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I didn't buy my PS3 for HOME, or any of the other features that came with it. Those were all just a nice useful bonus.

I got it for pretty much the same reason everyone else did: MGS4, FFXIII/VersusXIII, and God of War 3. Like always though, with every console I buy for one or two specific games, it ends up coming out with a sh1tload of other must-buy games.

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It is Siren. The clock is not just "identical" it is the EXACT SAME clock the devs use in the Siren franchise. Also, the static is just like the static effect used when you "sightjack" into a Kabuto. The use of the flashlight being the only source of light is also something commonly used in Siren, but that goes for all survival horror games. Furthermore, Siren is generally known to be quite fawked up and extremely realistic in general, just like everything you're heari...

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I bought my PS3 about 6 months after it released in the US, and I'm really glad my buddy and I made the decision to get one while the 60GB 99% backwards-compatible model was still in production. However, if I h hadn't gotten one back then, I would definitely wait for the 80GB MGSIV package.

That would be the perfect time to get one, in my opinion.

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Viral Marketing? Well done, indeed.

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However, isn't it ultimately Microsoft's fault in the first place for allowing such a shoddy piece of hardware to be released in the first place? If they were manufactured well like the Wii and Playstation 3, the guy wouldn't have had to send in his 360 in the first place. Therefore, MS ultimately screwed him (and 33% of all 360 console owners, apparently) over. I'm just saying this since it looks like you want to get technical. Devil's Advocate is a fun game to play =).

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At least three times I've called them, asking them if they have a certain game in stock. I ask them to hold said game for me until I get there within 30 minutes. I get to the store and turns out they were holding the wrong game for me, and they don't even have a copy of the game I asked them for! Aren't video game store employees supposed to know a little bit about video games?

Recently, I made the mistake of buying into the whole "Pre-order Patapon at Gamestop and get ...

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I see you're one of those douchebags this article is referring to. Good job proving PS3PCFTW's point.

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This means that not only will we be able to run 2D-based emulators on the PS3 (IE: NES, SNES, GENESIS), we'll be able to run 3D-based emulators like N64. Although the games out for PS3 are already fun and addicting enough to the point where PS3 users wouldn't have to resort to this like they would have a year ago, it's still a nice feature to have. Couldn't hurt!

4007d ago 3 agree0 disagreeView comment to spread misinformation about the PS3 version of Guitar Hero 3. Especially since the majority of the guitar problems are connected to the Xbox 360 version. (Visit the forums on and you'll see what I mean). All of the guitars from each system are having problems, not just the PS3 version, which is very minimal if at all.

I own the PS3 version and play this game almost every day and I've never had guitar problems of any sort. From what I've seen on the gu...

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Hahah, I stopped reading as soon as I read "Final Fantasy" on there. Glanced through it and saw they put Tetris on there, which has no story, and Metal Gear Solid, which perhaps has one of the most intricate and interesting stories out there in the video game world.

Nice little joke article though.

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"We just plain don't like video games!"

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Too little too late...Nice try though.

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What an odd review. He was praising the game throughout the whole video, saying it was original and beautiful with its only flaw being that the RPG element can be slow at times, and that insignificant loading time when switching lores, and then instead of giving it the 8 or 9 that it deserves, gives it a 7? On top of it all, he compared it to God of War? What does GoW have to do with this game?

I've never been one to follow reviews, being that my own opinion and the opinions...

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Trust me, you don't want this game if you have access to Super Stardust HD. SS HD is better than Geometry wars in every way imaginable. Graphics, replayability, weapons, bosses (geo wars has none), levels (geo wars has only 1), price (value is much much better in Stardust), level of difficulty (geo wars has one level of difficulty: progressive, and it's wayyyy too easy. Anyone can get over 100m points), enemy AI (geo wars has none), sound/production value/effects/music (geo wars is far inf...

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If they made that kind of package bundle, PS3 console sales would surpass Wii and beyond. It would be the end to the console war as we know it.

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That's fawking AWESOME! Who wouldn't want to grill steaks/burgers/hotdogs on their console with a nice cold beer and play games at the same time, without even having to leave the TV? Too bad the PS3 doesn't get hot enough to cook food though, with the good ventilation system and all that. I believe the 360 does, however!

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R O M.

Bonus word!: FREE

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Or even 2 reasons why Microsoft is not "doomed." (Where do these sh1t articles originate from anyways?...NVM I have a pretty damn good guess.)

Reason 1:
MS has money coming out of the wazoo and enough of it to throw away on shoddy software and billion dollar hardware mistakes, only to make more (money, or mistakes? probably both) in the future.

End of? I think not!

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It takes the best aspects from all of the aformentioned titles above.

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The enemies around you don't die from mere "splash" damage of you hitting the ground. When you hit the ground, it causes an slight earthquake and they're stunned. You still have to kill them yourself by either stabbing them while they're down, or knocking them back up on their feet. There's countless ways to destroy your enemies and believe it or not they do have more than one or two attack commands..

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