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Sony is giving PSN subscriptions away for free because they know that very few people would actually pay for them. ;)

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lol @ the random SPAM.

Seriously, GTFO of here with that crap, "becoolbiz0101".

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I got the email last night telling me that I was accepted into the program.

Yay for me! :D

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Yeah, but playing Killzone 2 is about as much fun as being bitten by a rattlesnake, so in the end nobody really cares. lol

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That's nothing, guys. I've gone through 4,327 PS3's just in the last year alone.


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These guys just watched the video...

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My copy is on pre-order and I'm counting down the days. :D

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This constant (and phony, I might add) outrage over every little thing that Infinity Ward does is getting old, everybody.

FYI, some of us can see right through it. ;)

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I know that everyone has their own opinions, but any "Top XBLA Games" list that doesn't include Shadow Complex = fail X 1,000.

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I'm guessing that a lot of guys on N4G have pictures of Nathan Drake sitting by their bedside, judging by some of the comments I have read over the years. lol

Seriously guys, swooning over Drake while having a Drake avatar makes you look kinda fruity. :/

Just sayin.

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I'm with you, Chadness.

I just wish the Wii was around $100.
I would buy one today at that price.

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I agree that it is the best PS3 exclusive ever, but I can think of a lot of games that are better than Infamous.

That game was overhyped to the extreme.

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Ok, then you are both perfect gentlemen, and I extend my hand in friendship. lol

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That's cool, I know that times are tuff.

I figured you were taking a typical "N4G" cheap shot at the 360, that's all.

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I just bought a 360 game today....get on live every day....its obvious why

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I received the email last night and filled out the survey.

Now I'm just waiting to see what happens next...

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That's funny, everyone that I know recognizes the PS3 for what it is: lame. lol

For real, most people that I know prefer the Xbox 360's controller and playing on Xbox Live.
They also buy multiplats for the 360, because they almost always perform better on the 360.

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