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shame on them #4.1
After seeing Joe's comment, I sure hope the mods ban his site from here... #1.1.3
ohhhhhhhhhh #3.3
that picture makes me cringe #2
I hate how many broken games they have released, along with DLC practices #6.1.1
Ubisoft and EA in the top 3.... LOL #6
There's probably so many people who just took advantage of the glitch where the season pass counts as the full game... #5
So we got this, Roller Coaster Tycoon World, and Scream Ride coming. SWEET #9
They are all very cheap #1.1
There are going to be SO MANY good games this year, maybe they should have 2 GOTY awards <_< #3
This was posted a bit late. On CheapAssGamer people were saying this went OOS a few hours ago.

Also Best Buy cancelled a bunch of preorders tonight :/ #3
ohhhhhh kay then #4

Video of the Claptrap RC toy in action! So cool! #1
Gonna try this when I get home. Wish Rockstar would fix this already. Online has so many issues that it's hard to make a lot of money. #2
Can't wait for the trolling videos on YouTube lol #3
Geobros and Fullmetalevolust you are idiots for approving this misleading crap #4
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In other news the sky is blue #6
Yahoo Games, and just Yahoo in general, is pretty terrible now. #3
Oh come on..... #1
I thought there was maintenance scheduled today.... #8
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