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BOOM! #3.2.1
wat #3.1
I'm glad I was able to get the hacked money from a stranger and buy all the expensive cars. I still have plenty of money now from selling them after RS got rid of my hacked money. #8
Nah I'd rather have a new Burnout #3
Because it will be that awesome #3.2
wtf? #3.1
Wow great deal! Loved playing it on PS4. #4
who gives a s*** #3.1
Can someone tell me what features you can use the keyboard for? #8
So there will be a Halo in 2014. SWEET. #3
I don't see any point of buying a Wii U till Mario Kart. There's gonna be a bit of a gaming drought for Wii U this spring. Yes I know DKCTF almost here but that's really it for a while. #1.1
Wasn't that exciting until the end. I wish they would focus more on Wii U. What they showed today will not improve sales. #2
My most anticipated game. #2
CRAP I really wanted Halo 5 this year. I may wait longer for getting a XBox One then. #5
You know what a Xbox One and a girl have in common? They both have a paywall. #3
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That sounds cool! #9
I would not mind paying $15 for certain GC games. Many go for $25-$50 used on eBay. #1.2
How are these for listening to music? #8
I wonder if this will affect sales #5
Awesome! Love playing this with my friends. #3
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