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Happy April Fools

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Blasphemy! LOL it's all good, gonna wait until the game goes on sale.

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If you were on the fence about Wildlands then hopefully the great Hideo Kojima could help change your mind

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It's a question only fans who have the talent could answer. If you want to cosplay as your favorite Mass Effect character and have the resources and knowledge to make it happen then go for it.

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You do make a point regarding games like Call of Duty but you fail to put into account not all games have a strong multiplayer community or can't really work as a multiplayer feature. For example Capcom has tried for so long to push multiplayer in Resident Evil and, with the acceptation of Outbreak, it has failed. Also while many games like The Last of Us and Spec Ops: The Line do have multiplayer, they are more well known for the single player campaign. Finally with all the competition i...

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What a night that was, especially from the "almost front seats" I had during the show. Kudos to all who won.

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Nintendo has said nothing since 2014, would be messed up not to honor their biggest fan.

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Is $700 worth it for a Dreamcast with minor damage (as in it was signed by Fred Durst)

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Given how vague the announcement is, it makes sense that frustrated fans are going to feel skeptic instead of optimistic about the series future.

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Actions will have consequences and some of President Trump's actions could hurt gamers. Even if you're a Trump supporter and some of these issues don't concern you, please be vigilant in protecting Net Neutrality.

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Any Call of Duty leak from now till an official announcement will most likely be a hoax.

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You never read the article, did you?

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I feel most of the critics who have been panning it are just snobs complaining about the frame rate and nothing else.

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I say no because I love to keep my old consoles. I still have my N64, PS2, GameCube and PS3. Not going to sell them.

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Not all bad games are actually bad, some of them deserve a second look.

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Thanks to Red Dead 2, every other game will be pointless this year.

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Honestly at this point Rockstar should just have Hideo Kojima work on Agent

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If you're a gamer then these are some charities to support on Giving Tuesday

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Agreed but at least I could enjoy playing as Venom Snake while Raiden was just annoying. Both were good games but will have a questionable legacy haunted by controversy.

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Sons of Liberty set the foundation for the series going forward but it also left a polarizing legacy. Most of it had to do with Raiden but other factors were also responsible.

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