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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


Smart marketing right there #3
this is amazing #2
Even though this the smallest jump we've seen in power, we've seen a lot of AMAZING looking games so far this gen. #11
At least this isn't $60. $40 is ok but you can easily get the base game used for $20. #5
I hope she can eat poisonous candy and die #3
Smash Bros U revived it because of Mewtwo :D #1
8-player Smash is crazy cool #1
Not surprised at all #1
$50 off the COD bundle is super tempting even though I have a D1 edition already. Wondering if Best Buy will price match this since I have a gift card there. #2
I hope no one gets Access just to try this out <_< #1
Exclusives like LittleBigPlanet 3, Order 1886, Uncharted 4, and Driveclub #3
I have this. Don't like the wireless controllers. You have to keep the sensor on the controller aimed at the console or it won't function.

Glad it has the option for a genuine controller. #2
Team_Litt (1) | 27m ago
Future_2015 (1) | 17m ago

so far :/ #2.1
That looks pretty sweet. $300 does seem like a lot though. #1
da fuq at that pic #2
Deserves it!!! #6
Lol I picked up Ghosts for $12 new a few weeks ago. The game isn't worth much more than that. #4
lmao #1
The old school Pokemon fans will love this then #2
I love how it fits on the system perfectly #2
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