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I have no interest in preordering BF Hardline. Isn't worth $60 to me.

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I feel like $60 for the main game is too much already...

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It didn't sell that great on the Wii. No surprise here.

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Amazing? LOL. I think most people would disagree with that, considering the amount of dislikes in the YouTube video

Also some of those screenshots in the article were posted when this game had a different developer. There's a new developer for it now, and they somehow made it look worse.

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Looks a lot like RCT3, but with better graphics.

I can't wait for this game

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“One of the funny things that came out of it … we’re meeting with the Xbox Live enforcement team, and [there was] a woman on the team who’s in her early 20s. She was explaining that she spends a good part of her week going into Uno games with the camera on and basically just waiting for dudes who will see a woman playing Uno with her camera on and expose themselves.

“I was like … ‘Really? How often do you actually have dudes, you know, whip it out?’ And she said, ‘Eh, my time...

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Is Pikachu rare in Europe? It's pretty common in the U.S.

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then why comment?

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Clickbait. The logo is hardly noticeable and is pretty small.

Giving this site a bad rating.

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Another Assassins Creed? Meh.

Wish they would take a year off.

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From 4Chan? I don't believe this is real but it would be cool...

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Of this decade? XD what a weird title!

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Shame on these people for approving this

Otaku26 (1) | 18h ago
cancerik (1) | 1d 1h ago
ajames347 (3) | 1d 2h ago
tayz (3) | 17h ago
KorekSAN (2) | 18h ago
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Shame on these people for approving this article

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen (1) | 1h ago
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Pozzle (5) | 1h ago
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shame on them

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After seeing Joe's comment, I sure hope the mods ban his site from here...

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that picture makes me cringe

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I hate how many broken games they have released, along with DLC practices

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Ubisoft and EA in the top 3.... LOL

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