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Nope. Not even a day. #2
Super happy they are considering classic maps. #1
People were hoping for a remake like Zelda WW HD. That game wowed me and it was totally worth replaying again.

This FF7 remake is a waste of money. #1.2
Didn't think they would. Glad they're putting in a variety of Mario music. #2
It's probably a joke bid. They don't have to pay for it. #2
Lol here come the Ferguson comments... #1
this could be really fun to watch on twitch #6

Now it will be worth 100s of dollars if this is true, and I probably won't get one :/ #2
I'm shocked they didn't announce it in the conference earlier today. Can't wait to see it. #5
Marth is rising in value quickly on eBay #5
lmao #2.1
Not sure if I believe this. He posts a picture, but no link to the actual walmart page. COuld have easily been photoshopped.

I hope a new Paper Mario comes next year though. #6
They just put it in there for clicks lol #2.1
Well of course. It's an incredible value. #2
I really need to get this game... #4
who cares #1.2
Very fair score. It's decent but I completely regretted paying full price for it. Luckily I was able to trade it in for $60. #2
F***ing ignorant #1.3
Crazy. Hope I can find one in store soon. #2
People like you are the reason I hate this site sometimes. Mods need to get rid of these trolls. #1.5
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