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Planetside 2 is an MMORPG now ?

"PC gaming is good but it just doesnt compare to Console gaming"

LMAO , fps games on consoles don't hold a candle to the PC fps experience and there a ton of FPS exclusives that shit all over console shooters with there auto aim crutches.

Then there are the RTS & TBS games ...

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"What does his PS Plus Logo have to do with anything? Being a member of PS Plus AUTOMATICALLY means that you would be adverse to purchasing a Wii U? "

Requires a sense of humour to understand , sorry it doesn't cater to the morbid bunch.

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Said StrongMan with his Playstation Plus logo :)

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Patcher Patcher Patcher

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I feel the same way , also the Resident Evil games feel like you have a stick up your ass the entire time moving like a chess piece and aiming like a tank turret , never been so bored in my life but that's just me , sure someone will get butt hurt though.

Least there is some excitement in the Movies.

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Double Post Lag

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Video compression destroys graphical fidelity , but yer I agree CoD is not known for its amazing graphics so they should have no excuse for crappy gameplay.

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Well it all boils down the gamer entitlement , you are only entitled to what's in the box when you buy the product , nothing more and nothing less.

Brand loyalty doesn't buy you extra entitlement on additional content such as the dark souls DLC.

Same thing happened with mass effect 2 on PS3 , gamers cried about it and eventually got it on the platform along with some additional content not available to the PC or Xbox 360 ; so are the two other platfor...

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I expect my Jimmies to be rustled.

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OH PLEASE , you know how many people got pissy when the new Dark Souls content got released on PC first , its no different here as the new content will drop eventually , but here you come white knighting with stereotypical nonsense.

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Give this man a lemon , hes thinking ***puts on sun glasses*** inside the box.

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Going on 1 Million Units retail alone :O ... nice one , can't wait for my copy to arrive in the post , been waiting ages for stock to arrive , so hard to obtain with the demand at the minute , digital sales are back up now though ;)

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"Oh look the swivel d-pad that cracks in the middle and breaks off after less than a week of play."

QFT , took it back the same day as I thought it was going to break off at any minute.

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Post MSG4 = Revival Pill , calling it now ;)

Yes I know this is a prequel , looks fantastic can't wait , PAX trailer got me hyped.

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What Sandwiches would you recommend for metal gear solid cut scene watching ?

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Hey guys someone just got to first base and gained a superiority complex.

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Turn V sync off ? or if ATI turn off AMD optimised tessellation and make sure everything is application controlled , first things I usually try.

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Wouldn't worry to much its sold out everywhere and digital sales have been postponed till further notice because of the server load.

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Perfect Dark


For me :D

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