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The official site for God Mode states Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam. #7.1
I thought "joke" pieces weren't allowed on N4G? #9
Felicia Day has voiced at least four characters in four different video games. With that along with the few different webseries' about gaming, I'd consider that to be contribution. #2.1
I agree on both your points. I was so into the MW3 storyline that I think I may have teared up a few times throughout it.

The multiplayer is definitely lacking in this incarnation of Modern Warfare, but the addition of Clan Ops and Elite makes it worth it for myself and my friends. #1.2
I haven't participated in any of those. I've contributed to Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaigns, but none were for video games. #12
He's not lying. That's the truth.

Not that this is the place for it, though. #1.1.1
Helllooooo? Are you still there? #2
It has two shoulder buttons. Think Left Bumper/Right Bumper on the 360 controller. #8.1
I know plenty of left-handers who prefer their mouse on the left. I don't see anything wrong with offering them a product as well. #1
I thought April Fool's jokes weren't allowed on N4G? #33
I'd say that's pretty accurate. #14.1
You are wrong on one thing here. All Hardcore modes in MW3 are Ricochet currently. That could change with this patch, but I highly doubt it. #1
I seem to like the IW single player modes better than Treyarch. The same goes with the multiplayer.

I am not usually big on campaigns, but they are a must for any CoD game that I play. #24
Activision loves consistency. #6.4
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