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How does Titanfall have a metascore of 86 and Destiny get's slammed by critics for being hollow?? SMH, the gaming media continues to make itself a joke. Gamespot gave Titanfall a 9/10 but turns around and calls Destiny shallow! What a freaking joke! #1.1.9
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I never looked at Games with Gold as an entitlement. I pay for Gold as a service and knew exactly what I was getting for my money. That's my choice. I don't complain about the Games with Gold offerings. Some I'm more appreciative of than others. I hadn't played Dishonored since the game launched. Now I've had a chance to go back and experience the game in news ways. I'm not comparing Games with Gold to any other service. Like I said, I pay for Gold, that's my choi... #1.1
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I'll admit, I haven't bought a current gen console and I probably wont until February. I love that Microsoft continues to support the XBox 360 but that may also be the reason the XBox One lags so far behind. Many of my friends and family haven't bought a current gen console. With the many sales and Deals with Gold, I'm finding myself playing older games I may have missed. When games like Destiny offer the same content as current gen versions, I'm not enticed to upgrade for... #1.1.1
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A huge number of gamers haven't bought a current gen console. I haven't. I see no reason to, yet. And as limited as the options are this year on current gen consoles, I probably won't until February. #2.1.2
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Awful list. Subjective yes, but God awful. #1.2
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Like Titanfall, like Destiny, the game will play the same while looking only marginally worse for wear on last gen consoles. That's the biggest problem. What incentive do gamers have to make the current gen leap? #1.1
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Totally misrepresented at E3. No longer excited about this. #1.2
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Microsoft's Gamescom is better than their E3. Better concept, content and structure and announcements. #1.2
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I think it's only in 2015. It was carefully worded. I think the exclusivity is timed. #1.1.5
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I'll pass. Looks like rubbish. And I've long been a defender of the series. #1.1
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The game is so unoriginal, I don't get the hype. I'm seriously trying to figure out what started the hype train other than Destiny being a multiplatform Bungie game. #5.1.2
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@ venom06

At this point there is no misconceptions about what Call of Duty is. It's a tried and true formula and for better or worse, fans like that. I think it's the exactly opposite. Recent Call of Duty titles haven't faired well with journalists but at this point, you know what you're going to get with a new title in the franchise and surprisingly, fans continue to speak with their purchasing power. Even micro transactions for the game is more popular than... #1.1.2
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There is a huge population who consistently chastise fans of the series for not being real gamers. The truth is as many gamers that have moved on from the series, there are many more new comers to the franchise. There was on average over 200K unique users playing Call of Duty at any one time over the weekend on XBL. It is consistently the most played game on each console. It's popularity continues to dwarf it's competitors. Facts. #1.2.2
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By Call of Duty's continued popularity, gamers don't hate the series. A pretentious internet majority do. They believe they determine who should be considered gamers and what you should enjoy to be considered a "real" gamer. News flash, they're the minority. #1.2
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How? Neither provides a gameplay experience you could not have on last gen consoles. Infamous certainly looks the part but lacks substance or any real evolution of the open world sandbox. I bought a PS4 at launch but I'm still waiting to be "wowed" by this generation's games. #1.1
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@ jmac53

I'm sure you've hit the nail right on the head. I'm certain both versions are far more similar than anyone expects. #1.1.2
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I'll take that bet. :D #3.1
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Okay, I know this is asking a lot but, intelligently, no trolling, what are your criticisms of the policy? Because in it's simplicity, it's not asking owners to do anything the majority don't already do daily. If you're here criticizing, you're not one of those persons who will be marginalized by the policy. This is a serious question and I invite anyone else to detail their complaints intelligently as well. Keep in mind, "it's Marxists!", isn't a complai... #1.5.1
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@ dennett316

I don't think fanboys and trolls are the only ones with criticisms. I think there is general concern that Microsoft's policy could disenfranchise some users but that's a small minority I believe and I believe the numbers will bear this out in the end. If you read what Phil Spencer said, you see Microsoft's thinking. #1.3.4
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You know, at the beginning of this current gen, Microsoft was criticized for monetizing online play with Live. Turns out, they were right; it was a bold move that proved hugely successful. The criticisms today aren't any different, they're taking bold steps to connect users with each other and their content and they'll be proven right again. Case in point, look at Sony's attempt to now monetize online play on the PS4 after realizing how successful a model it was. The internet... #1.3.2
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