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The old school Pokemon fans will love this then #2
I love how it fits on the system perfectly #2
#BanPachter #6
Do you get to f*** your sister in this game? #8
#BanPachter #3
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The Nintendo ID section on your N4G profile says "F*** Nintendo"

I highly doubt you're doing that #1.2
Same. $1million bonus :D #1.2
$400 is too much #1
Bad launches are happening too much lately. I don't think I'm preordering a game ever again. #2
This will jump to the top stories because of BEWBS #2
Umm this is pretty much an ad for a shady site with horrible reputation. Reported. #3
I'm shocked how the launch has been for this game. I wanted to see it do well. #3
jesus christ who cares. the game looks fantastic. #4
Goddammit. This is disappointing. Now I'm not sure if it's worth buying the adapter. #1
That's awesome. I have friends who are getting this on Xbox 360, and some are getting it for Xbox One, so it will be great to be able to play with everyone. #2
F*** yes. Gonna sell my Pro controllers now since I have 4 GC controllers #6

I'm gonna be playing this game for years. #2
which generation? did you even read the article? #1.2
Dark Souls at number 1? Interesting... #2
My favorite game as a kid #1
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