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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


why does this stuff get approved... #11
Your username says it all #5.3
Nintendo is more family- kids and adults #4
The trolls on N4G have gotten almost as bad as what I see on GameFAQS. Mods need to fix that. #14
me plz #70
I wasn't planning on buying it anyway. Lack of content. Sticking with Sims 3. #2
I wonder if we will ever see a game as good as Thousand Year Door :/ #1
Amazing. This gen is going to be awesome because of things like this. #1
It's no where near dead and Halo is coming #1
I hope so. I live pretty far from most of my gaming friends now since I'm done with college. #1.3
MCC for me. That will keep me covered for years. #3
I'm surprised there's no NASCAR videos in the link. There are some really funny ones. #2
Great video. Wii U is starting to make a great comeback. #2
MAN this looks cool. May sell my D1 edition for it... or the white one. Hard to decide. #1
read the article fool #1.1
rather put my money towards gta v remastered, halo mcc, or TLOU remastered #1
RIP Genie :( #2
No! Not Genie! #2
I doubt it will ever happen.

Also RIP Robin Williams :( #2
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This doesn't seem like a credible source #1
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