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If Nintendo were out of the gaming business then this world would be a much darker place. As Mr Iwata stated, if they stop making hardware, they stop making software as well. Not being able to play Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Mario etc anymore would really be a depressing sight.

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Faith in humanity restored!

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A good contest as always.

By the way, would anyone potentially know of any website that can help in donating money to hurricane sandy victims. I cant exactly donate anything else since I'm in the UK but if anyone could let me know I would be very appreciative. Thanks :)

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Damn I'd like to take a leap of faith into her

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Don't be. Just because there is only one game in the top 10 for the PS3 doesn't mean that they are becoming irrelevant. They just had a slow week. Sony still has many more great games to come over the next few months and the sales will pick up once they come out, and you'll realise that the PS3 is still as great as it always was.

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Not even the Wii is at that price yet, and even so, should you wait till then to buy one then the next generation of consoles will be out by that time.

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Greatest ever boss, on-disc DLC

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YES THANK YOU GOD... although I do hope they take the art style of the tech demo instead of Skyward Sword. Either way, now I know I will defo buy the Wii U

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Yeah but between the other games such as OOT and MM, then MM and WW etc, there was a 3 year gap so it is completely plausible for this to be released around that time.

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I agree with you, and a +1 bubble for well said.

There is another way, which can be to make a dedicated section for this, such as there is with the Ad which is everywhere. This will help to attract more people willing to take part in the contests and there is a constant reminder about it, rather than just being on the Main Page for 24 Hours; which could therefore lead to some people failing to view it as they were not on this site that day.

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Really hope I win this!

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Okay I'm really confused here. Some sites are saying that E3 is June 4-6 and others are saying it's June 5-7. Which is it? -__-

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You're starting to sound very much like an annoying user on here ages ago called Colwyn who also hated Nintendo consoles -__-

OT: The Wii U will not fail, it'll be a great console, all Nintendo consoles are. Personally I like Zelda more than Mario but with those two IPs and many others like pokemon and smash bros on the console, it will be a success. Many developers have aid that it is a true next gen console like EA, Vigil games and more and the rumours of it being u...

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For me, games need a good storyline to be interesting. I found myself hooked on xenoblade and the last story, and uncharted and halo prove to be good. If a game is all repetition then its just going to get boring.

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They should not release it in 2012, this year should really focus on the vita. Making sure that the vita gains solid ground and sell well outsid eof japan should be top priority. Maybe next year would be best for the PS4

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Rest In Peace. You gave us some amazing games, its just a shame you had to go so early in your life :(

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Yeah but its how industry works. Eventualy, tech like this will get even cheaper in a few years to come. I remember going on CNET in 2004 and it said that a 1gb USB was £1000. Now a couple years later you can get it for about £2.

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I hope so, I love these games.

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Nice, now NA will finally be able to play one of the greatest JRPGs released this gen. This is a game worth playing.

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"The change will be effective as of April 1"
I hope Kaz doesn't get too broken up when he realises it's an April fool's joke.

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