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Wondered the same thing. Complete BS.

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The problem is the XBox One S leaked months ago and was expected given the previous generation's cycle. Why anyone would buy an XBox One over the last 4 months is beyond me.

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This is actually a horrible idea and breaks the game. You're now guarantee two high end drops from challenge difficulty missions. Guaranteed high end drops from dark zone bosses. So what's the point of the game if you can basically spec your class in the highest possible gear in 1 day. It's stupid. They have no idea what they want this game to be.

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So I'm guessing you all didn't read and realize recent games like Halo 5 and Fallout 4 have also been massively discounted for a limited time or that this is a holiday deal at a specific retailer. But a flamebait title you guys are all over it! This site has become so sad.

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Dang, you all beat me to it! Saw the title and was like, "Nope, CD Projekt has them beat!"

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Listen, I don't know why everyone is so concerned about how the game sold as an indictment against the exclusive partnership. Microsoft financially assisted with the game's development costs and marketing. Would it have sold more in February, of course, but they wanted it out this holiday to bolster their lineup. The game will sell consistently through the end of the year. I, like everyone else just got Fallout first, Call of Duty first.

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Stronghold and CTF are awesone! Great additions!

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Agree. Witcher 3 is a much better Action RPG and my Game of the Year.

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Sadly, it's not a Master Chief story, it's a Spartan Locke story and not what many of us signed up for! Locke and his team save Buck have any personality and are not likeable.

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I got a certificate of good standing or something like that. I dismantled sea shells into pearls. I didn't think it was an exploit. I just realized it was worth more.

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Bravo on having the game you should have had at launch 6 months post launch. God knows how great the XBox One version would be given the same post release attention but kudos to you for feeling like you've won something.

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Just you man. Wish I could upload my stats. I have 81% completion and over 320 hours played between my first play through and NG+.

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Holy crap! That's massive! I skimmed it, tons of fixes to story content and finally I can complete Gwent: Old Pals after completing the main story!

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I see a lot of hope and a lot of wishful thinking for this game. People need to significantly lower their expectations.

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Don't care how you spin it, waiting a year for the game if you only have a PS4 console and are a fan of the game is ridiculous and unfair. It's not better for anyone.

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Yeah, it's a linear story you don't seem to have much control over and it's not very polished! It's just stupid!

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2 thumbs up for that comment. I want this thing for no other reason than to have it!

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I was ready to type the same "no one cares" sentiment when I saw the title but if you listen to the narrator, he's 100% correct and he makes great points. I feel and share in his sense of disappointment. Disappointment with the game has been well documented and it can feel like many are piling on but the narrator makes his case poignantly.

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You know you could have said all that without the quote which, I'm pretty sure if you've been here long enough, you know is divisive. I'm not saying the quote is wrong but I'm sure you're aware of the emotions it will illicit.

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I like the idea of Microsoft's backwards compatibility, simply because digital titles you own will be free to play once they become available through backwards compatibility. At the end of last gen I transitioned many of my XBox 360 games to digital copies since with Deals of the Week and Games with Gold many were available cheaply. I can't wait to revisit a lot of old favorites. Sometimes I'm sitting here and want to jump into Fallout 3 again, or Bioshock, which I hope and pray i...

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