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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


YES. It's one of the main reasons I got a PS4 at launch.

I LOVE huge multiplayer battles. #2
The PS4's cheap price tag and that it would allow used games. #4
Yes! Loved the first Mario Tennis. #3
Everyone who got a Wii U/ 3DS are probably updating them right now #4
I got $180 million #1.1
This make more sense than any of your trolling comments. #1.1.1
Why are people still using a picture of Don when he left. #5
Great for you guys! The update for PS4 didn't help at all. #6
WOW this shouldn't have been approved #4
It would be quite sad if their careers do come to an end. I enjoy watching their videos. #2
PS1 says hi #1.1.1
You'll love Terraway #1.1
Your kidding. The touch controls made the game AMAZING. #3.2
Errrr... i don't know about this #1
Interesting. I was hoping a lot of top games like this would use Kinect in some way to make the system worth the $500.

Perhaps I'll just wait for a cheaper Kinect-less version. #3
Best part of the show #4
No Zelda? No Metroid?

You're pissing me off Nintendo. #6
Hmmm I don't know how to feel about this. #5
I didn't even know this existed..... #3
It's good for people who are too busy to unlock everything. Benefits me a bit as I am a bit loaded with college stuff. I bought a couple gun packs in Battlefield 3 which is pretty nice.

I can see why most people hate it though. #2.1
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