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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


LOL. The Wii U is about to get one of the best games this year and people still think the Wii U is s*** #4
The difference between this and PS3........ WOW #2
Has anyone been able to do this at a different location with wifi? #2
That pisses me off a bit as someone who really enjoys 5.1. #2.1
I bet there's quite a few people selling BF4 for COD because of server issues... #4
I kind of wished I would have waited to buy this till Black Friday. Freakin connection issues... #2
So much stupidity.... #4.2.2
Funny how the Wii U has better rated games than Xbox One and PS4 #5
Garfield cart? lol #1
Isn't there way you can prevent it from hearing your voice? #6
Wow that's great. #5
Xbox One seems to have a pretty good lineup of games. Wish I could have that along with my PS4. #2
I'm happy mine actually works #3
Faith in humanity restored #3
All I know is I will be buy it #1
Heavy Rain.....1080p edition remake?

Lol kidding #5
I'd rather have Sunshine 2 #1
Got them at Target also

Then I got Madden 25, Fifa 14, and Ass Creed.

My parents are going to go crazy when they see my credit card bill :/ #3.1.1
I will be getting this( along with BF4 and Killzone ) still. I want to at least try it since I enjoyed Black Ops 2. If I don't like it I'll sell it for NFS. #3
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