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" Will the system reclaim its former dominance? "

It's always been ahead in sales. Click bait article. #4
It's Christmas. Let the mods have a little family time. #3.2
Ehh I think the 3D era is about over. I'd rather see them focus on VR. #1.1
I would agree, but I've had so many error issues with this game when connecting to matches that it takes a long time to make a lot of money. My NAT type is open btw.

I'll probably take advantage of this later today. Even if I lose the money, I'll be maxing my cars and sell them when the glitch is fixed. #1.2
keeps happening for all articles tonight #1.1
Probably from so many people going online #3
Getting malware link #3
I find it funny that it didn't come to Playstation systems first. Maybe Sony didn't want PSN to get hacked. #1
GTA V. Had MCC been fixed within the first week it would be the best remaster. #1
Awesome. Tempted to get it now. I've seen it on sale around $30 quite often now. #2
They should have spent some of that money on making the game actually good... #4
I wonder if they made it bad on purpose to get publicity. It reached the front page of reddit gaming recently. #2
Get rid of the Wii brand PLEASE. Nintendo Revolution would be cool. #2
I'm not sure if I believe this tbh. #3
Snowball launcher sounds really awesome #8
I feel bad for people who paid $100 for these if they are easy to find soon.. #1
da fuq is a PS4 one? #4.1
Ummm I've heard from Nintendo the opposite as well. Now I'm confused. #1
There is plenty of news on X1. PS4 news is more popular because the PS4 is easily the most popular console this gen. #1.2
It's sad how rude people are on the social media now. #1
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