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Gamestop trade in deals are garbage...

except when they had the value bump+50% extra credit event going on earlier this month. Got $30 for Black Ops 2, $20 for Mario Kart DS, and $18 for Black Ops 1. Insane. #8
$40 million from the Kim K game? Jesus Christ... #5
for shizzle #8
Terrible day in gaming.

Can't believe some people are saying this passing will save Nintendo <_< Have some f***ing respect. #45
"This is what StarFox Zero Should’ve Looked like" #4
Even if it does turn out to be a decent game, I won't buy it. I wanted a real Metroid game. #3
I was expecting something a little better, not so minimalistic.

Hopefully it'll have online battles. #4
Sony and Microsoft together helped deliver the greatest E3 of all time #4
I think I'm gonna sell my 2 extra controllers now, at this point I don't think they'll get any use considering how few games now support split-screen.. #4
With rumors of a Halo 5 edition X1 being announced at E3, I say wait first #3
That's cool. Too bad they didn't do any special design for the system. #1
smfh #1
"I have a lack of information about date of launch or presentation. So I cannot explain it with my way. Be alert gamers it will be available soon."

Hmm not sure if I believe this rumor then.

But it might be cool to see them make a watch. #2
I got mine when it was $11 on Amazon a couple weeks ago, fun game :) #3
While I think 7 discs is insane, they did a nice job designing this. If I had a PC that could run GTA V I might get this version. I like collecting physical stuff. #1
How sensitive are the analog sticks compared to the Microsoft controllers #2
Someone should do this with the Rockstar movie editor for the PC version... and have actual voices from the movie #8
Glad to see Captain Toad sell well #2
I'm probably gonna wait for a Mortal Kombat X Komplete edition. #2
Really shows how much demand there was for a new Battlefront #4
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