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Little early to say GOTY for next year haha. Looks great though. #1.1
OH MY GOD. This and Zelda/F Zero tracks revealed for Mario Kart 8. What a day! #4
I played Ghosts more than BF4 around launch, simply because BF4's online issues. Now all I play is BF4 now that it works lag free. Ghosts was ok but I got sick of it after a month. #3
Why are we talking about a slim already? That's ridiculous. #3
I want to know how much you can put in your levels on the PS3 version... #2
LOTS of negative comments on the Facebook post. I agree with the people that say the season pass should be made free. #1
I'll probably sell my 3DS copy shortly after the Wii U version comes out. Want to get Mewtwo first :D #2
I hope this is the only BF game next year #3
2 Battlefield games in one year would be f***ing stupid. #3
Glad to see a AAA game do well. We've had enough disappointing games lately... #3
Crazy good deal #5
idiot #1.1
Someone's butthurt #7
I hope not. It looks neat. #2
I wish we didn't have to wait till May for some of the DLC :/ #2
That's pretty crazy how small it is. #1
Smart marketing right there #3
this is amazing #2
Even though this the smallest jump we've seen in power, we've seen a lot of AMAZING looking games so far this gen. #11
At least this isn't $60. $40 is ok but you can easily get the base game used for $20. #5
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