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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


they want the people who have been waiting FOREVER for a heist mode in GTA V #5.1
I'm super excited that there will be a beta this year! This article is just asking for hits. #1.2
stfu. i'll play Mario till I die. #10
he'll believe anything <_< #1.3
this is f***ing cool. can't wait to play with my buddies in this. #4
you must be desperate for attention #3.3
this is actual normal if you see most of his comments lol #1.4.1
Dammit that's what I hated about 9. Guess I'm skipping this one. #5
The gamers! #2
The trolls are scared now #5
WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! #10.1
WOW!!! Putting my 360 on eBay soon. This and Halo are why I still have it. #6
All teasers. I really wanted to see more and I'm disappointed.

Will get Hardline, but not a launch, as I need to see how online runs first. #3
somebody should have slapped her #1.1
I feel like if you really enjoy Halo, you gotta have a Xbox One.

As a huge fan since 2, I would have bought a X1 had I not gotten it already. #12
she's a stupid fake ass b*tch.

how does that make you feel? #4.5
look gorgeous #1.1
If stupidity was an illness you would be dead #1.3
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