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Will I get to play this on a PS4?

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-Games, Games, Games! And I'm talking quality exclusives not the # of total games.
-I'm loyal to Xbox Brand. I really don't like PS4.
-I like the gamers I play with.

I just had a buddy of mine who said they would NEVER EVER buy an XBOX 1, actually go buy one as he's now selling his PS4.

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why can't people just be quiet and not ruin a great sharing method for others?
I mean really. Is there a reason to say anything.

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It's going to make the XB1 run more efficient. Which means games can be improved if using DX12.

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I wish they'd show numbers. I'd like to see how The Order has been selling. Surprised The Crew is still selling okay.

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I'm just jealous of MLB 15. I think I'd play that a lot. Otherwise, I like XB1 lineup much better. I'll be playing every game coming out. I don't mind the wait since I don't want to be playing games all summer. Rather play when it's cold out. Does keep me busy for awhile and that doesn't even include 3rd party games.

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Spot on. This was a great review video to watch. Makes solid points and backs it up. Damn that AI is horrible.

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ok this is getting annoying now. Let it go. kinda funny because when Bloodborne gets reviewed good on metacritic, everyone will be saying how they trust metacritic scores now.

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It's so obvious if it got good reviews this wouldnt be an issue. They just cant face it that the game isnt that great. Move on. Dont go demanding changes bc you dont like a score. Sony fans are very vocal about great scores on metacritic. Love to use them. But 1 bad score they whine and question these reviewers methods. Pathetic

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Wth. The Order doesnt get a good score according to you and now people dont want reviews anymore. So if it got an 8 or better, would you still be bitching? No, you wouldnt. Deal with it and stop being hypocrites. You fanboys are always cheering metacritic scores when they're good but then dump on them when it's not to your liking. SMH

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exactly. This only going to get better with apps.

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It's ok Sony. I forgive you. You can never do wrong.

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Keep crying. Sony decided for you. Blame them. MS gave me the choice and i took it happily. EA came to Sony 1st and offered all these benefits and Sony said NO VALUE.
Why is it so hard to blame Sony? Stop bending over for them all the time.

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Free to play? Sure, I'll give it a go. Not my type of game so wouldn't have purchased it but now I get to try it.

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That's 2x longer than The Order for FREE!!!

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Xbox 50% more powerful?

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Dat secret sauce. Misterps4x lives on.

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Tried the game out. Couldn't hit a jumper for my life. I never got into basketball games. EA Access has been such a great value.

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Is this like the jackbox party box where you can play with your friends sitting next to you?

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new stability features?

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