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their argument is that people are gonna make crap content. The problem with this argument is that any game that has user generated content is gonna have crap content. look at UT3 i have that for ps3 and theres tons of insanely awesome mods and maps, but theres also some really gay mods and maps too. You cant avoid that or else your taking away the freedom of the creator.

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the reason people disagree with you is because of your statement "I find myself defending the 360 most of the time, because the rabid idiocy of some of these folks is just flat wrong."

The door swings both ways.

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how many next gen games can you name that don't have splitscreen. The list doesn't end

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this really doesn't look fun though...

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im addicted to pixeljunk eden

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They made Snake asian...

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yeah it looks cool, but are you just trolling everyone who says something bad about graphics "don't worry its only pre-alpha, final build might look like killzone2!" you have said those words like 3 times and i hate to break it to you it wont look like killzone because the physical graphics aren't all that makes killzone look good its the fluidity of movement with characters how they hold their weapon how the camera shakes in explosions etc. and resistance looks nothing close to kil...

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if your talking about clan valor, the points are your rank like a leaderboard, not money to spend on upgrades or anything

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This guy deserves a darwin award

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you do know that microsoft still loses money for every 360 sold and it was released a year longer...k just checking

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read the damm article before you voice your opinion. Bunch of fcuk heads he didnt say anything bad about the ps3 or EA IN THIS ARTICLE if you can even call it doesnt matter if he has before i dont frankly give a sh!t but some people are so fcuking ignorant they just see "'GABE NEWELL DISSES EA!' so it MUST be true i dont think im even gonna read it now, but ill voice my opinion on something i know nothing about"... by the way i think SIDAR is the only person who actually r...

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the game looks really good but the only thing im worried about is the respawning thing, if someone can see where there gonna spawn and whos there before they spawn then you could basically spawn right behind someone to get a cheap kill. IMO there might be less spawn kills, but more kills by the spawned.

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look at the damn pictures before commenting

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im assuming you didnt look at the pictures because you would have tio be a complete fcuk head not to notice the reseblance. they are almost exactly the same. oh and there are asian warriors in lord of the rings, theyre called easterlings. as in from the east. where asia is. Next time think before you speak

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thats like saying why is halo on xbox. i dont like the xbox controller, so that makes halo suck... its the same arguement for a different game.

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oh yeah i forgot

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