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I'm really going to miss the resistance series, it was so good. Lets just hope that what they do next is just as good, if not better than ever.

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And the point in buying 2 is...?

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Sorry, I mean it makes some very good points :L

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Its a good article and makes some very good piints, I personally cant wait till it comes out

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Love docter who and most likely gonna love this game

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I really want a HD version of this game, but the chances are so very slim. The greatest final fantasy in HD... one can only dream :(

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I honestly cant wait for GTAV

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Not so much screwed so much as late, America's getting Xenoblade now and hopefully this will come over the shores aswell. Lets just all be optimistic :)

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Its not on retail yet, but i hope it will come out soon

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...SAME! This game just looks too good

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I really hate when this happens

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I hope they all survive, each console is amazing in its own way

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All of the above

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Looks quite cool so far

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This year was probebly a bit too early to announce the PS4 anyway, but if microsoft announce the next xbox here then they could be pressurised into producing a new console. Their 10 year cycle may not come to fruition as they want not to fall too far behind solang as gamers want the console, it will still sell bucketloads.

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I personally hope it comes in black on release

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Wow, i cant believe i acctualy won :D

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Seriously Namco, I know breasts are great, but still...

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Its inentertainment, what do you expect :L

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If you think about it, the PS Vita hasn't been released in the rest of the world yet, so it's too soon to make any assumptions. The Vita will most likely do better outside of Japan but considering that the holiday season has gone, it can be argured if people are willing to pay that much money for one. The fact is that with the 3G model, paying around £15 a month for it seems very expensive, considering that youtube doesn't even work properly on it. Software sales wise, digita...

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