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A PlayStation 3 is overheating #2
He is looking good, but nothing new... #3
Fake, same pics showed as Xbox 360 screens
Look at the Xbox 360 screens from mafia 2 at GameSpot. They are the same. PICS from PC and PS3 button mapping. This is fake :) #66
Papers FIFA 11
NIce I have one :) #1
duplicat #8
no photoshop
Chandra Larsson working at IO Interactive this is he company -Great Graphics Inc #3
These photographs look like the cover of the film #1
yeee i hope so #10
inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Trailer HQ
inFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Trailer HQ #62
This game is really outstanding it is necessary to grant it. Splendid plot, wonderful boards. So that hopefully more of such games #4
This is a wonderful title :) #2
Polish players are pleased that they will have Xbox Live! #1
It will be possible to jump :D #2
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Duplicat story - no
This not the same stories... #1
A lot of people are establishing fictional accounts in other countries... #2
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