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Someone should do this with the Rockstar movie editor for the PC version... and have actual voices from the movie #8
Glad to see Captain Toad sell well #2
I'm probably gonna wait for a Mortal Kombat X Komplete edition. #2
Really shows how much demand there was for a new Battlefront #4
It looks pretty damn good. #1
More retailers should not allow multiple orders of an amiibo

A lot of people on r/amiibo bought more than 1 Jigglypuff so they could trade/sell one #4
Even though I somehow got Ness, Robin, and Lucina, I think this wave has been a disaster so far. Nintendo really needs to make a lot more before the wave 4 launch. #1
I'd rather see a World at War sequel #1
Why post this now? They're all gone at the moment. #1
I'm annoyed we can't get at least a 30 second trailer or something like that for Zelda at E3... ugh #2.1
No, but 2015 isn't looking as good as 2014. Really hope they announce and release more big games this year. #6
you realize you can mute people in GTA V right? lol #4.5
Kind of wish the would make a sequel instead for Wii U.

Thousand Year Door is a great game though. #6
How about we wait for some games to be announced before making assumptions #4
I love them because it's fun to watch a city grow, along with the challenge of keeping everything going smooth like traffic and garbage. #1
I find it weird people buy this just for the campaign... why not rent it? #5
2016 is too early. 2017 would be acceptable. #1
Good. F*** Comcast. #2
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While I agree it should have a physical disc, this may be great for people who have the system already and want the game cheap. After the Assassins Creed bundle came out, lots of people were selling the game codes super cheap. #1.1
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