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I have 528 strange coins! #3.1.1
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Exactly. The only way to determine if one scores higher than the other is if the same reviewer reviewed both and score one higher than the other. The article is misleading. #1.1.2
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@ curtis92

But that's most games this gen. Most feel dated and generic. Developers have to become more creative of risk this kind of mediocre result. Game design has to be progressive not just graphics. #1.2.2
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Playstation fanboys need a dose of reality like Xbox fanboys did with Ryse. From the beginning what we saw of both games promised mediocrity. A pretty face but nothing between the ears. #1.1.2
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Yup. The forums have an entire section dedicated solely to recruiting. Take advantage of it. #5.1.2
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The newer auto rifles are less effective boasting higher rates of fire but considerably less impact and stability making them less effective at medium to long range. Auto rifles like the Shadow Price and Grim Citizen III were far superior to For the People or Up For Anything. Finding a Vanquisher III with good talents mitigates having to use the current crop of auto rifles which I feel were purposefully nerfed. You can buy the Vanquisher III from the New Monarchy faction and it has great tale... #3.1.1
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@ GribbleGrunger

Ignorant or not, and I have no idea who he, he's right. There is no quantifiable way of tracking the number of consoles sold to consumers. The number Sony publishes are sold through numbers to wholesalers, not even retailers. From Mom and Pop's to eBay and electronic storefronts and even large retailers, there is no way, no way, to track the number sold directly to consumers. #2.3.9
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It's to create demand. A price cut is permanent, a promotion is finite. So they're trying to incentivize gamers to buy now as the price cut won't last but it is a permanent price cut to $350. #1.3.1
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I don't thing that's it at all. I think Sony has a fan base of more early adopters. The more I talk to Xbox 360 owners, the more I get the sense many just haven't upgraded like I have and many intend to. Whether the reason is price, game library or waiting to see the reliability of the console. I don't think you'll get a full picture of this gen until mid cycle. Right now it's just silly to speculate. #1.2.1
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Something is going on though. I'm getting frequent disconnects.

Update: Now I can't sign in at all. #1.1.2
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I have tons of fully leveled exotics. I'm screwed. This is going to be a grind. #1.1.3
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Pocket Infinity rocks. I use the stability upgrade rather than the mag upgrade. I've loved it from day one. I play mostly crucible and it's fantastic. Exotics are a bit of a letdown admittedly, but my Invective is fantastic, so are the rocket launchers and snipers. Plan C is unstoppable when you get the charge upgrade. Thorn still sucks, Last Word kicks ass, Hardlight is disappointing after finally getting it. Thunderlord with stability is amazing, SUROS is SUROS, universal remote is... #2.2.1
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I actually don't think it's harder. Lightswitch is the only problem really. The instant melee death is a heartbreaker. #6.1.2
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They are a challenge. The biggest challenge is lightswitch. Getting meleed is an immediate game over and they give chase. But as quickly as they teleport they move slowly until they rage. Just try to keep them infront of you. Be aware also of harpies with arc shields. #5.1.1
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This week's nightfall is pretty easy. I soloed it with ease. If you have Vision of Confluence it's a breeze. I also had a Zombie Apocolypse that does solar damage and Icebreaker. 6 shots from the Icebreaker takes a third of the Nexus' life. #1.1
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@ kneon

There is nothing to do with the currency anyway. You may as we'll be able to purchase materials. I've been maxed on marks for weeks. #1.2.6
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Finally a use for my 181 strange coins! #1.1.8
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I used to be a huge defender of Call of Duty; just check my history. But I completely agree with you. #4.1
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So gutted. Plan C was my first exotic. Will hate to see PvP flooded with it in coming days. Enjoy. Hate Xur so much. I refuse to buy exotics. He ruins exotics. I get no excitement getting a new exotic from Nightfall strikes, crucible or vanguard tiger knowing it will be on sale next week. #2.1
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That's what I'm missing. Haven't gotten it as a reward yet I have 2 last word, 2 plan c, 3 thunderlords. I wished you were given a choice of exotic rewards so I wouldn't keep getting the same things. #4.1
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