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A list of games you should play, that contains games that haven't even been released yet? No... just no.

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Too bad it's only downloadable...

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People who side with this opinion shoud be banned from gaming for life.

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I'm so dissapointed in Nintendo... My WiiU has been collecting dust. Enter a 3DS this winter.

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Typical hater? I've been a Nintendo fanboy since 1988 and I've owned every console and played it like hell... But I agree with him.
Almost everything we saw, was already known. The only fresh things that were completely new were Mega Man, The Villager & DKC on WiiU. And that's what Nintendo shows off when they have the knife placed on their throat by 95% of the gamefans, the press and most importantly: the console sales? No new IP that we hadn't heard of? No dorma...

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Wii(U), 360 and PS3 gamer here ;) And I enjoy them all three. Just pointing out that ALL the big franchises suffer from "sequelitis". And that's not something exclusive to Nintendo. And when you like those franchises, you don't care about getting sequels. So I don't like people complaining about Nintendo's sequels unless they themselves don't play ANY franchise that has many sequels. That's just unfair.

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I wonder how many people here who are downsizing this Nintendo announcement, are themselves psyched out of their minds when they see the new CoD, GoW of FIFA trailers ;)

Offcourse these are things we could be expecting. But I'm pretty sure that the fact they are telling this now, means they've got a lot up their sleeves for E3 and Gamescom.
I'm happy... Finally something to look forward to.

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You mean that game that wasn't coming out until Nintendo decided to make a run for it?

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Not knowing what's good about Mario, but loving Sonic? OH wait... We got ourselves an oldschool Sega fanboy :)

Someone who says that Nintendo's franchises are only bought for affection and nostalgia, can only justify something like that by adminitting that he didn't play Mario Galaxy, DC Country Returns, Metroid Prime or Skyward Sword.

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Mario Galaxy 2? ;)

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I don't think Nintendo is singled out. For everyone complaining about Nintendo rehashing their franchises, there is also someone complaining about CoD or FIFA. When people like something they want it again and again and again... When people don't like something they complain about it.

I myself would "die" if Nintendo would ever stop with Zelda, Mario or Metroid. These games just keep on being awesome. But it's a fact that Nintendo should work on making m...

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Yeah, I'm also not getting the "hate" because of this. And I certainly don't see Nintendo losing money because of this... How many people would use an imported gamepad with a non-imported WiiU? That's only a realistic scenario for people who have a normal AND an imported WiiU... And that's like how many WiiU users? 0.000005%?.

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Yeah right... I'm glad I got my WiiU. And I have been gaming for 25 years now. I've got all Nintendo consoles, all Sony consoles and a 360. I play all kinds of single player games from RPG's to adventures to platformers. My collection consist of about 400 boxed games (that's not world devestating, but it show that I'm not one who only plays Mario for example)... But hey. Bumpmapping says I'm 100% hardcore casual, just because I don't shit on the WiiU.

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Why would "Nintendo fans" want to spin something? The FACTS are that the WiiU starts a new generation. Anyone who denies that doesn't know what a generation is. A generation has ONE console for each developer: ONE. And the 7th generation had the Wii for Nintendo, the PS3 for Sony and the 360 for MS. So the next console is the 8th generation. And yes: If Nintendo had decided to make it a 4-bit console, it would still be their 8th generation console.

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I don't see a statement anywhere about that... I only see an informative article on one of the elements of the WiiU console.

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Yeah. I almost forgot... Only kids will play games on a WiiU. *sigh*

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There is no platform-game or videogame figure more recognizable than Mario. And as a platform game, his games are ALWAYS the best.
Sonic managed to sneak up on him in the Genesis era... But close was not close enough.

And behind Mario and Sonic there's all the rest like Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie, Ratchet&Clank, Sly, Sackboy, ...

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I agree with some points Regi makes. And I WILL buy a WiiU... But I think he's dodging a couple of hot topics. When you're being asked about the few games that have been released and you name a game like "Fortune Street" or even "Mario Party 9"? That's not a good sign...

I'm sure I'll have fun with my WiiU. But chances ARE big that at the end of this gen we'll have the same problem with the WiiU as with the Wii. But on a smaller sca...

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Are you really counting on being taken seriously with a nickname "wiiu_peeu"?

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Easy: NO.

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