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Geobros and Fullmetalevolust you are idiots for approving this misleading crap #4
72d ago by Starbucks_Fan | View comment | Off topic
In other news the sky is blue #6
Yahoo Games, and just Yahoo in general, is pretty terrible now. #3
Oh come on..... #1
I thought there was maintenance scheduled today.... #8
The new Ford GT looks SICK! #4
I may get Sling since I love ESPN and a few other channels it has... #17
I find it kind of funny they didn't give him the Madden Xbox One bundle, but this is pretty awesome. #1
Same thing for Futureshop and Best Buy Ca #2
Kind of ironic considering it's sold out at Gamestop and Amazon, the only 2 places selling the thing. #5
someone's desperate for clicks #1.1.1
It's Ubisoft, what the f*** did you expect? Quality games? #1.1.5
Wonder if we will see it on PS5 and the next Xbox #2
One of the best, but 2004 and 1998 are the best imo. #1
It's a little early to say that. I have a feeling a couple of these games won't look as good as they do now at launch. #4
" Will the system reclaim its former dominance? "

It's always been ahead in sales. Click bait article. #4
It's Christmas. Let the mods have a little family time. #3.2
Ehh I think the 3D era is about over. I'd rather see them focus on VR. #1.1
I would agree, but I've had so many error issues with this game when connecting to matches that it takes a long time to make a lot of money. My NAT type is open btw.

I'll probably take advantage of this later today. Even if I lose the money, I'll be maxing my cars and sell them when the glitch is fixed. #1.2
keeps happening for all articles tonight #1.1
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