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Seeing as I didn't buy it, it's definitely because there's a good game underneath it all. #2.3
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Actually, I was sent it by Activision for review. I decided against reviewing it formally and instead opted to discuss how - while flawed in many ways - it's actually quite enjoyable in some mysterious way. #1.5.1
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Unfortunately, with all the noise in Gamescom this is the best that could be done with the audio =/ #1.1
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I agree, I loved the simplicity of the original and my favourite mode of GW2 was the one that was exactly like GW RE.
Still, as you say, I'm just so pleased a new one is on the way! #1.1
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Ah, that's because Resident Evil 6 was absolutely terrible. The RE series ended after RE4. #4.1
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I think he's random in specific levels/settings that adhere to where he exists (as TEW is set in various places). I believe other immortal foes also chase you through levels in certain areas too - so do something similar to Nemesis' persistent following in RE3, but in a different environment. #3.1
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It's on PS4, Xbox One and PC, not sure if it's timed exclusive or not though - I believe it's simultaneous launch though =] #1.1
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Pages and pages of comments, but I'm up for some TLoU goodies. #613
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Quite interested in this really. Not a massive fan of the zombie/survival genre, but this sounds like it might be a little bit more sombre rather than the absurdity of most other zombie titles out there. #1
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I'm not quite sure how you can say a perfect world would have to be open... And you have no idea what Witcher 3's world will be like, so using that as a point of reference is rather moot. Same goes for FFXV and Destiny (which isn't really open world).

But we all have different opinions on the matter. I thought Half-Life 2's world was rather expertly crafted too, and there aren't many others out there that really. #4.1
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Honestly, not too surprised by this review. From the word go, it looked a little ropey and generic. Third-person shooters, or shooters of most kinds just don't do it for me anymore.

I am tempted by Spec Ops: The Line though, I hear that's got quite the deep story. #1
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It's interesting to see which commenters actually read the article and which ones just decided to comment - especially as the article has nothing to do with what The Last of Us looks like... #6
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Actually can't wait for this! #1
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I'd have to agree with a lot of these, the Vita is one powerful piece of kit - and is the handheld I continually end up going back to so I can play some gems on the go. Unfortunately Sony haven't really pushed the right aspects of the device, and so we're left with some of the games on this list leaving a sour taste in mouths.

Good article! #1
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Good ol' Platinum Games. Always putting in cheeky references. #1
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Looking forward to this for sure. Big fan of the preview builds I've played + I like Raiden (especially as MGS 2 is by far the best MGS title). #4
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What annoys me about this article is that NeoGAF user Subversus, who the writer quotes "did all the digging" actually didn't do anything more than copy and paste Superannuition's tweets after HE did the digging. Superannuition is the source - especially as he writes a Kotaku column and posts revealing tidbits of games all the time on Twitter.

It's not totally the writers fault, many sites just cite NeoGAF and leave it at that, but the information was up... #6
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I'm looking forward to it, but I agree. I get far more interested and excited over new games and IP. It'd be nice if the Sony event on the 20th showcased some new games we could expect on the PS4, but I doubt it'll do much more than you've said - show off some tech demos. #1
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May have been said before - far too many comments to bother reading at half 1 in the morning.

But if they are backwards compatible I'd be surprised. PS2 only was out of a need to establish a strong PS2 base at a time when decent PS1 titles were still out. The Xbox 360 had lacklusture backwards compatibility, as did the PS3 post 60GB model - again to help drive initial sales.

Now they all have online marketplaces, with many PS3 title being made available f... #25
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I found that far to slow to start for me. It wasn't until the Bollet mission that it took off. The Ifrit cave was fun, but once again the pace was a little dull - although it fitted the slow moving story well. =] #3.1
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