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How sensitive are the analog sticks compared to the Microsoft controllers #2
Someone should do this with the Rockstar movie editor for the PC version... and have actual voices from the movie #8
Glad to see Captain Toad sell well #2
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I'm probably gonna wait for a Mortal Kombat X Komplete edition. #2
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Really shows how much demand there was for a new Battlefront #4
It looks pretty damn good. #1
More retailers should not allow multiple orders of an amiibo

A lot of people on r/amiibo bought more than 1 Jigglypuff so they could trade/sell one #4
Even though I somehow got Ness, Robin, and Lucina, I think this wave has been a disaster so far. Nintendo really needs to make a lot more before the wave 4 launch. #1
I'd rather see a World at War sequel #1
Why post this now? They're all gone at the moment. #1
I'm annoyed we can't get at least a 30 second trailer or something like that for Zelda at E3... ugh #2.1
No, but 2015 isn't looking as good as 2014. Really hope they announce and release more big games this year. #6
you realize you can mute people in GTA V right? lol #4.5
Kind of wish the would make a sequel instead for Wii U.

Thousand Year Door is a great game though. #6
How about we wait for some games to be announced before making assumptions #4
I love them because it's fun to watch a city grow, along with the challenge of keeping everything going smooth like traffic and garbage. #1
I find it weird people buy this just for the campaign... why not rent it? #5
2016 is too early. 2017 would be acceptable. #1
Good. F*** Comcast. #2
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