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Damn you sony, and damn you hackers, thanks for screwing it up for the rest of us. Thank you both....

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That trailor was lame..

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On xbox it runs like crap, there alot of slowdown when the horde comes, and I've frozen, and nearly frozen 2 other times whenever the boomer would puke. It's not worth it.

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gag me with a spoon...

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Bout F*cking Time

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What's retarded about this article, is that pretty all multiplatform engines WERE designed with the 360 in mind. Hence forth no issues with pulling solid framerates and graphics. They had to convert them to work on the PS3. Alan wake is like KZ2 to me, if you know what you're looking for, you know there is alot corner cutting to get the lighting and 4xAA in there...

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Yeah, when they merge them with Treyarch, and then maybe Modern Warfare 3 will have better game modes, real bug fixes, and actual new content...Sorry to say, the fact Treyarch managed to turn themselves around after COD3 and produce a very successful COD5 in one cycle is very impressive..

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M$ forced nowgamer to remove the article.

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omfg, so lame. Man I cannot stand apple hardware and most people that use them. They rate right up there with people with hybrids...

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I would prefer that they didn't use hi-res ingame rendered scenes for the cut scenes. It's just really annoying jumping from the really toned downed gameplay engine, to seeing the nice one that devs got to use in development. I like it just the gameplay graphics for everything. It just takes away from the feeling of being in the game....

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I don't care for these motion controllers in the first place, but whether you want to believe it or not. PS's move is in fact the more superior product, cause it uses proven motion tracking technology, rather than a tech that needs another decade of fine tuning to be worthwhile...

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I look forward to treyarchs game more than I did IW's. I loved the support and DLC they gave for WaW. Much better than IW. Doing some Vietnam missions will be a very nice change of pace.

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F*cking morons...

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The embarassment would be for the girl and the retards that shot this video by not realizing the damn isn't turned on. Cause I mean eveyone elses demo'ing at the other booths are glowing in different colors, so I can't believe how retarded they are.

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AA was an awsome game, certainly from wash of other Batman games. But I saw things that just made think of some corners that were cut. Particulary the guard close up and Batman's close up facial animations were always the same. Just as Bio did with Mass Effect and even some in ME2 with the asari facial animations. I haven't had the chance to play UC2 so I can't judge just yet. But for me GOTY for 2009 might have to be ME2, and infamous is pretty close amd Dragon Age is really good..

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Considering he was the idiot showcasing a fake vid of a a woman talking to a fake child....

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They want to be able to micro-transaction all the content the game companies can put in the disc. Thats why they won't do it....

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I'm for it, as long the main quest doesn't take me less than a week to beat it.

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They had about this game awhile back to sega, and sega said if AVP sells well then colonial marines was go. So thank god..

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