Xbox One isn't going to live up to what Next Generation is going to be, or that IW did a terrible job on the graphics behind this least from what we've seen.

I would say take a look at Battlefield 3 for a moment, and compare it to COD:Ghosts. I won't go into detail but COD:Ghosts (from what we've seen) still ca...

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These kind of posts are really good...too bad this writer isn't very intelligent and is just talking about the things we already know about that isn't going to be announced.

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This was on Reddit yesterday as a joke, and this guy makes it into an article..wowwwww

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Can't tell if author is trolling, or just retarded.

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Nostalgia at it's funniest. First of all the theme song has not's the same rhythm. The hip-hop approach is strictly for commercial makes the game seem more appealing to the biggest audience in America...the commercials for the game in EU are much different actually. Either way though the only developer that will keep it's advertisements with the same flow of music if Blizzard because they aren't going for new comers...they just want their current users to...

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I'm really hating the use of "Frostbite 3" because DICE has made it more than clear that this is using Frostbite 2.5 which is Frostbite 2 with some tweaks to allow more other words bring back some of the destruction from BC2 and put it in Frostbite 2.5 to allow it in BF4. This is only 1 example, but probably the one Battlefield fans are most excited about if it's true.

What I'm trying to say is...Don't use the term Frostbite 3 becaus...

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It was a very good list...but then I remembered it had Driveclub in it.

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They wouldn't make the soldier's face so detailed and visible like that. Fake

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Why are these kind of articles popping up all of a sudden? "This franchise needs to die" was popular last month, and now in March it's lists of this crap....

But this is by far the worse one...just sayin

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In you break down everything the Blade is probably the worst laptop to get when it comes to this comparison and here's why...go back in time to about September of 2012 and this laptop was actually worth it. Similar machines were running only $500 less...but that extra $500 was worth it when you were getting a machine that was running cooler than all the others and running better scores.

Flip the switch 6 months, and we're looking at the same price, same specs, while ...

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The only...and ONLY reason why this game was released at this time is because its fans had been talking about this game for more than a decade.

Once they had in-game play demos at Blizzcon 2009, it's fans just got more excited. Finally in late 2010 we're given some light that it will be released in the summer of 2011 or the Fall....those months go by and all we're told is that it's coming along.

Then we're seeing some progress statements ...

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Oh...and we don't crap ourselves over new DLC announcements.

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You're new to gaming aren't you?

Crysis 3 on max settings even at 1440p doesn't seem to beat what the PS4 has to offer at release. You also have to realize that Crysis 3 is a game with a lot of dynamic lighting to make it look as "Shiny" as it is. Take that engine, and put it to use on a PS4 without so much dynamic lighting...and you're going to get 1 bad ass looking game that will blow Crysis 3 out of the water. (For the time being at least)

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If anything this is the complete opposite of PC gamers. Most PC Gamers don't care so much for graphics, we care about gameplay.

Yes, there are many people who only talk about graphics cards, CUDA cores, polygons, and GRAPHICS. But the majority of them....not really. We actually look at the releases of new graphics cards, wishing we could afford them, and spend some time looking at water cooling kits to make our system look better.

What really happens tho...

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If blocking used games, and always having to be online are actual features of the new Xbox...Sony will win this. However, this doesn't mean the new Xbox won't sell well.

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