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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


That's awesome. I have friends who are getting this on Xbox 360, and some are getting it for Xbox One, so it will be great to be able to play with everyone. #2
F*** yes. Gonna sell my Pro controllers now since I have 4 GC controllers #6

I'm gonna be playing this game for years. #2
which generation? did you even read the article? #1.2
Dark Souls at number 1? Interesting... #2
My favorite game as a kid #1
overhyped* #9
Cedar Point FTW lol #1
#BanPachter #6
Could we just ban Pachter articles from here.... #4
360 version looks surprisingly impressive.

But of course X1 version looks amazing. #5
It's worth buying for that and MANY other new features and improvements lol #3
I want to know if it's an issue for the XL. I can see it as a problem for the small one. #1.3
It is not worth having a PS4 and Xbox One due to the cost of online. Having one of those and a Wii U is the perfect combo.

Used to have all 3 and it was too expensive. Sold my PS4 eventually. #8
LAME. This article doesn't actually give a reason why they're overrated, just a description of what the game is about. #1
Shame on these people for approving

egidem (1) | 2h ago
Multipass (1) | 2h ago
Mariye (3) | 2h ago #3
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There seems to be a lot of articles lately posted here that have a hot barely clothed chick as the pic #1
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I've noticed PS4 games have always been more expensive than X1. #2.1
Lol I thought they would give this around a 8.5. 7.8 is very reasonable though. #4
YES PLEASE! I know I'm in a minority but I LOVED Reach. #1
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