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"I'm a hardcore Colts fan...even though I'm not watching the games this season."


If the koala bears attack Kim I'm all for this update #1
Xbox One used invisibility!

It's super effective! #1
aww did someone not get enough attention today #2.2
It might work. Depends on the type of game. Not for something like COD obviously. #4
They like Playstation and Nintendo more #3
Can't believe how much content they took out that will probably be used for DLC #6
HOW #1
Lol I like Pikachu as well. Have the Pikachu 3DS, Pikachu N64, and my Nintendo Network ID is Its_Pikachu #2
Yep. Hope Smash is getting DLC as well. #2
Wasn't that funny :/ #1
Awwww #2
gtfo #1.3
Shouldn't it be "Beat Driveclub and Forza" with no PS4 GT yet?!

This game does look gorgeous btw. #2
Well, it is a last-gen version #3
Why would it? Especially future 3D Mario games. #2
lol k #2.3
There better be some GOOD trade in programs for this new model. #5
Greedy. I don't think this was necessary. Focus on a 5th game please or do something new. #2
Not sure if I want to give up my Pikachu 3DS for this.

If this is going to be more powerful I sure hope it doesn't get exclusive games. #11
That will piss off quite a few people who've been wanting this version for a while #1
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