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I never get tired of seeing incredibly insensitive comments.

He has a major and crippling condition for fuck's sake, you think it might be okay if he is still able to enjoy life a little by playing games with his tongue?

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I've heard talk about this game, but I don't think it's enough to make me buy into the racing genre again.

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Still going to keep on to my MMO-Free gaming diet.

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Passing this one up, not digging the ZOMGKOREAATTACKS nonsense.

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Yep, that's a pass from me :(

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Archives, rockets, big head mode.

fuck yes.

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Yeah the copy-pasted dungeon thing turns me off. Hell, it turned me off in the first ME, so I'm not going to go through that again.

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That is sickening. Nothing justifies rape. People being in prison isn't punishment enough? So how many times should they be raped? Once for every year? Once every month? Fuck it, let's just bring back the rack, because I feel I have a moral high ground in wanting prisoners to suffer.

Inmates are human beings.

Ever heard of non violent offenses? While you're researching that, I suggest brushing up on your basic decency. If you're a troll, 10/...

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No, being in prison does not make you justified in being raped. That is absolutely ridiculous and probably one of the most damaging sentiments regarding prison rape.

I mean, honestly, are you saying every person that has been raped in prison deserved it? Because there are a lot of crimes that can put you in prison, and I can think of... well actually none that would make you deserving of being raped.

And please don't bring up actually raping someone or ch...

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Nothing wrong with sandwiches, a lot wrong with making a sexist comment in this story's comment thread though.

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I agree with your comment, but not your capitalization :p

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Damn dude, relax.

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How many years in development and they still fail miserably at the final boss? Was very disappointed in the end of this title.

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Still have yet to play LBP or LBP 2. Seen some amazing stuff from the second game though.

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It seems like it's actually just a re-name from Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded, at least that's what I got from the press releases I read.

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Sterling says himself on the podcast he would never consider himself a game journalist. He seems to be flamboyant and crass, but I don't think he's at the level of Gawker when it comes to hit-begging, his review strategy is a whole other argument entirely, and the last is an opinion. I find him really quite amicable.

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Interesting style choice for the review, not bad!

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Next week is the Uematsu interview!

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Good thing my wife just bought one, I've never been too into portables.

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