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Nintendo is still king when it comes to local multiplayer #6
Really nice video. #7
Could we just ban Pachter articles from this site? #3
I don't think MS is going to risk ruining anything after spending 2.5 Billion. #2

Significant improvements plus $1 million in in game money included will make this one of the biggest sellers of 14. #5
Oh damn didn't realize that. I'm calling in sick for work that week now lol. #1.1.2
seems legit. #1
To get opinions and see gameplay of a game I am interested in.

And for entertainment of course. #3
I'm kind of surprised this didn't happen sooner #1
At least the main mode has online lol #1
Getting the 3DS version. Selling it when the Wii U version comes out. #2
Sounds like hype to me/

Halo will probably be the best creation in their history. #7
Too bad it doesn't have console exclusives like inFamous, Forza, and Zelda #2
MK8 is a fantastic game.

I think Smash will get GOTY imo. #1
I love Nintendo, but damn they've made some really weird decisions lately #3.1
Stopped watching after 3 seconds. I hope this doesn't get approved. #4
Not supporting the circle pad pro makes no sense #1
holy crap I thought that was a photo #1
If the koala bears attack Kim I'm all for this update #1
Xbox One used invisibility!

It's super effective! #1
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