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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


Didn't he help a lot with writing in the Splinter Cell series? #1.1
Sigh that probably won't happen considering how poor this series is getting...

I kind of hope we see another Midnight Club next gen. #3
Would love to get the Vita version since I'm selling my PS3 towards a PS4 #2
Long just my di*gets shot* #1.2
This looks fun. Never played Mega Man game( I know not the same but similar obviously ) but I would like to try this out. #3

This is the updated video they posted. Looks a little more next gen. #18
NO I want a damn 4th game and not a damn movie. #2
It was apparent a couple years ago and she still wastes her time. #1.1.1
No mention of the Pikachu N64!?! I call BS. #1
No. It is limited edition though. I have the red one and it's sweet. Nice glossy look. #1.2
"Many gamers, like myself, have jobs, go to classes, etc. After all that is said and done, I have … a few hours to play online games. "

I'm in a similar situation also. I'm an art student in college who has not much time to play games. I have actually bought a couple weapon packs for Battlefield 3 because of this. I love the game, but I cannot put in the time to unlock everything. #1
NOBODY GIVE A F*** #1.3.1
Ha time to downvote another site #4
well that's a shame #2.1
Oh for a second this was like forge mode from Halo or something. Pretty cool though, I'll be sure to try it out. #4
Wow. I would rather have this than my basic PS4 system. Will there be an America release? #2
Anyone know if this will have 3D? #5.1
These have been available for pre order for quite a while now. I ordered a red and blue one at Gamestop a few weeks ago... #8
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