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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


what?! lmao #7.4
There are so many idiots on live that report people for the simplest things, which makes this reputation system have a negative effect for a lot players. #3
WOW. So angry I bought one a month ago. #1
Ad block ftw #1.1.1
What a strange article lol #3
Meh. I've been hearing there's a lot of replay value with this so I don't see why a short campaign should be such a concern. #3
I haven't seen this many dislikes since Rebecca Black #6
I would not buy used games from Walmart. #1
WTF judging by the s****y quality of this website this is not real #1.4
Isn't there a device that does this that didn't sell well? #7
Future of gaming? That depends on the price. #1.2
This pisses me off #1
Depends on what kind of games you like. #4
This crap is why I don't buy games with multiplayer at launch anymore. Many of them take a couple days to get fixed online, sometimes longer. #7
what in the f**k does pachter have to do with this?! #1.1
Origin has it up for $25. Cheaper than I thought. #3
That's naughty of them. A real dog act. #2
Wait there was an evolution? #1
This looks cool. Hope it becomes popular. #7
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